Musical chairs -

Musical chairs


After the Conservative government was reelected in 2008, Lisa Raitt was awarded seat #44 in the House of Commons, the spot immediately visible to TV viewers over the Prime Minister’s left shoulder—a seat previously and ably occupied by Rona Ambrose.

As Question Period began this afternoon though, Ms. Raitt was in a new seat, in the near right corner of the House. That spot, until today, was occupied by Rona Ambrose. And seat #44 was filled, once again, by Ms. Ambrose.


Musical chairs

  1. It would be more fun if Wayne Easter made a guest appearance in chair 44. I mean, come on, who'd notice except for us weenies?

    • I know of a constitutional way that can be made to happen.

  2. I nominate Navdeep Bains

    • Sounds like election talk ;)

  3. Where are they going to stuff Guergis now?

    • Seat #153.

      • Out of sight, out of mind, right?

  4. Well, Ms. Ambrose did look some kind of all right in that blue scarf yesterday…

    • Hahaha, madeyoulook, who knew you were into fashion : )

      • I can, with high confidence, assert that NOBODY who knows me would believe I am into fashion. Unless "smells the least AND doesn't really need the iron" is a new selection criterion for morning wardrobe choices…

      • Yeah, as his reply implies, I don't think myl was thinking about fashion AT ALL when looking at that photo. I rather suspect, to the extent that he thought about the blue scarf she was holding around her waist at all, that his thoughts ran less towards "what a bold fashion choice" and more towards "this pic would be AWESOME if it was just her, the scarf, and NOTHING ELSE".

        "Some kind of all right" is being used as a euphemism for HAWT here, I believe.

  5. Why do such horrible female politicians tend to land high profile positions, while more able ones don't? Surely appearance is a large part of the reason Ruby Dhalla, Helena Guergis or Belinda Stronach (not to mention Sarah Palin) gained the profile that they did. Ironically, I think this stems from the nature of the push for more female representation in parliament. There is some vague pressure to give women positions, but little pressure on our leaders to listen to women. The result? Tokenism. And if you are going to appoint a few token women, you may as well pick attractive ones (with maybe a couple of patsies for when Pierre Pettigrew screws up the HRDC).