NDP Montreal leadership debate


The NDP leadership candidates are in Montreal for the penultimate debate of the race. You can stream the proceedings online here or here. We won’t be live-blogging the festivities on account of some travel, but we’ll be by later to round-up the post-game reaction.


NDP Montreal leadership debate

  1. If you still wish to participate in my unscientific rank-ballot poll for NDP leadership, follow this link: http://www.demochoice.org/dcballot.php?poll=NDP2012NPD.  The names are listed randomly by the magic computer program.  Rank your choices 1, 2, 3, and so on.  You may vote once per hour.

  2. Ethical Oil‏@Ethical_Oil
    @inklesspw If China buys Canada’s ethical oil instead, it means less money going to prop up the dangerous regime in Iran #ethicaloil

    Pulled this off PW’s twitter feed[ amusing coverage of the dippers debate by the way. It’s like being an eavesdropper in a media lockdown]

    How twisted can the rationale get? And how opportunistic? God knows what they’ll come up with if we start selling “ethical oil” toTaiwan as well[ will it be possible now?]. Will we have to call it: No, were really really serous now, really ethical oil! Freedom oil in fact!

    Or more pythonesque…There’s ethical oil and Fairly ethical oil….and almost ethical oil in the pipeline maybe?

    My bet, FN’s sovereignty issues nixes it anyway; possession being 9/10ths of the law.

  3. Yaaaawnnnn….who will be the “chosen one” to fall on their sword next election…..oooooohh…the suspense is KILLING me.