Music and politics -

Music and politics


Stars frontman Torquil Campbell really doesn’t like Stephen Harper, but Stephen Harper’s director of communications really likes the new Stars record.

Maybe it’s time to arrange another dinner date.


Music and politics

  1. New Order called. They’d like their royalty cheques.

  2. In the interview Torq says “Every citizen could do more to make their community better.” edHe might want to start by taking the time to become a Canadian, so he can help get rid of Mr. Harper the old fashion way – one vote at a time.

    He explained recently on CBC’s Q that he can’t vote since he’s still a permanent resident.

  3. Nice twitter friends Wherry. Way to add to your snide fan club. “Harper sucks satans cock..”?????? Thanks Wherry you depraved arse. The longevity of our cancelled MacLeans can now be located deep in our outhouse. Just where I’d love to shove the depraved syncophant, embryo-head pictured on the banner..