Nash on winning


Peggy Nash has released her plan on building the NDP towards 2015, including a focus on 85 more seats, organization and improved fundraising.

I want to bring an end to the dominance of Conservative Party fundraising. They are phasing out the per-vote subsidy to political parties, thus robbing us of millions of dollars in funding. And they have embraced the concept of astronomical advertising spending between elections. Winning on the ground also means matching the Conservatives in local elections. We’ve done a great job of closing the gap at the federal level –now we have to close the fundraising gap at the riding association level.

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Nash on winning

  1. Does she really expect their merry band of socialists to give their own money to a cause? Good luck with that.

  2. And I thought Dewar’s extra 70 seats was a bit unrealistic.  I think Nathan Cullen’s co-operation plan is a lot more realistic.  I can’t believe so many New Democrats are willing to risk another Conservative majority in 2015.  

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