Mulcair on 22 Minutes


Thomas Mulcair tries comedy.


Mulcair on 22 Minutes

  1. Yikes, that was bad.  Reminds me of something (supposedly) Harper said recently…

    “If Thomas Mulcair wins, I win. If Thomas Mulcair loses, I win.”

  2. I suppose you have read this:
    “A blog post on the website of the TV channel France 3 says that the French government asked Thomas Mulcair, the NDP MP in Montreal who is a dual citizen of France and Canada, to help it smooth out differences with Canada over the upcoming vote. “Then the Conservatives used the argument to denounce him as a political opponent doing the bidding of a foreign state,” the site adds. Mr. Mulcair did not return a phone call for comment.”
    Rumours, most likely only rumours.  Nevertheless, this kind of thing should not happen.  We  have our laws and values and traditions and we can act on them here in Canada.  But there is nothing we can do to stop France from interacting with one of its citizens as it pleases. To the eyes of the French government, Mr. Mulcair is French : his Canadian citizenship does not dilute his status as a French citizen.  It is, I believe, in the first article of their Constitution that all citizens are free and equal – Liberté,  égalité, fraternité !  
    Once we open the door to these extraterritorial jurisdictions who knows what will come out of it.  What other countries will follow suit?  There are a lot of people who now live in this country who came here to escape the politics of their native land – is it a good idea to open the door to foreign politicians to come here and campaign ?  Is it really what we want ?
    Canada, to my knowledge, is the first, and only country to oppose these extraterritorial jurisdictions.

  3. The fact that this clown compares his French citizenship to Turner’s British citizenship shows Mulcair’s lack of Canadian history.  We are part of the commonwealth you idiot!!  If any duel citizenship would be permitted (I personally am not a fan, especially after the Lebanon incident a while ago), I would think British would be acceptable.
    Mulcair is a pathetic fool.  I love how the person from 22 minutes requests that he respond in English…. classic.  The best Canadian show on tv right now.  

    • And anyone who doesn’t realize the different reality of those who live in Quebec and their connection to France is a… clown.

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