Newfoundland on carbon pricing -

Newfoundland on carbon pricing


Continuing with our survey of provincial policies, a response from the government of Newfoundland.

In 2011, the government released Charting Our Course: Climate Change Action Plan 2011 setting out the government’s strategy for reducing GHG emissions and enhancing resilience to unavoidable climate impacts. The Plan contains 75 economy-wide commitments. In the Plan, government reiterated its commitment on a provincial basis to the regional targets adopted by the Forum of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers in 2001, namely, reducing provincial GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2010, by 10% below 1990 levels by 2020, and by 75-85% below 2001 levels by 2050.

In view of the share of GHG emissions coming from the large industrial sector (51% in 2010), government stated in its 2011 Climate Change Action Plan that it would require the large industrial sector to contribute to GHG reduction efforts going forward. The sector encompasses electricity generation, mining, oil refining, offshore oil and large-scale manufacturing. In Plan, government committed to develop, and publicly release in 2012, a detailed approach to reducing GHG emissions in the sector. Government recognized the importance of ensuring any approach was both environmentally progressive and economically prudent.

Government has established good working relations with the companies in the large industrial sector, leading three rounds of bilateral consultations, engaging companies in technical work to assess GHG abatement opportunities and competitiveness considerations, and maintaining an ad hoc dialogue with companies on key issues as they arise. Government has discussed three main approaches to reducing GHG emissions with the industrial companies: regulation with market based alternative compliance (conceptually similar to Alberta and Saskatchewan), emissions trading (Western Climate Initiative), and carbon taxes. In early 2013, government will finalize which of these three approaches it will pursue. This timeline is a few weeks behind the public commitment to release its approach in 2012, however the issue is quite complex and government wished to ensure that a comprehensive assessment was completed.


Newfoundland on carbon pricing

  1. WOW ! – More Carbon Tax cheer leading from Wherry……

    • Hardly. He’s been reporting on a survey of the provinces’ stated positions on carbon taxes/regulation without commenting on their responses.

      How is that “cheer leading”?

      • Find me ANY other media member of the Ottawa Press Gallery who has done anywhere near as much pro-Carbon tax promotion as Wherry has…..just Google Aaron Wherry Carbon Tax if in doubt. Wherry is a self appointed Carbon crusader missing only the cape and tights…..

        • So what, if he’s one of the few who’ve pursued this story relentlessly. He’s merely following an issue about which the government itself has perseverated in the House almost daily. (To paraphrase Bill, “Find me ANY other government who has done anywhere near as much dissembling and prevaricating about carbon tax as the Harper Cons have.”)

          And, for that matter, where’s the problem with any member of the media staking out a particular issue and drilling down to the substrata beneath it? Does it also bother you that some members of the media have explored and developed expertise in seniors’ issues, or immigration, or taxation, or the military, or mental health, or…?

          Are they all “cheer leading” in their particular areas of inquiry? Or are you happy with them all mindlessly chasing the same stories like a bunch of pre-schoolers swarming around a soccer ball?

          • At least you acknowledge that indeed Wherry is “staking out” the Carbon Tax issue. And, yes, I agree with you that the Cons have “boogeyman’d” the NDP Carbon Tax to death (and then some) I am mostly just commenting that I it has becoming boring (at least to me)….time for a new issues. Just my opinion of course and we already know that Wherry is a Carbon Tax fanboy and will keep on promoting it regardless of what anyone thinks but Wherry.

          • If you really think it’s time for a “new issue”, maybe you should be talking to the mindless stiffs in the CPC backbench, who stand up in the House day after friggin’ day dutifully spouting the lies about a carbon tax they’re getting from the PMO.

            Wherry is only running with your guys’ meme, after all. Seems to me that’s where you should be looking for any “Carbon Tax fanboys”.

    • It’s true. I’m the Premier of Newfoundland. Finally the truth is revealed.

      • Obviously (or apparently not so obviously) I am referring to your ongoing defense of and general promotion of all things Carbon Tax….

        • Here’s what I did here: I sent a question to the government of Newfoundland and the government of Newfoundland responded. Those words in italics are the words of the government of Newfoundland describing the position of the government of Newfoundland.

          • Do you deny that you have in general promoted the subject of Carbon Taxes far more then any of your media colleagues ? Just curious as you seem to have a disproportionate amount of Carbon Tax themed posts …..Any particular reason for that ?

    • It’s true. I’m the Premier of Newfoundland. Finally, the truth is revealed.

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