Nash on pensions -

Nash on pensions


Peggy Nash has released her platform on pensions and retirement security. It includes the four promises outlined in the last NDP election platform, plus a fifth policy.

In addition to upholding the NDP’s 2011 platform commitments to improve retirement security, Nash’s plan proposes to work with the provinces/territories to permit a transfer of the value of private pensions to the CPP/QPP in the event that an individual terminates employment and his/her company continues in operation or in cases where the company ceases to operate.


Nash on pensions

  1. So when a CAW negotiator like Peggy Nash uses unfair labour relations frameworks to make greedy demands to drive a company into bankruptcy, fatcat union goons still get their fatcat pensions while shareholders get stiffed.  So self-serving.

    I hope Harper’s agenda includes reigning in the unions.

    • I think that Harper’s free trade initiatives will do some serious damage to the power that unions wield in Canada. Which will be a good thing in the long run, providing descent paying jobs in needier countries, while at the same time making our own economy at home more efficient and innovative.