News will never be the same -

News will never be the same

Kory Teneycke announces his departure from the Sun TV News project


It’s the end of an era. Kory Teneycke is hanging up his battered fedora. The clatter of his trusty Remington manual falls silent. It feels like it was only a few months ago that he was putting his feet up on his desk for the first time as vice-president of business development at Quebecor Media, with the aim of launching its Sun TV News network. Back when a newsman was a newsman.

Then came the glory days. Memories. When you tell these kids nowadays about Teneycke’s epic Twitter war with Margaret Atwood, they don’t understand. That was what we called “hard news and straight talk.” We went to sleep not knowing if Russian jets might swoop down in the night, or at least come somewhere close to Canadian airspace. A kid named Baird was just a transport minister dreaming House leader dreams.

And so we in this crazy business reach for the brown paper bags secreted in the bottom drawers of our desks to raise a toast to one of our own. They don’t make ‘em like him anymore.


News will never be the same

  1. Argh! A PR trick! And it worked! Sun couldn't have paid for this much news coverage. We fell for it.

  2. Well that didn't last long. LOL

    Now he can go back to Saskatchewan and yell at the cows or whatever, instead of being a nuisance everywhere else.

    • what did the cows do? leave him in ottawa….

    • Hey,

      Knock it off with the lame Saskatchewan stereotypes, or I'll have to mock you, and you won't like it. We yell at potash now.

      I like the line that he was "too partisan" for a right wing news outlet. Hilarious.

      • Then:

        "Where's pa?"
        "Out yellin' at th' rapeseed."


        "Where's pa?"
        "Out yellin' at th' canola. And the fellas on the derrick. Now go back inside and count your money."

        • Now that's funny.

          • My family in Carievale, Cupar and Southey appreciate your appreciation.

      • I know….Saskatchewan isn't dairy country, but yelling at potash doesn't have the same oomph. LOL

        Yeah 'too partisan' and the 'right wing' are the same thing.

        • There ARE cows here in SK, Emily, but cows are used for more than dairy. Beef, girl, beef. Lots of ranchland in SK.

          • beef comes from steers, not cows.

    • I gotta agree Emily… although I would suggest Kory be forced to ingest a large glass of good ole, Liberal kool-aid. Like you though, I don't think there's any hope for Con Kory, he just doesn't get it !

  3. Somebody's been watching too much Mad Men.

      • Ah, Kory, don't listen to him, you can be happy married to an insurance adjuster in upstate New York…

      • That's brilliant journalism John ! Super funny! Hey, how about one of those uniforms from "Planet of the Apes" ?

  4. Allow me to post the rightwing response to this news.

    This proves! lefties hate freedom of speech. Poor Kory just wanted to bring objective journalism to Canada to counterbalance the leftist propaganda constantly shoved down our throats by the liberal shills at Macleans, the CBC*spit* and the National Post.

    • While you're statement is true Robert, and you make an excellent point, I have to point out that you just don't get it ! We Liberals run the media show, always have and always will, our opinion and ideology shall forever go unchallenged. If you don't like that fact, than too bad for you and your NRA buddies. We make the rules dude, and we don't appreciate any dissent within our covenant, no matter how thoughtful and reasoned. Maybe now you get it.

    • You're not from Woolerton *spit* are you?

  5. From his statement…

    "Part of leading a team is knowing when your presence is a detriment to its success…"

    Wonder if he ever offered such an observation to his previous employer?

    • Harper requires all staff and MPs to repeat it each morning before donning the muzzle.

    • I'm pretty sure that part of leading a team is not being a detriment to its success.

  6. Very strange – he makes the announcement in a room at the Parliament buildings accompanied by a government adviser from Hill and Knowlton.

    • Hill and Knowlton, giant PR firm of Nurse Nayirah fame.

      • Wow. Nurse Nayirah — the lie that precipitated the first ground invasion of Iraq way back when a Bush was a Bush.


      • Professor Jacobsen?

  7. Good night and good luck, Kory. Thanks for this touching and heartfelt tribute, Mr. Geddes. Hey, Guy Giorno's looking for a job – do you think he could be a worthy successor?

