Mrs. Layton’s endorsement


The Topp campaign announces the endorsement of Jack Layton’s mother, Doris Layton.

“I support Brian Topp because he is very much on Jack’s wave length. Jack and Brian worked closely together through the years.  They can almost finish each other sentences. I feel secure with Brian’s leadership that the NDP will definitely follow Jack’s path — a path that will lead the NDP to form government in 2015. And Jack’s spirit will live on.”

And a statement from Mr. Topp on the endorsement.

“It is a tremendous honour to have Mrs. Layton’s support.   Doris is an extraordinary person and someone for whom I have enormous respect.  Doris and her husband Bob raised one of our party’s greatest leaders.  And they both have made a huge contribution to this country.   I look forward to working with Doris for many years to come.”

The campaign says the endorsement was volunteered by Mrs. Layton.


Mrs. Layton’s endorsement

  1. Ridiculous, I wonder how NDP react.

    Is Layton deity now? 

    And without a few personal recommendations from NDP brain trust, Topp would be nowhere. 

    Topp is dilettante who has no commitment to party – why isn’t Topp running in Tor-Dan? Presumably Topp expects to take someone else’s seat if he wins leadership but in meantime will stay at his cushy union job? 

  2. Irrespective of ones views regarding politics, it is base and
    deplorable to direct caustic comments upon a grieving mother.


    p.s. Mr. Topp appears to be a very intelligent man who is
    deserving of respect as well.