Newfoundland vs. Senate reform -

Newfoundland vs. Senate reform

Another argument for provincial consent


Newfoundland filed its factum with the Supreme Court in regards to the Senate reference yesterday. You can read that factum in its entirety here.

In short, Newfoundland argues that legislating both term limits and elections for senators requires the approval of seven provinces representing 50% of the population, while abolishing the Senate would require unanimous approval of the provinces.


Newfoundland vs. Senate reform

  1. I wonder why canadians are so stupid and they still Allow the existence of the SO called Senate, there must be something Terribly Wrong with them keeping this Waste Trash
    Do they know how much i costing them??????

    • That’s not the issue being fought over. The issue is that the Federal government is seeking guidance about whether it can make changes alone, while the Provinces and Territories are stating that constitutionally-speaking, the Feds can’t. If the Harper Government™ wants to make any changes or abolish it, then it needs to play nice with the Provinces and Territories. Otherwise, Canada fails big time as a Confederation.

    • I always enjoy when someone combines an accusation of stupidity with a grammatical abortion.

      • I do 22222222

  2. Go get ’em, Provinces and Territories! What is at stake here isn’t that they refuse to make changes with respect to elections, terms or abolition (or on the question of land ownership in the province or territories of representation), it’s that the feds have no right to pursue any of those changes *alone* and without the consultation and consent of the Provinces and Territories as laid-out in the constitution.

  3. A lot of the headlines to these types of articles are misleading

    It shouldn’t be “Newfoundland vs. Senate reform” it should be “Newfoundland vs. unconstitutional Senate reform”.

  4. What “Confederation” canada has failed long time ago, besides is still a frakkkkking english colony, No one Then like the Americans had the Guts and Balls to Kick them out and now we have the current Clown PM bringing back the “royal” for everything in this “country” even “royal oil sands” DISGUSTING…….

  5. A triple “A” senate is the only way to go like this petition proposes!That way all the Provinces have equity.No Province gets to make all the rules based on population.Here in the US our senators are elected to 6 yr terms and have to run for reelection after their terms are up and every state,no matter how big or small, have equal representation.So,a state with a small population does not have to be dictated to by the larger states.That’s real fairness.For Canada it would mean that the larger Provinces like Quebec can’t eat up most of the federal dollars disproportionate to any other province. A “real”senate is not “proportional” like Canada has now, Members of the present Canadian senate can run roughshod over the smaller provinces and that is totally “WRONG”,Get rid of you’re rubber stamp Senate and get a real one for the equality of all citizens of the country!