    • Sorry the job has gone to Mulroney's mouthpiece, Luc "There's no whore, like an old whore" Lavoie.

  8. Who'da thought signing journalists' names to a relatively insignificant online petition would have cost a TV VP his job?

    • The timing is just awful, isn't it? How can we not at least suspect that Kory's source was Kory? Good thing a person is innocent until proven guilty.

      • Yeah good thing but I totally think Kory was involved with that, and that may have something to do with his announcement today.

        • That's the first thing I thought too. I can hear the conversation:

          "If the RCMP look into this, are you going to be clean?"
          "You'll be resigning tomorrow."

          • And if he did get up to such evil hijinks, he should be fired — too immature to handle the job. This is not the stuff of media VPs.

          • A conservative staffer underqualifed?! Next he'll be saying Medal of Honour is REAL!!!

  9. I have a sneaking suspicion that there's more going on here than meets the eye. I'll be curious to see where Mr. Teneycke lands next. Maybe he'll go back to working for Harper.

    • Any open senate seats?

      • Giorno's replacement?

        • How's about Tom Clark's replacement?

          • Court, charged with fraud and identity theft?

          • Followed by per walk. Haha, I"m feeling so mean with this news. Giddily, gleefully mean!

          • perp walk.

          • If it's investigated and if he's guilty, he won't do any time no matter what the evidence is. A couple of fines, paid by somebody else, and likely a civil suit, paid by somebody else.

            It would seriously bring Harper's judgement into question though. What kind of people is he surrounding himself with?

          • I don't think there is a criminal offence that covers the current allegation…

          • Using somebody's else's name is identity theft. Placing somebody else's name (real people, no fictional characters) on a petition is fraud.

          • Any precedents for this assertion, Rev? I don't recall many prosecutions for fraudulent online petition participation in this country…

          • It doesn't have to be that specific. If I sign your name to something, I've committed fraud and identity theft. It doesn't matter if it's a credit card, a petition, or a piece of writing.

          • Depends upon your definition of "sign" though, doesn't it?

          • Er…I'm a Libra. ;-)

          • Identity fraud – though there is a requirement of an intent to gain an advantage or cause a disadvantage to another person. I guess one could argue the intent was to undermine the petition, which would cause a disadvantage to its proponents.

            Section 403 of the Criminal Code.

          • The allegation of Harper having judgement?

            No.. but there should be.

          • Agree, no jail. But the humiliation of being a media VP who gets friends to sign snuffalupagus and Kady O'Malley — a public showcase of poor judgement.

          • Kory "Snuffy" Teneycke

            Has a nice ring to it…

          • Snuffleupagate!

          • Have you people lost your minds !!! Putting a fake name to a rediculous online petition started by some foreign left wing lunatic , this is a serious crime in your minds ? The only crime committed is the left wing media's attempt to silence the competition . What are you afraid of and why can't the right leaning population have a news channel they can believe in ?

          • And now that we've heard from the law and order contingent…

    • I suspect you're quite right…There have been allegations of tampering of Avaaz's petition, which Kory was tweeting about in real time (he claims he has an informant..) ..and yesterday Avaaz asked the police to look into it, and today he resigns?!?
      Rumour is, that Luc Lavoie is his replacement. You remember him….Mulroney's "I swear he had nuthin' to do with it" guy..

  10. Corn Cob Bob wipes some salty melted butter from his misty eyes…

  11. "Mr. Teneycke did not take questions at his press conference."

    When is a press conference not a press conference? When the press don't "conference".

    • Argh another verbed noun!

      • I hope that was intentional.

        • I had hoped the quotation marks would thusly indicate. Did I err?

          • Not at all. But I was referring to turning the noun "verb" into the verb "verbed".

  12. Kory has learned that while you can be just as big a douche in business as you can in politics, generally in business it's not done in front of cameras.

