Nap time


That dozens of uninvolved MPs are made to sit through Question Period each afternoon solely for the purposes of clapping and filling out the cameraframe regularly strikes me as a terrible waste of their valuable time. Time that could, for instance, be put to use for the purposes of catching up on sleep.



Nap time

  1. What’s sad is not just that Anders is sleeping; more to the point is why should anyone care? Let him sleep.

  2. Anders napping is a better use of his time and ours, than Anders speaking.

  3. Yeah, as others have pointed out, it’s ROB ANDERS we’re talking about here.  

    The country is MUCH better off with him asleep.

  4. Love how he fights off his snooze… jerks his head up a couple of times… then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. If he was a two-year-old instead of an MP responsible for representing a hundred thousand people and getting paid handsomely to do it, it’d be adorable. Poor little fella…

  5. It should make a nice poster for an opponent next election.

    • Well, you better get busy handing out those posters to the folks of Calgary West since Anders received 62% of the vote and a decisive lead over the the second place Liberal of 28623 votes.  I think it`ll take a little more than a power nap to convince Calgarians to vote Liberal.

      Now will be your opportunity to insult the good people of Calgary.

      • Nah, Mr. Anders already beat us to it.

      • Who said they’d have to vote Liberal? By the next election, I assume gtrplyr means the next riding election for who’s going to represent Calgary West for the CPC, because out here, those are the only elections that matter. 

        Calgary and most of Alberta is a political wasteland. Is it any wonder that Harper’s starting to talk about a National Energy Program again? He knows the votes out here are sewn up, so he might as well pander to those in Ontario to keep their votes.

        • Ahh, the insults have arrived.

          • To be fair, it’s a wasteland for anyone but the Conservative party. That’s not really an insult. The real insult is to the citizens of Calgary West, who continue to try to fairly nominate their preferred Conservative candidate, and keep getting Mr. Anders forced upon the riding association. 

      • Well, since they vote for candidates and parties who believe government is wasteful, overpaid, do-nothings, who better to vote for? Anders sleeping through Question Period is only a confirmation of what they already know, so it could only be a positive campaign note.

      • As and ex-Calgargarian I can rightly claim that no insult was ever intended. I’m not sure why you’re being prickly about this. The CPC is certainly guilty of many more egregious campaign slights (pooping puffin anyone). I’m just saying, this would be a good opportunity for a candidate if they wanted to play this kind of game. It would be no different than the cardboard cutout candidates that the CPC sent to all of the all-candidates meeting in my riding since Steve Harper became leader of the CPC. My question is, why do all CPC candidates for office have their mouths duct taped? What is Steve Harper hiding?  

      • To be fair, Anders’ own riding association has been trying to get rid of him for some time now.  In 2010, 19 of the association’s 32 board members resigned en masse in protest when Anders was forced upon them by the national party despite the fact that the riding association wanted to proceed with a nomination process to choose a candidate (bringing the total number of riding association board members to have resigned in protest to 24, or 75% of the board).  The Tories also only allow incumbents to be replaced by local riding associations if two-thirds of the association votes to hold a nomination race.  So, sure, Anders gets 60+% of the vote in his riding, but I think it’s pretty much acknowledged that a moldy potato would get a majority of the votes in Calgary West if it had the CPC logo on its lawn signs.  

        Sadly for the people of Calgary West, a moldy potato would arguably be an improvement.

  6. I think you need to send out a h/t to yogie320, Aaron.  He included a clip of the Right Honourable Snoozer in his comment to this article: http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/11/17/the-commons-darkness-in-the-mid-afternoon/#comment-367445868 

    Unless this is a separate incident of Anders calmly respirating whilst saving the economy.

    • I missed that. Cheers to Yogie.

  7. Well he was probably out late last night at a cross bu…..

    um, nevermind.

  8. Given the choice, if I was trapped in the House somehow, I think I’d want to sleep through QP too.

  9. He only needs to be awake to clap his flippers and bark on cue, or to put one of those appendages up when prodded to vote by the CPC trainer.

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