Nash on infrastructure


Just in time for tonight’s debate in Toronto, Peggy Nash has announced her plan for infrastructure funding.

In her plan, Nash vows to: Establish a National Transit Strategy with a ten-year funding horizon; Create two Canada Green Communities funds – one for cities, one for smaller municipalities – whose mandate will be to invest in municipal projects such as transit and affordable housing renewal to maximize GHG emission reductions; Establish a new Canada Green Buildings fund to fast-track energy efficiency investments and drive the application of innovative green technologies;


Nash on infrastructure

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    • There is nothing wrong with spending. Or borrowing. It’s not a sin or evil….people do it all the time. That’s how you get ahead in life.

      The trick is to have the wherewithal to back it up.

      For most people, this means a job, or a business or savings etc. and a relatively short time frame.

      The govt however is not a household, nor does it need to behave as one.

      Canada is a very wealthy country…and while spending should always be kept within reason…there is no point in hoarding money either.

      Canada won’t be better off if it’s people are in poverty, while there is tons of money in our bank.

      Canada….as a nation….has a longer time frame than the average family. Canada has been around for 144 years. No human has.

      And while a family only needs to support a few people…..the govt has to support, in one way or another….34 million people. Or at least provide a means for people to support themselves.

      There are many ways to do this….and some of them involve the ‘commons’…..that is, things that are common to all of us, and needed by all of us….and the best, most efficient way of doing it is for the govt to act as middle man. A collective method.

      Taxes are the same as having an insurance policy.

      Taxes are for things like roads, a medical system, an education system and so on….things the average person cannot possibly provide on their own….but things that help the family and also move the country ahead.

      Now any one of those things can get out of control….so certainly it has to be watched…but hoarding the money instead, and making each individual pay for things on their own….is no solution.

      That would move us back to 1850….and there is no point going there.

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