  13. Stephen Harper cost Kory his job. Harper promised Peladeau an arena in Quebec if Peladeau gave Harper his own NEWS station. Harper never intended to deliver. Peladeau did. Harper took a bogus run at the Quebec arena buying for time. Peladeau said "I don't trust you, you son of a bitch, your own wife left you."
    And so Kory was out the door…and Peladeau now can let the Sun News Station die a quiet death at the hands of Konrad.

    • Harper's wife left him?

      • It's a rumour I keep hearing. No idea if it's true or why it should matter.

        • I've heard it all over the place — and I live in SK! There's lots of gossip on the internet about it. I don't bring it up because he's jerky enough to talk about without pointing out gossip.

          • I've heard the same rumour out in BC.

        • What does it matter if it's true or not… he's a Con!

          • Except for it doesn't matter, or shouldn't. I likely know more separated/divorced/remarried people than I know people who are still on their first marriage. If Harper's wife left him, it's none of our business.

            I am constantly surprised that the little bugger found anybody willing to marry him in the first place though….

          • Nice trolling on the fake Liberal-ness. Oh, I'm a Conservative by the way–let that ole' Earth heat up, who cares if the globe warms? Shorts in December, yeeehawww!

  14. As per a previous post … note the entrance of Mulroney's very own Luc Lavoie as Kory's replacement!!! (Luc and Brian have been Sun Media officers/board members for a long while.)

    FWIW: Lavoie had stepped down from his double duties as Mulroney's spokesman in 2007 when his loose lips to CBC let it be known that Brian had indeed accepted cash envelopes from Karlheinz S. (and paid tax on it … albeit years later and on the QT).

    With Kory embroiled in the Avaaz petition investigation (apparently, there's an investigation as to dirty tricks tied to certain IP addresses, etc.) and the lack of traction on getting Luc Lavoie installed to replace the current CRTC head … I wonder what's actually going on here.

    This could be — and will be — interpreted in wildly different ways. On the one hand, it could be payback for the super-soft terms of reference Harper gave to the Mulroney Inquiry (it's a love-in). On the other, it could be retaliation for the public shunning of Mulroney by Harper (it's a hate-on). Or it could just be Pierre Karl P. and Brian M. getting back to the old time methods of Quebec business — keeping it all in the family. Is the failure to get SunTV on the national dial by government fiat the issue here? Are the Mulroney Conservatives preparing to push out the Harperites and retake the party? Wild and contradictory speculations abound.

    Or maybe Kory hated the job or just sucked at it — and is going to Hill & Knowlton. He might be preparing to take over where as another Harper retread, Ken Boessenkool, left off when he left H&K to join the lobbyists at GCI.

    It's all so confusing … and incestuous. And yes, the announcement coming at a Parliamentary locale with Hill & Knowlton flacks on hand makes this very weird.

    • Hear! Hear! Please let the Mulroney Red Tories take (back?) the party from the Bloc Albertois. Please give me a good reason not to vote for the Grits because by God I will if these neocon morons stay. Kory's failure does not surprise me- I strongly suspect this will be an ongoing theme when the Harperites leave office. Superstars within The Party, but once out in the real world, they fall flat on their faces. Very shallow talent pool (I could say something about the fake lake here, but it's shooting fish in a barrel)

      • Just to clarify — I'm not backing any of these whackadoodle interpretations — just noting how many variations, contradictions and interpretation may appear in the inevitable analyses of Kory's departure and Lavoie's ascendancy.

        And, of course, I'm always happy to point out what a shallow gene pool the Conservatives have to draw from (no fake lake reference intended).

  15. I think Ren and Stimpy capture Geddes sentiment most succinctly in the episode "Son of Stimpy," whence Stimpy spends the better part of the episode searching for a long lost fart that he considered a son.


  16. Perhaps this is just happenstance & such, or perhaps Kory was brought in exclusively for one issue, to use his presence, influence and perhaps implied approval of he who shall not be named to influence the CRTC.

    • That was my thinking: He didn't deliver on the CRTC and got the axe. I'm guessing that, especially given the Jaffer business, Harper didn't want anything in the news that could appear like former employees pulling big favours form the government.

