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Jay Hill seems positively heartbroken by the impending departure of U.S. ambassador David Wilkins.

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  1. I was initially skeptical about Wilkins, but in retrospect, he was a huge improvement over the previous ambassador (Paul Celucci?).

  2. We, of the elitiest left always knew there was something wrong with Ambassador Wilkins—-that Southern drawl of his was surely hiding a dark past and I heard he was a friend of George Bush—definetely a bad actor.
    And what bad judgement of Jay Hill to chose this American as a friend—-so glad you were able to point out his folly.
    I also heard the Minister of Defence had some nice things to say about the Ambassador from South Africa—–Would it be possible if you could do a story about that—you know—-put a sarcastic, intellectually superior, negative spin on it.

    • William, you’re projecting. There’s nothing there.

  3. I don’t suppose you have any insight to offer, like your appraisal of Wilkins performance, do you?

    He seemed fine to me, better at worrying about actual Canada-U.S. official relations than trying to influence the Canadian population through the media as his predecessor did.

    As it stands, that kind of insight might make a useful post, rather than a simple link to the same lousy form letter that he mails out to folks (like me) lucky enough to live in his riding.

  4. Ambassador who?

  5. Wonder who the next one will be – hopefully, one that is less interfering and less phony.

    • Actually, to my surprise, Wilkins was pretty good, esp. in comparison to Celluci.

      • Yeah, but by the time Wilkins showed up, it was pretty clear that the Bush administration was a failure, so there was no need to hector, lecture and badger Canadians about not being appreciative enough of its virtues. Wilkins treated it like the sinecure it’s supposed to be.

  6. Poor David Wilkins, having a soon-to-be-nobody like Jay Hill trying to be portray himself as his friend. Wilkins deserves better than this as a parting gift from Canada