NDP reports significant progress toward attendance goals


“As for the disclosures to the House, we have had numerous opportunities before committee to discuss the mission in Afghanistan. We have had no less than 30 technical briefings. I invite my colleagues to be in attendance when those technical briefings take place.”

— Peter MacKay, yesterday in the House of Commons.

Today NDP MPs Paul Dewar and Dawn Black arrived at Room 130-S for one of the very technical briefings MacKay was talking about. Dewar was kicked out within two minutes and Black was barred from entering the room.

UPDATE: Here is what Dewar and Black came to hear about. Safely expunged from 130-S, they — and you — can read it at leisure. It is discouraging reading.


NDP reports significant progress toward attendance goals

  1. Strangely enough, that’s how Peter played rugby too.

  2. Yeah, don’t tease us, tell us what happened. Are they a security risk because they ask questions?

  3. “Canada’s Engagement in Afghanistan” When did that bit of flakey rebranding take place?

  4. I think if you are going to say they weren’t allowed in, you have to give a reason – were they too late, was it something to do with the number allowed per the fire regulations, did they insult the guy on the door.

    If your point is that there was no reason, then at least have the courage to say so instead of leaving the innuendo floating out there. And if they were not allowed in, who else was – or was not.

    This is is just a cop-out masquerading as a smear.

  5. Room 130-S is the small news conference room in the basement of the Centre Block. It is usually open to anyone with a valid Commons pass, either as members of the Press Gallery, Members’ and Senators’ staff, or others. MPs might in fact have a Parliamentary Privilege to be there. I would be watching after QP tomorrow to see if a point of privilege is indeed raised. Dewar and Black were probably there to be available to respond to the report afterwards. Kicking them out certainly guaranteed them a place in the story, now, didn’t it!

  6. Kicking them out certainly guaranteed them a place in the story, now, didn’t it!

    I doubt it because I don’t think anyone will be talking about anything else but this and whether or not it will plunge us into another election.

  7. More evidence that Peter MacKay is simply a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb man who looks awfully like Maxime Bernier.

  8. Reading RM’s link, it looks like Harper is taking harball to unheard of levels. There is an existential crisis looming for one or more Opposition Parties. This is going to get verrrrrrrrrry interesting.

  9. Canadians elected them and now they are governing.

  10. Attacking the opposition’s ability to function is not governing. Public financing was introduced to make up for the laws banning corporate and union donations as well as putting limits on the amount that could be donated. This is nothing more than a blatant attack on our democracy.

  11. Attack, shmattack, RM. All parties are legally entitled to obtain donations from Canadians who care, up to individual limits. That doesn’t change.

    Shrewd, conniving politics, it most certainly is. They even get to say “this measure hurts us the most!” for those political points, even though the measure clearly hurts the Liberals proportionally the most. There is the added benefit that it is, on principle, fair and just that the taxpayer should not be forced to subsidize these bozos. A move in the right direction. Bravo.

    But I hope there are much more major cuts in federal silliness than this…

  12. “This is nothing more than a blatant attack on our democracy.”

    at least we can stop trying to fool ourselves.

  13. A helpful hint to commenters who wonder why we sometimes vanish instead of answering the questions that arise from our sometimes cryptic original posts: We do have lives, though of course not rich and rewarding ones, and at the end of the work day we sometimes go away for a few hours.

    The best I can piece together, MacKay’s the one in error: he invited opposition MPs to a briefing at which they would not be welcome. Why? The department figures that if they let MPs in, they’d have to let Project Ploughshares and CDA and who knows who else. MPs can have their own briefings, I’m told.

    So this is Peter showing off, clumsily.

    Robert raises a separate issue that’s quite interesting and I believe Wherry has started a thread about it.

  14. Tying in RMs link with the original story, I think it’s much more cost effective to make political donations to a political party that will throw out the Conservatives than to have a friend, relative or god forbid, son or daughter end up in a foreign war zone directed by a schmoe like MacKay.

    You could write a book on MacKay’s misspeaks, gaffes and deliberate misdirection. Can he be trusted? No. MacKay=Intergrity? No.

  15. Spin and misdirect this Peter…

    U.S. offered Forces early delivery of planes

    Pretty hard to pay for planes when the Minister of Finance has eroded the tax base to the extent the Government can’t move without going into deficit.

    Oh. But we won’t have a deficit in 2008, Flaherty declares! And to make sure we will defer everything that costs money including essential equipment to fight a war we want to fight plus a stimulus package the economy needs.

    The new Conservative strategy: Defer equipment and let Canadians freeze in the dark.

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