    • I just love the CRTC too… thats what Cons just don't get, when the wonderful Pierre invented the CRTC he did it for you're own good. The CRTC will decide what is Canadian culture, and Canadian culture has already been defined and laid out by Pierre. WE don't need no Harper Cons having their say on political issues or anything else for that matter. When will the Harper Cons get it, this our country and WE will never let you dictate anything, WE will dictate to you, maybe now they'll get it.

    • I hope that they follow up on this – would love to see who the owns that IP address?

    • If Teneycke actually created the fake signatures, or got somebody to do it, he's dumber than a box of rocks. Somebody who would do something like that should not be allowed out in public without a minder.

      He couldn't have done this, could he? Really, truly?

      • Didn't his rumoured replacement, Lavoie call the CBC and leave a screaming message that Mulroney didn't take any cashs tuffed envelopes?!?!?
        There ya go..

      • When you run with Ryan Sparrow some of that genius dust might rub off.

    • Can't we just get Lisbeth Salander to sort this out?

    • It's funny how Cons don't like George Soros or Iggy, just because their Americans. It's about time we had an American PM. Cons wish they had a super rich American influencing their side, and interfering in Canadian politics on their behalf, they're just jealous that Soros is on our side. When will Cons get it ? Cons are just too busy being illiterate and buying beer and popcorn. I think it's time to put Kory in jail, how dare he counter the opinions and views of Soros, Avass and M. Atwood. I hope they sue Kory and make an example out of him, step out of line and go to jail, that way anyone else will think twice about voicing a differing opinion.

  17. I like to think of myself as someone willing to listen and respect the views of others, even controversial ones. I do my best to separate what someone believes politically from the person themselves. On the whole I think I do a pretty good job.

    That being said Kory, in the words of Nelson Muntz, HA-HA!

  18. Let's celebrate the felling of another poppy that grew too tall

    • More like a weed.

        • Actually, pedant, we all know what the tall poppy reference meant, thanks.

          Emily was just responding with a very witty rejoinder.

          If you want a genuine example of small minded pettiness, how about Kory Tennyecke himself, who recently joked about Marc Emery being raped in prison…

          • Yeah, he was definitely a weed….a 'bad weed' at that.

            I hope we've seen the last of him.

          • Go South, young man. You'll find work there.

          • He did? When, where?

          • Hey there, ya junkie. Shouldn''t be argeyouin' with a Saskatoban 'bout plants an' such. Them Saskatchewanians, they know their weeds, they do.
            (cue sound effect: Spitoon 3)


        • From the very definition you cite,
          "in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers."
          Teneycke doesn't qualify as a tall poppy.

      • Yeah!!

    • If a poppies sole function was to fling $hit and generally stink up everything in proximity, then you would really be on to something.

    • No poppy, he's an example of what Susan Riley calls "a cadre of hyper-partisan boy-men."

      They should all be kicked out of politicas and forced to live and work in the real world for at least ten years, then if they have learned humility and wisdom, they can come back and show if they are willing to work for the country's good.

      • oh gawd we don't ever want kory back, regardless of the humility and wisdom he stumbles upon.

        • Yeah! We make the rules and WE don't want Con Kory back, unless he see's the light and converts to the Liberal side. Although I doubt that would happen. Oh yeah, does Kory still think "Adscam" was criminal ? Who cares what he thinks, stupid Con.

          • I'd prefer him to convert to being principled, whether he belongs to any political party or none.

  19. I dunno, on first blush it seems to me that Kory was relieved of his duties as the public face of Sun Media (or TV or whatever it's called) because he's waaay too obviously associated with the sitting PM. Lavoie isn't. and that should help Peladeau (and Harper) get what he wants.

    • You don't think that they thought about that before they hired him?

      I'm going with the Avaaz story. It seems much more plausible, given the timing, and also it's much more funny.

      • I'm sure they thought of it, I'm guessing they just didn't think anybody else would care much – but that was before The Summer of Blunder.

        Yeah, you're right – PetitionGate *is* way funnier :D

        • I think Kory was hired BECAUSE of his political friends.

          He's a sophomore.

