Mulcair on marijuana


Earlier in the campaign, the NDP leadership candidates were surveyed about their views on marijuana. At the time, Mr. Mulcair expressed support for decriminalization.

I also support the party’s existing policy on further decriminalising the possession of marijuana for any use with the goal to eliminate the influence of organised crime on the production and distribution of marijuana. In order to make good on those policies, we first need to replace the Harper government with its wrong headed ideological approach to criminal issues. This is why party members should think about who is best positioned to beat the Conservatives in 2015.

But when interviewed by Tom Clark this past weekend—starting at the 8:28 mark here—and asked directly whether he would decriminalize marijuana, Mr. Mulcair responded in the negative.

No. I think that that would be a mistake because the information we have right now is that the marijuana that’s on the market is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness.

He suggests something like the LeDain commission could be created to study the issue.

The first position sounds like something Jack Layton said in 2004, but the second position is not far removed from the stance taken by Mr. Layton during the federal campaign last spring.


Mulcair on marijuana

  1. More great stupidity from a politician. 

  2. In this video Jack is clear in his opposition to a criminal approach. He’s following party policy of support for decriminalization and when asked about legalization he hedges and calls for an “adult conversation” and says we need to study it.

    This is in no way similar to what Mulcair said, which was that he was opposed to decriminalization, and that he thought (erroneously) that marijuana caused mental illnesses. 

  3. So Mulcairs had a toke since his first comment then?

  4. Well if it is causing “mental illness” then won’t it cause just as much mental illness if we leave it in the hands of criminals, as it is now? How we will protect people if we leave it unregulated? If mental illness is the concern, legalization is the answer as places that legalized like Portugal have seen their drug use rates decline year over year since they decriminalized. Mulcair is stupid on this point and I no longer support the NDP based on this. Liberals all the way!

    • The only mental illness it causes is to politicians that can’t tell the difference between arguments based on morality and science.

  5. I am honestly shocked that so many politicians are afraid to touch this issue. The fact of the matter is that everybody is smoking weed, it’s far less dangerous than many other substances we happily tax and regulate, and it could be a huge source of revenue for governments. Obviously there are valid arguments against it, and people shouldn’t do it. But if they’re going to anyway, and the governments not going to do anything to stop it (they’re not going to start arresting users anytime soon) then they might as well control its distribution and production.

    • 10 thumbs up Rick!

  6. Peter Tosh

    some call it tampee 
    some call it the weed 
    some call it marijuana 
    some of them call it Ganja 

    legalize it and don’t criticize it 
    legalize it and i will advertise it 

    singers smoke it 
    and players of instruments too 
    legalize it, yeah, yeah 
    that’s the best thing you can do 

    doctors smoke it 
    nurses smoke it 
    judges smoke it 
    even the lawyers too

  7. It’s time to move into the 21st century on this issue and recognize that the majority of Canadians support the legalization of marijuana. We don’t need any more bloody studies! Alcohol is perfectly legal. Should we do more studies to determine the damage it does? Let’s stop this nonsense. I was going to give Mulcair my support this weekend but I won’t now. That’s how strongly I feel about this issue. And hey, I’m 64 and don’t smoke pot because I simply can’t obtain it legally. I’d love to enjoy the occasional joint just like I do a glass of wine. What a backward, cowardly stance!

    • Grow your own sir ! Dont wait for it becoming legal to smoke it.As the sayin goes nowadays tomorrow you may be dead and as you all know by now : DEAD MEN DONT SMOKE POT

  8. With statements like this and his closeness to the Quebec caucus he could easily become a liability in British Columbia.

    Nathan Cullen FTW

  9. thankfully both Niki Ashton and Peggy Nash both call for marijuana to no longer be a federal responsibility but a provincial one…allowing provinces to regulate and tax and distribute like the LBCO model in Ontario. Mulcair demonstrated he knows very little about the issue as Canada studied the issue in 2002. Mulcair is keeping his lawyer buddy employed. That’s what he should call his platform. 

