Mr. River -

Mr. River


Bilingual readers with an ability to handle very salty language should follow this link to one of the cleverest pieces of political satire to come out of Quebec during this or any campaign. But if you can’t handle saucy words, including the French word for “seal,” stay away….


Mr. River

  1. Now THAT is funny!

  2. Heh heh. Oops…hon hon.

  3. That is sealing awesome.

  4. We need subtitles !!, looks funny.

  5. Funny even for those of us who can only read the reverse side of the cereal box.

  6. Very funny, but also slightly disturbing.

    I haven’t been following the arts cuts that Harper proposed, but are they in someway directed more at the French? The undercurrent of the add seemed to be that stuck up English Canadians with poor French skills were going to cut all the funding to legitimate French performances. If this is indeed what is happening, I would find that very disturbing, but I was under the general impression that there was no language basis to the cuts.

    I’m also generally under the impression that Canada does do a fairly good job of proportionately (if not over proportionately as a percentage of the population) funding cultural events in Quebec, which can at least be used as a correlated estimator (but far from perfect or non-biased) for French cultural spending.

    In other words, I’m all for roasting the politicians on making sure that arts funding is PC. However, unless there is some actual evidence of language pandering, then I think one shouldn’t play on what can easily become a sore nerve for so many.

  7. Steve — this is how Quebec artists see the cuts. Its also how Quebec artists see English-Canadians. Stuck-up prissy English snobs versus salt-of-the-earth Quebecois. (See also Bon Cop, Bad cop)

    If it makes you nerves sore, don’t watch it. I think its sealing hilarious.

  8. The play on words mostly reflects the arts and culture communities’ criticism (both in English and French Canada) that the cuts are ideological. The Conservatives have choreographed the cuts to communicate that message to the rest of us.

  9. Amazingly funny and well done. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  10. Paul S., no I think it is funny too. It’s in my first line. I do think if you reversed the stereo-types and had English Canadians making fun of the French (Canadians) and aired it, there would be he** to pay, and political denunciations.

  11. “I am Canadian”: Sorry, but the humour in this video is all about bilingual wordplay. Subtitles would not carry the comic effect.

  12. I do think if you reversed the stereo-types and had English Canadians making fun of the French (Canadians) and aired it, there would be he** to pay, and political denunciations.

    If got the old gang from This Hour has 22 Minutes to do it, probably not. The Anglos just have to avoid sounding like Black Jacques Shellaque

    …or Jean Chrétien.



    I suppose it’s only fitting that one of the greatest political blunders of our times (proposing a massive tax on fuel during a fuel crisis),

    would be followed by one of the greatest acts of political cowardice.

    While doing a 180 on one’s signature issue one has been shouting from the rooftops for months, to be sure is cynical beyond belief, but failing to take ownership of it by suggesting others have been misinterpreting the Green Shift as being a significant part of his platform is one for the record books.

  14. In other news,

    Dion is now claiming that he was never a Liberal. In response to questioning by the media Dion declared:

    “I’m not running for Prime Minister, others have been saying that, not me. I’m just a professor from Quebec, Bob Rae is the Liberal leader. You should pay better attention.”

  15. FYI, (in case you’ve been in a cave this am:)

    Richard Brennan

    WINNIPEG–Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said today that his Green Shift plan featuring a controversial carbon tax is not a major part of his election platform.

    “You have said it was but never me,” Dion told reporters.

  16. Christ, kody, just buy an ad.

  17. Maybe Kody has the same problem as me, no french. It makes it hard to be able to comment on the this satirical piece. I even tried to babblefish it… but alas.

  18. Paul Secam and Ti-Guy are both correct. This is an example of Québecois humour at its very best, and plays to the fears that we all have, of ideological blunders made by idiotic bureaucrats. Note the “hat-in-hand” innocence of the poor pure-hearted artist taking insult after insult with humility and powerlessness. This cuts right to the bone for anyone wary of the old days, before we were “maitres chez nous”. In other words: political dynamite for the Cons’ image. It’s just genius, and will very likely become formative in shaping public opinion, assuming it does get broadly picked up by the media.

  19. I’d say the Bloc and their supporters are really worried.

    I’m going to take four aspirin and wait for an English group in Upper Rubber Boot Northern Ontario to walk on the Quebec flag.

  20. “Christ, kody, just buy an ad.”
    – T. Thwim

    Thanks alot. Now I have coffee dripping from my nostrils and all over my keyboard.

  21. Hahaha! Wow. That was something.

  22. The artists proved at least one point in that video … They don`t need any subsidies to create something!

    Since Harper took power in 2006, the majority of the artists from Quebec never miss an opportunity to hit him. Michel Rivard, Benoit Brière and Stéphane Rousseau are all milionaires and won’t be affected by the cuts! It’s only an excuse to hit him once again!

  23. To those calling for subtitles, just find this on You Tube under “Culture en peril”, roll your cursor over the arrow in the lower right corner and select the “cc” option — it turns up English subtitles. And to those who argue this detracts from the original — no way. There are indeed some brilliant subtleties (vs subtitles) that make it even funnier — especially the mutilated “French” of the panel authority. Suck the Canada!

  24. I just about did a spit-take when he actually shouted “Fuck”. Also, the Anglo politicians are exquisitely cast.

  25. It is a racist video. And not true. There are plenty of bilingual anglos in Ottawa (immersion courses paid for by taxpayers), many French committee members on any substantial committee and of course simultaneous translation at any of these meetings.

    Michel Rivard long ago got an Order of Canada so he has done all right in Ottawa.