          • Oh absolutely, I also think he was fired because people started noticing his political friends and that has made it difficult to push this through quietly like they wanted.

          • I imagine doing ANYTHING quietly with that guy around is difficult! ; )

          • I don't think they wanted it quiet; I do think they wanted it to be legal. The Avaaz fraud case is behind this, or the timing sure is fishy.

    • You think replacing Harper's former mouthpiece with Brian Mulroney's former mouthpiece is materially different?

      • Oh gosh no. It's all PR – Lavoie is much more anonymous than Teneycke, he'll do the same job, but hopefully will be scrutinized less by the media. I think they're hoping that with Teneycke resigning people will stop seeing this as something the PMO is pushing for and it will become less controversial.

        (I'm not explaining myself well at all today…do you see what I mean?)

        • Ah, I do see your point.

          However, I think you might be overestimating Mr. Lavoie's anonymity with the Quebec media (he was head of Quebecor's … and Sun Media's … corporate communications for 8 years), with the Parliamentary press gallery (he was Mulroney's spokesman concerning Airbus/Schreiber), and with the national media (he was a central figure in the Globe & Mail/CBC investigation into Mulroney's cash envelopes).

          Just 5 days ago, he was the subject of speculation, across French and English media, that he was to be appointed Vice Chair of the CRTC by Harper … in a play to drive home the Sun TV special license.

          Yes, he's not as telegenic as Kory and is definitely of another era … but he's not an unknown commodity either.

          (I can relate to having a tough time pulling it all together on some days, too. It happens … and passes. Cheers.)

          • AND that he was a key figure at the Mulroney/Schreiber airbus committee hearings. Recently. On TV.

            He's a smart and experienced man. Partisan yes, but impressive in many ways.

  20. Counting the seconds before the usual Conbot commenters launch a counter-attack on Avaaz…

    3, 2, 1…

    • Speaking of Levant he's silent on Kory's departure on his Twitter. Acknowleding Adler's get, but nothing about his good bud Kory. Strange.

      • Which is weird, too, as Adler twice denied going to Sun TV … and then Sun TV announced his hire.

        • Well Ezra was focussed on his Q debate with Andrew Nikiforuk about their duelling tarsands books, and then waiting for the deluge of email to tell him he had totally dominated the discussion. (He didn't, actually, Jian moderated very well and Nikiforuk had the chance to make a lot of sense.)

          • You know who has a problem moderating Ezra? Evan Solomon. But then he is fun to watch — like Mr Haney was, always selling you something you don't want.

          • From my experience watching P&P, Solomon seems to have trouble moderating a number of people. This was particularly noticable when he came back after Rosemary Barton filled in . She didn't put up with shenanigans from anybody.

          • Evan Solomon has problems with pretty well everything involved with making Tee Vee.

          • I love Rosemary Barton. For a sweet looking young woman (dimples you could drive a truck through), she's got balls of steel.

          • I love Rosie too… she never let's those Cons get away with anything… I love how she asks a Con a question and then interrupts them before they can answer… sweet… Solomon could learn a thing or two about shutting up those stupid Cons! Rosie's dimples make my legs all tingly too, and that's important, just another thing those Cons don't get.

    • SOROS!!!1!1!

  21. My impression is that the Kory announcement was a rushed or perhaps even done in something approaching panic. Clearly the Adler announcement has been planned and, under normal circumstances, Kory would have been a participant. To suddenly rush out a Kory presser a few hours before Adler is the worst possible plan and totally undermines an otherwise big catch for SunMedia. So, the Kory dump/bail had to have been decided late yesterday or overnight.

    But why? I'll bet AVAAZ knows.

    • Somewhere — maybe Paul Wells Twitter? — I read he resigned yesterday afternoon.

      This was no resignation. There's a reason PR folks were there, and a reason why he wouldn't answer the questions of his journalistic fellow soldiers at arms.

    • I agree, you smell a rat ? I wanna smell it too…

  22. Harper's Brutus.

    Et tu, Kory? just doesn't have the same ring.

