Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy and the production order -

Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy and the production order

Reading through the RCMP’s filing


The Globe, CTV and Star all reported last night on documents filed by the RCMP as part of an application for a production order. The headline revelation is that the Conservative Party was prepared to cover the repayment of Mike Duffy’s expenses when the tab was thought to be $32,000. Once it was discovered that the expenses in question totalled $90,000, it was decided that the Conservative Party wouldn’t cover it.

CTV has posted the document outlining supporting information for the RCMP’s application and those 28 pages are worth reading in their entirety.

Corporal Greg Horton points to two sections of the Criminal Code. In regards to the expenses Mr. Duffy claimed, Cpl. Horton invokes section 122.

122. Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.

In regards to the cheque Mr. Duffy accepted, Cpl. Horton refers to section 121(c).

121. (1) Every one commits an offence who … (c) being an official or employee of the government, directly or indirectly demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept from a person who has dealings with the government a commission, reward, advantage or benefit of any kind for themselves or another person, unless they have the consent in writing of the head of the branch of government that employs them or of which they are an official;

Beginning at page 13, Cpl. Horton details an RCMP review of Mr. Duffy’s expense claims through 2011 and 2012.

Cpl. Horton’s interaction with Mr. Wright’s lawyers begins at page 17. There it is said the Conservative Party initially considered covering Mr. Duffy’s expenses and that Mr. Wright gave Mr. Duffy the money on the conditions that his debt be repaid immediately and that he stop speaking to the media about the issue. Mr. Wright identifies three people in the Prime Minister’s Office who he told about the payment: David Van Hemmen (the executive assistant to the chief of staff), Chris Woodcock (director, issues management) and Benjamin Perrin (formerly a legal advisor to the Prime Minister).

Mr. Van Hemmen and Mr. Woodcock seem to still be employed in the PMO. Mr. Perrin left the PMO in April. In May, CTV alleged that Mr. Perrin helped draft the letter of understanding between Mr. Wright and Mr. Duffy. Mr. Perrin said that story was “false.” But he also said that he was “was not consulted on, and did not participate in, Nigel Wright’s decision to write a personal cheque to reimburse Senator Duffy’s expenses.”

At the time of this filing, the RCMP had not decided whether to interview Mr. Wright as a witness or suspect.

Beginning at the bottom of page 20, Cpl. Horton details an interview with Liberal Senator George Furey, a member of the steering committee for the Senate’s Internal Economy committee. On page 21, he details an interview with Conservative Senator Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, another member of that steering committee. On page 22, Cpl. Horton refers to a conversation with CTV’s Robert Fife. Cpl. Horton also refers to this interview with Conservative Senator David Tkachuk. In the summary, at page 23, Cpl. Horton gets into the matter of identifying Mr. Duffy’s primary residence.

None of this, of course, has been tested in court and nothing has been proven.


Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy and the production order

  1. the plot thickens.

    • As Wherry states, “None of this, of course, has been tested in court and nothing has been proven.”

      The crown prosecutor will most likely proceed against Duffy, but I doubt very much against Wright.

      • what Wherry states, only counts in a court room, but while this stuff is out there, its all about public opinion, and optics are sometimes everything.

        • What’re the optics of the LPC attacking the CPC for reimburing taxpayers while at the same time defending Mac Harb, who’s defrauded vastly more money, and is fighting the charge in court?
          The LPC doesn’t want the taxpayer reimbursed.

      • And if Duffy is charged, I expect him to sing like a canary in order to make a deal.

        • When Pigs Fly

          • When Pigs Sing, more like it! The Sonabird will be singing soon too.

          • When pigs fly…..Duffy seems fly every where and a Senate expense and he certainly appears to be pig like in his feeding at the public trough….so it appears pigs fly.

  2. I believe we need an to get rid of the PC Gov. the Liberals have tried but failed, If the NDP, would take charge they can make a diffrence

    • Then the NDP better start persuading more people of your assertion because so far, Tom Mulcair is not catching on with Canadians any near enough to win a federal election.

      • French citizen Mulcair is in France.

        • Lucky him.

        • Stop lying, Mulcair is at the stampede. And what’s wrong with being in France – John Baird recommends it highly.

          • If he makes it to the stampede he will soon be jetting back to France.

          • I hear Harper is keeping in shape at the Stampede by trying to outrun reporters. That must suck eh — to be the guy who’s going to make everything better, only to be found out to be worse than the last crew! Either worse, or far less in charge than Mr Chretien — now which is it? Is Harper an unethical jerk, or is he out of the loop in his own office?

          • And Baird will be back to London for another bash with Ottawa “friends” at the High Commission private apartments.

        • What are you talking about? Who cares where he holidays?

      • Perhaps the NDP will hold the balance of power after the next election and there can be a coalition government.

    • We need a new electoral system in which minority governments are more the norm. If they misbehave, a new coalition can form and the government changes. Waiting four years to punish a bad government is unsatisfactory. Time for electoral reform to be seriously studied.
      In addition, the Senate needs to be more responsible to the regions they represent. Either elected or appointed by provincial legislatures for fixed terms make sense, if we need a Senate at all.

  3. Nigel Wright and three others circling the wagon.

    Two key ministers jump off the wagon.

  4. Cicero – O tempora! O mores!

  5. I find it interesting that Senator Gerstein is Chair of Conservative Fund who refused to pay Duffy bailout when it became more than the $33k. Gerstein is also Chair of Senate Banking Committee, Chair of Finance. He was a CPC official, one of the four formally charged and convicted by guilty plea of violation of Election Cda law for the In Out scheme in 2008 election. In 2009 Harper appointed this convicted fundraiser to Canadian Senate. What kind of PM & Govt appoints a guy guilty of election fraud to not only a Senate seat but as the Chair of so many ‘money’ committees? Seriously! No matter how much bluejuice you have drank as a conservative in this country, surely you can see this so-called conservative govt has to be escorted from the Hill, by allofus!

  6. Is there anyone who actually believes the PM didn’t know anything about this? Nigel Wright, good man corrupted, but loyal to the end. Shakespearean tale.

  7. All this talk about Duffy when Liberal Senators like Mac Harb have been doing this for years….This all needs to stop….we need yearly expense oversight not only for the Senate, but also Parliament…and!!… UNIONS. No more hiding where the money goes…by any of the above. How about this…have Revenue Canada audit them all as well.

    • Well then…that makes what Conservatives have done all right then….everyone should ignore this then.
      What is the matter with you to make such a statement! This is breaking the law and should be dealt with and the behaviour should be made public.

    • Absolutely. The Liberals are outraged that Duffy paid back taxpayers, but at the same time defend Harb who owes way more money, and is fighting it in court. I would be much happier if the Liberals would repay the money Harb owes.

  8. The real hero in all of this is RCMP Cpl. Greg Horton. I just wonder how many times the PMO, of course without Harper’s knowledge, has tried to muzzle Cpl. Horton or to whitewash his report? Cpl. Horton should be promoted, but the way things go, his career has probably come to an abrupt halt.

    • Yes good on him. I fully expected the investigation to be corrupted. Good surprise.