    • so if mulcaire wins you and traitor dana  and idiot emery will finally get serious about being in the cannabis party first and foremost instead of lying to our kind?

      the ignorance in our movement is astounding 

      and to the silly one who obviously doesnt know ol jack said legalize until they got to him too

      • Ok, you’ve rattled off a list of people that are doing things. Regardless of whether I approve or disapprove of their actions, they are making action. What do you do other than feel oppressed and make angry comments online? This is not constructive.

        Go out and be the change YOU want to see in the world rather than trying to step on people who are being the change THEY want to see in the world.

        • Its pretty obvious you have no clue who I am

          Not only am I a founder of eNDProhibition.ca but I had the first resolution in the ndp for legalization
          I was on their local provincial and federal executives
          I also did the same in the greens and now the liberals

          I have been in 5 federal election fights 
          3 provincial elections
          bc green leader fight
          ndp presidential elections
          and tons more

          a founder of the marijuana party as well

          maybe you should do something besides looking silly

          • I agree the NDP r not serious about the stoner vote or a policy would have been already been in place years ago.
            The Liberals and Green may have an actual policy but they WILL abandon it at their first opportunity if Polls show a push back. 
            All policies r expendable to get elected. We have seen all parties take turns and support the CPC until they won their majority.
            Self-interest is rule #1 in politics. Rule 2: See rule 1.

  10. sounds like his comments were taken out of context, which the media is apt to do.

  11. vote liberal or green as they have actual policy

    I know I helped with both closet sittersI also had to run for ndp president when I had the same resolution in the ndp and they turned into game playing cowards and admitted it as they bullied us off the convention floor in 2006Any cannabis person who votes ndp votes for our jailers and their unions who control the ndp

  12. The last thing we need is another LeDain commisssion.Waste and waste of taxpayers money.Mr.Mulcair if you know how to read and draw conclusions when you read reports and that include American Medical association reports maybe you will open your eyes.You politicians have a way with marijuana that a lot of canadians dont like. When will this discrimination stops and this witches war end ? If you would have opened your ears in the seventies when Madame Bertrand spoke and  made her recommendations but no…you were too young and straight to listen at the time right ? False politician thats what you are  !

  13. The world is going to hell…..petroleum leaks everywhere in the sea…BP petroleum soils all the coast of southern US while its president goes to yachting race and then you dare call potheads mentally sick people. I think rather the world now  is run by non smoking politicians who would greatly benefits from smoking marijuana if only for the mere fact that it could maybe put them back in contact with our cherished mother earth. politicians  suffer from mental illness because of quest for money and profits and power. I wonder if in Syria a president that kill its own people is considered mentally apt isnt it Mr.Mulcair ?

  14. I had worked closely with Jack Layton on the  NEED to legalize and regulate ALL drugs for the very reason that otherwise criminal cartels and our children among others – are in complete and TOTAL control.

    Speaking as one of Canada’s first legally recognized medical cannabis patients, a retired Law Enforcement Officer, a former NDP candidate AND well known and respected speaker for LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition found at http://www.leap.cc  I beg u to listen and actually DO something just like Jack said HE would.  I know Jack knew of the healing powers of cannabis and how cannabis could give him better quality of life toward the end of his incredible life that no pharmaceutical ever could HOPE to give!

    Please Mr. Mulcair, listen to the will of the people of the NDP and legalize and regulate cannabis among other more harmful and deadly drugs, and PROVE that you are NOT the people’s mistake!

    Alison Myrden
    NDP Candidate 2004
    Oakville, Ontario
    New Democratic Party of Canada

    • Maybe you can admit jack did nothing but say we need to hire 2500 more cops

      And as I am also a speaker for LEAP and have done so I say some one from the Penitentiary Service is no spokesperson for anything to do with cannabis as far as I am concerned

      You had the chance to be taken seriously years ago when you did nothing ever on the issue and when you even  lied (I still have it) and failed to even ask jack to put forward a cannabis Bill and even with the knowledge that the ndp had NO CANNABIS POLICY you with that flake emery  led cannabis users to 
      blindly and for no reason   vote ndp

      Pretending you have  any credibility and saying anything like this here is a JOKE !