  23. John Geddes: I really like your writing and pleased to see your work here more often lately.

    I think he might get Tom Clark's job. Being an intrepid reporter and all.

    That, or we get him back in SK working for the SK party.

    • Is there room in Saskatchewan for a head as swollen and mis-shapen as Kory's?

      • Oh all kinds of pinheads and swelled heads out here.

        • Yeah, I moved away when Devine was ruining the place, but I go back pretty regularly.

  24. Do I detect a whiff of schadenfreude in the air?

    • I feel no shame whatsoever.

    • Truly, sometimes this political stuff is just fun.

    • Hee, hee, hee, no, no, not at all, hee.

    • Nothing like the smell of it first thing in the morning!

    • Is that German for sulphur?


    • A whiff? There are veritable clouds of the stuff!

    • Only a whiff? You'll want to get your olfactories checked out…

      • I just had my olfactories examined by my doctor. Turns out my sense of smell is fine, but he diagnosed me with a terminal case of humorous understatement.

        • he diagnosed me with a terminal case of humorous understatement.

          Terminal as in your affliction is going to kill you…if so, my condolences, and have you got long to go?

          Or terminal as in you're going to live to a ripe old age, but you will never be able to shake off your affliction?

          • I'd tell you it's fatal, but my affliction compels me to say: "It's just a flesh wound!"

  25. No, but the post-Mulroney Tories meeting in a phone-booth, now THAT was schadenfreude.

    This reaction is actually quite reasonable. When one makes ones' career by inflaming the public, why be surprised when the public's inflamed?

    • Well I hope you enjoyed it, because it did immense damage to the country.

      • Nothing a few envelopes of cash couldn't make all better.

  26. Just to clarify, he was joking about the possibility of such a thing happening.

    • “To the pot heads who keep sending me crazy, profane emails: I hope Marc Emery enjoys group showers as much as he enjoys pot. Three cheers for the DEA.”

      Pretty hostile "joke," Holly. And you know what Freud said about jokes…

      Kory has always come across to me as arrogant and hostile. Harper has horrible spokespeople — Buckler, Sparrow, Soudas. Kory.

      • Oh yes, it was a nasty joke. I just thought MaggiesFarmboy's wording above could be read as saying that Emery had actually been raped.

        So what did Freud say about jokes?

  27. "They don't make ‘em like him anymore."

    Not sure why Geddes think snark is appropriate when Teneycke wasn't actually a reporter and Geddes writes nothing but typical liberal boilerplate bollocks.

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Geddes.

    • Teneycke responded to a request to reveal his source for the fake signatures on the petition by invoking journalists' right to keep their sources confidential.

      The point of Geddes' brilliant little post here is that Teneycke is NOT a journalist.or a reporter or a 'lamestream media' person.

    • Wow, look Kory is NOT a journalist. Period. Communications may seem related, and it is, but it's not about facts: it's about selling an idea, product or service. It's about rhetoric; it's about persuasion.

      Geddes' piece is ironic, funny and spot-on. Best thing I've read about the situation today.

  28. Not to worry about KT. There's a whole big jaw-jaw advocacy industry out there with
    interchangeable parts and personnel. There's a place in front of the fireplace for him

  29. Excuse me, all. I feel compelled to remind all you lefties and libtards that while you're all chortling at what seems to be Young Kory's inevitable downfall, this too remains part of Stephen Harper's master plan. So go on, keep playing checkers. You Know Who is playing chess…WITH YOU!!

    • LOLOL

      • Whatever game Harper is playing, it ain't chess.

        Maybe he's playing Risk, and thinks he can hold all of the land borders in Asia (little shout-out to my fellow Risk geeks out there…anyone got a better metaphor?)

        Whatever it is, it's not working.

        • Clue?

          • Does Harper have a Clue?

  30. Well that's only the second time I've laughed out loud reading Maclean's. TY Geddes!

  31. Kory Teneycke, frustrated at how his label as Ottawa political insider is stunting the growth of his company, announces his departure.

    At a press conference at the national press theatre in Ottawa.

    Like an Ottawa political insider would.

    Keep up the good work, Kory!

