No apologies -

No apologies


Lisa Raitt and Vic Toews are profoundly saddened, but Pat Martin regrets nothing (aside from swearing at a specific Twitter user).

“What I say to my private universe is an expression of what I am really feeling and I don’t apologize for that. I don’t retract it. It is a f—ing disgrace, what they’re doing. They’re running roughshod over everything that is good and decent about our parliamentary democracy and Canadians should be outraged and their elected representatives on their behalf should be outraged.”


No apologies

  1. Good for him!

    ‘Fuck’ is a fine old Anglo-Saxon word and needs to be used at times.

    This is one of those times.

  2. He’s right and wrong.
    We want our elected officials to act in a manner fitting of the highest office in the land, and in that regard he absolutely failed.
    He’s right that the way the Regressives have been stiffling debate is an outrage (as it was with the Liberals) though, this is totally unacceptable.

    • I think we say we want it a lot more than we actually want it.

      My evidence?

      • Like so many other things, I think we’re *told* that we want it more than we actually do.

  3. Lisa Raitt and Vic Toews are victims of Pat Martin’s language, clearly.  Delicate flowers, both.

    • Can you direct that “poor delicate flowers” sarcasm over towards the people asserting that, common notions of civility be damned, it’s Conservatives belittling the opposition that’s really profanity?

      • Actually, the assertion is that the Conservatives are eroding Parliament’s role in democracy.

        I don’t see a lot of tears shed for the opposition’s hurt feelings.

      • If I see any.

      • I’ve looked.  I haven’t found anyone claiming that the Conservative’s regular invocation of closure is profanity.  I’ve seen words like “undemocratic”, “stupid”, and “cowardly”, but not “profane”.  Nor have I seen anyone suffering from the vapours, as happens whenever Pat Martin gets emotional.

    • Did Raitt cry?  It’s been awhile since we were deluged with photos of her crying.

  4. Pat misses the good old days, when he could sit in on committee meetings (even if he wasn’t on it) where he was free to bully, sneer and make nasty comments.
    Now nobody listens to him, lol!  Get this man some Twitter guidelines ASAP!! 
    Pat;   “The law of Karma teaches that responsibility for unskillful actions is born by the person who commits them.”

    • Karma – what are you a pagan? You better hope Dean Del Maestro doesn’t get wind of this sort of talk.

    • As I said before, if you believe in karma, then you must accept that its universal application. So what applies to Pat also applies to Steve, Vic, Rob Nicholson, John, Pierre, Rob Anders, Jason, Gazebos Clement, Jimmy F.,Dmitri,et al.  Lots of karma to spread around the Con bench.

  5. No apology- that’s kind of refreshing. 

    • Indeed. He owns it, and no amount of mealy-mouthed whining about Civility will ever be less than hilarious coming from the NDP now.

    • I can’t wait till he fires up the twitter machine tonight.

  6. Martin has his own  ” private universe “.
    Does he see himself as some kind of messiah in this universe ?

  7. This comment was deleted.

    • Of course we should do that.  After all, that’s what Castro did to his political opponents.

      • And I note that the Wherryites have so far given 5 “likes” to a commentor who advocates throwing his political opponents in jail, a la Castro/Hitler.  Nice.

  8. I call BS on Toews and Raitt. Does anyone think that they themselves don’t use that word? Swearing may not be the most couth thing you can do, but the whole someone-think-of-children kabuki theatre that ensues a public use of a word that EVERYONE knows is so tiresome and false that I’d prefer the actual  f-bomb to it any day.

  9. Interesting that he seems to criticize the Tories for the same kind of behaviour he’s espousing. What a hypocrite.

    • Yes, but it’s different because he’s a New Democrat, so he’s righteous and on the side of the Gods.