No deal -

No deal


Presumably saddening Young Stephen Harper, Peter Van Loan has announced the government’s intention to proceed as planned with the 452-page budget implementation act, declining to split it up as the NDP had requested.

After taking two questions, Mr. Van Loan took his leave and Nathan Cullen took control of the podium. “This is not a good day for democracy,” he said. Mr. Cullen said the government had been “inconsistent” in negotiations over the past day. He also claimed that the NDP had given commitments to the government that, however the bill would have been split, its ultimate passage would not have been delayed.

The NDP is apparently considering a “number of options” so far as the bill is concerned. Yesterday, New Democrats moved motions calling for studies of the bill at 15 committees. By the end of today, they will have apparently moved another five similar motions.


No deal

  1. I hear the distant sound of ringing bells.

  2. Unfortunately, parliament was pro-rogued just as he said “good day”, and the rest of the sentence is officially unrecorded.

    I was wondering which the CPC thought was better: getting the bill done to limit scrutiny of what’s inside, or drawing it out and spending oodles of $ to misrepresent what is inside and how everyone who opposes it is an evil enemy of the state and probably a child molestor and maybe even a muslim! Guess now we know.

  3. Con talking point #1: “Hey look, we tried consulting the opposition…”
    Con talking point #2: “Hey look, we tried consulting the opposition…”

    (They don’t usually have more than two talking points on any given issue because their sock puppets can remember more than that.)

  4. This so bizarre. Even the post is making the point that if they are so sure these changes are needed, then why not brag about it openly at committee? Why hide it in an omnibus bill when u are in the majority anyway? It is like they’re ashamed, not proud of what they see as being good policy.

    • By taking this approach, they have tainted the bill in the eyes (or perhaps noses?) of many. It reeks of slyness and deceit, leaving the very strong impression that they are trying to slip something – or even more than one something – by us all.
      If the changes are all truly good for the nation as a whole (and not just select friends) then split it up and let us see it for what it is.

  5. Brilliant. This will surely make the NDP look like the grown ups in the room. When Cullen says the government was “inconsistent”, does he mean they were negotiating? Was the NDP being “consistent” by not budging on any of it’s demands? Either way, Canadians will surely be annoyed by the petty gamesmanship of the NDP.

    • Or the petty tyranny of a majority government that insists on being obtuse when there’s no rational justification for it.

    • Brilliant. A fake person is impressed by the maturity of the CPC and unimpressed with the “gamesmanship” of the NDP.

      • That’s right, I’m not a real person. You’re talking to a robot. Please tell me, who else do you consider sub-human?

      • A “fake person?” Okay, I’ll bite: Why is he a “fake person?” Are you suggesting his answers are generated by a computer?

  6. Young Stephen Harper?……..
    Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear Kobayashi tell it, anybody could have worked for Harper. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, poof. He’s gone.