  32. On Twitter, Andrew Coyne suggests that with Kory out of SUNTV, and Luc Lavoie in — that of course Kory is now headed to CRTC.

    Which is funny…but scary given that anything is possible with harper and his appointments.

    • you give me nightmares

      • Blame Coyne: I'm just the messenger. I wish he'd never put it into harp's head.

  33. I'd never thought of Brian Mulroney, Pierre Karl Péladeau and Luc Lavoie as "left wingers".
    Biased, yes, but hardly lefties.

    • Brian Mulroney wasn't exactly a rightie.

  34. To summarize:

    Being a leftist and using "journalism" to espouse leftists views, not openly but under the guise of objective news and analysis: Good

    Being a conservative, and forthright telling people that is the direction you're coming from: Bad.

    Here, maybe I can simplify it even more. Liberal progressive "good"

    Conservative "bad".

    • Oh, stop whining. What's bad is distorting the facts to favour your own bias, and you are doing that here for all to see.

    • To summarize:

      Using fraud, misrepresentation, and dirty tricks (especially in an amateurish and easily detectible way), to get regulatory approval for your company: Very Bad

      Watching conbots twist themselves in knots trying to justify this pathetic episode: Priceless

    • It is not forthright to sign up fake names and the names of actual journalists to a petition. It is, however, stumblebum to sign up said names from a traceable IP address. Heh, and then to tweet about it from same said IP address. When no one else was even aware yet. Wow, this just gets more chuckle-worthy the more you think about it.

    • Yeah!! The only people allowed to distort facts and have media are us Liberals. Get used to it and stop whining.

  35. John Gedde's smarmy attempt at humour while putting the boots to a down and out Kory Teneycke is distasteful and juvenile, but what one expects from an elitist media leftist in Canada- especially when their viewpoint monopoly is jeopardized. SUN TV poses a threat , and the stench of fear in liberal media circles is real. Teneycke may be gone, but an alternative viewpoint has been absent from Canadian television for far to long. Suck it up Johnnie Geddes…SUN TV is a comin', so get over yourself!

    • An alternate viewpoint has been present for years. We have lots of whacked-out rightwing nutbars hooting and snuffling all over the media.

  36. The lefties are so scared, I love this.

    • Scared, no. Disgusted, yes.

    • You right wingers just don't like the fact us Liberals control the media, get over it already. There is no place in Canadian media for other views or opinions that don't agree with us. You might not like that, but too bad for you. You Cons probably think you're opinion matters, when it doesn't.

  37. Hooray ! The last thing Canada needs is different opinions and competition within the media. Something the Cons just don't understand is that we liberals make the rules not them, get used to it. We liberals control the media and nothing is going to change that, so get used to it Kory. Could you imagine what would happen if we Liberals were to let other voices other than are own be free to speak, or be able to challenge our ideology, it would be a disaster! We have to continue to silence those who don't "think" like us, I swear on the grave of Pierre Trudeau that I will never let the Cons have a voice in the media. John Geddes brilliant, thoughtful, balanced article should be a lesson to all those Cons out there who just don't get it! If the Cons think they can level out the playing field to include voices that don't agree with us, than they are sadly mistaken. Go Iggy Go! Oh, and another thing you Cons just don't get, Iggy is not an American, and even if he was I'd rather have an American running Canada than a Harper Con any day. Keep up the good fight John.

    • Because Ezra Levant, Tom Flanagan, and Kory Teneycke and their ilk are never ever allowed to speak on CBC TV and radio or on any other station, or to publish opinion pieces in the Sun or the Globe & Mail. (eyes rolling)

    • Umm…Sun TV moves ahead, with or without the former Vice-President.

      Do we have oto call it "trying to change the channel" when that's exactly what they want us to do?

    • Hi, I'm a Conservative and because I can't make an intelligent intellectual argument without resorting to juvenile smear tactics, I deserve pity and the adoption of my beliefs based on feeling besieged alone and not based on whether said beliefs are defensible or not.

  38. Forced out by his own impetuousness and lack of maturity, too bad.

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