Navigating the budget’s waters


During QP this morning, NDP House leader Nathan Cullen declared that changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act were not in the spring budget. John Baird begged to differ.

He talked about the changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act. This was contained in page 282 of the budget.

Here is the spring budget. Page 282 reads as follows.

Organizations in the Transport portfolio identified a combination of  productivity-enhancing and transformative measures that change the way programs and services are delivered and support the Government’s agenda of refocusing government and reducing red tape. Non-core activities will be reduced while maintaining capacity related to core mandates in order to protect the safety of Canadians and support economic growth.

For example, VIA Rail Canada Inc. will pursue productivity improvements such as augmenting the performance of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on board trains to reduce maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption, and increase passenger comfort. It will also implement automation projects such as electronic ticketing and invoicing systems.

These two paragraphs are followed by a table which details cuts to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, Marine Atlantic Inc., The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated, Transport Canada and VIA Rail Canada Inc.


Navigating the budget’s waters

  1. It was never mentioned, but the response will be “But you should have read between the lines. Not our fault if you are stupid”. In other words, more BS.

  2. Transport includes boats, they operate on water that is navigable – bingo! Flaherty’s using his sleazy lawyer skills.

  3. The feds are going to pull back from their responsibility to watch over anything more than the oceans and 159 rivers and lakes. Where i live in the NWT you can exhaust that number in a matter of hours…good luck RoC.

    Why no debate at committee over just what responsibility for navigable waters actually entails, and whether the provinces and municipalities have the resources[ or the inclination] to do the job, before you go chopping anything? This is one sad sack govt. Why we even bother to even have a HoCs anymore is getting beyond me.Just give Harper a crown and be done with it.

    I wonder if the premiers want the job?

    • Andrew Coyne was smoking on this last night on At Issue. If you missed it, it should be on the CBC website. The death of his father seems to have really clarified his mind on things.

      • Caught it. All three were pretty much in agreement. Even Bruce couldn’t find any hairs to split on this one. Now that the bill has been split right down the middle, that’ll probably change eh.

        • Let’s hope by next week there won’t be major backsliding. Wouldn’t be the first time. And they wonder where the cynicism comes from.

    • They’ve really got a hate on for water and fish.

      • Oh they like it fine enough when they get to fly out to some fancy fishing lodge, or hang out at the cottage. But that’s recreation, this is business. And business will always trumpt the so called weaker virtues with this version of the CPC.
        All they are doing imo is piling up endless lawsuits and aggravation for themselves, particularly with FNs. And they will invariably lose.

        • Someone should tally up their litigation costs both current and future. Talk about an externality.

  4. Some of us didn’t get the right decoder ring. Eating the wrong cereal?

    • The Harper Government (TM) decoder ring is the toy inside “Clement-E-O’s” cereal.

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