Near miss


Not only does this reckless, unnecessary, opportunistic election imperil everything you hold dear, it also deprived Bev Oda her place in the history books.

A parliamentary committee reviewing whether she had misled the House of Commons over a decision to reject an international funding request was unable to adopt its report before Friday’s non-confidence motion vote brought down the government. “Bev Oda missed becoming a footnote in history by about a millimetre,” said Liberal MP John McKay.


Near miss

  1. Whoo hoo! That news is so good I need a cigarette.

  2. When Bev Oda was reached for comment, John Baird replied: na na na na na na

  3. Believe me, she has her place in history with the canadian public. Disgraceful!!!

  4. Contempt is contempt and Parliament is free to bring the issue forward after the election, no?

    I really don't see them having the desire to do so mind you. Interest in zero-ing in on Bev Oda was already waning and the point was always at least in part to attack the controlling hand of Harper that made her reverse her approval by adding the Not after the fact.

    Besides, she'll be gone by then anyway.

  5. I hate using LOL, but seriously, LOL!

  6. She has been doing an excellent job and takes it seriously. CIDA has even said they have never had a Minister stay this long (3 yrs.) and put in so much effort.

    I hope that the way she was treated hasn't put her off. Pat Martin should have his mouth washed with soap.

  7. Don't forget however that once the television cameras were off that Pat Martin eventually said, "I think [her alleged transgressions] are sins of omission more than commission and I'm not sure being less than truthful is as serious as offence as an out-and-out lie …"

  8. I can't speak for anyone else, but I would have had much less of a problem with Minister Oda if the PMO would keep their grimy hands out of her department and let her do her work. I think I can safely say that this is true for other Ministers of various departments as well.

  9. You mean the latest Liberal generated faux scandal has turned into nothing?

    Is it 2:00 pm already?

  10. Meanwhile, voters are daring to scrutinize Iggy….and it's not going so well.

    Even Harris Decima has Iggy down by FOURTEEN points.

  11. Oda was a good soldier for taking the blame for a mess that was created by the micromanaging fratboys in the PMO.

  12. she was "saved by the bell," which is a far cry from it being nothing (that's your dept.).

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