      You are like emery only about you !!  and have really done NOTHING but stand in the way !

  15. This is what politics is about in North America.  Say whatever it is that you know is right, or know that the people want to hear, and when you’re in office, take your salary, bonuses, immense pension plan, and screw everyone who voted for you.

  16. The #NDP already dumped the stoner vote, they call for an adult debate, another study. Code words for toxic to getting elected by those who actually vote or donate.

    • I hope you remember your statement even if it was a cowardly anonymous type 

      Yes  as the now done party are again 3 rd string and irrelevant

      Its obvious you have no idea how many blindly worked for them and how many will not do so ever again

      Thank you

  17. Mr. Mulcair hasn’t got a clue to what he is talking about regarding cannabis. So what does he do but fall back on prohibitionist meandering about “extremely potent” pot that “can actually cause mental illness” and suggesting something like the LeDain Commission could be created to study the issue. One would think that, at the very least, Mr. Mulcair, as leader of the NDP, would be better informed.

    In that this is not new ground for the NDP, Mr. Mulcair’s position on this point is such that I can no longer support the NDP. In fact, at this point, Mr. Mulcair’s position must go beyond standing up for Jack Layton’s vision of a country where adults can enjoy cannabis in their own homes, or buy it in cafes without being criminalized (whatever); it must (now) also support the limited personal production thereof.

    For the NDP to put forth anything less, in my opinion, is a colossal waste of time and, consequently, my support. I am sick and tired of watching this issue being turned into a internal political football, by the likes of Mr. Mulcair and, rest his soul, Jack Layton, and the party’s back room strategists; especially when the well-being of all Canadians are being affected daily at great expense to none other than ourselves!

    The NDP either have a concise platform on cannabis by now or they don’t. Considering the duration of time and effort already invested, a position on the subject should have been clearly formulated by now, for Mr. Mulcair to put forth such commentary is not only unacceptable, it is telling. In fact, it is extremely disturbing and insulting in what it portends!

    For me, the NDP are on extremely thin ground as it is with regard to this issue. If I can’t trust them to be, at the very least, consistent on this matter, how can I trust them on anything else. That is one thing. For the fundamental core of the NDP to not recognize and acknowledge the social engineering inherent in the cannabis issue, that is quite another thing entirely. It, in fact, implies that, in spite of the likes of Libby Davis and Dana Larsen, the fundamental core of the NDP have no problem with retaining the social engineering structure inherent in the issue.

    I have a major problem with that!

  18. If you want a sure win as next PM of Canada

  19. Not gonna vote NDP anymore. Total crap for policy

  20. “No. I think that that would be a mistake because the information we have right now is that the marijuana that’s on the market is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness.”
    The only mental illness it can cause is believing this blatant and absurd lie!
    Time to free this plant (all Cannabis) completely & wholly. Now already.

  21. So as we saw I was completely correct
    The ndp or now done party saw their suport crumple into dust and they were swept away as irrelevant because of mulcareless’s cowardly misinformed and untrue statement

    In the mean time the fake suposed re legalizers the liberal party or as I call them now the lieberal party are headed for the same fate if I can help it
    Justin Trudeau is a game playing coward and a hypocrite and in the video tape I obtained of him at the lieberal party convention he openly admitted his own pot use
    I was blackballed out of my lieberal party EDA executive seat and accused of blackmail yet their fears of losing the election over pot were wrong and my prediction of a majority government correct
    Enjoy it lieberal party because we hope u to see u flushed down the toilet for the lies and games and the point man the ex cop implementing your interpretation of what the membership thought the resolution was
    Some of us will do all we can to see you destroyed and defeated and removed

    We never forget a kindness nor turn a cheek away anymore
    I may have to share the tape I made at the convention just to show who knew at the time what the resolution was really about
    I just need to wait until it will make the most impact to use it
    But again with every one and his dog now trying to make a buck out of pot like ex Ontario premiers maybe now the cowardly and soon re leader ed ndp can again be taken seriously so they can be taken out of the garbage to make room for Justin the game playing future soap opera actor

    Cheers all

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