No longer needed


The Canadian Press reports that the Harper government is suddenly less interested in hearing from the auditor general.

Five different individuals – inside and outside Auditor-General Michael Ferguson’s office – told The Canadian Press this week that officials there expect the opportunities for him to testify on his quarterly reports will be reduced … This week, Conservatives on the public accounts committee rejected a Liberal motion to call the newly appointed Mr. Ferguson to testify about the controversial G8 legacy infrastructure fund … Earlier this fall, the Conservatives on the same committee declared it unnecessary to pursue the study of an auditor general’s report that was tabled before the May 2 election.


No longer needed

  1. There is this very nice fountain in Shawinigan, not far from a golf course, near a hotel……

    • Is it as nice as the new border gazebos in Muskoka-Parry Sound? 

    • There used to be a nice fake lake in Toronto. I heard it was part of Steve’s $1billion plan to blow a wad of money on his self-gratification.

    • Remind me, how did we find out about that again???

    • Kinda’ calls to mind how the Cons were going to put an end to such corruption.

    • Being raised in Shawinigan, I can tell you there isn’t any nice fountains in that town.

  2. Interesting. I don’t see where anybody says the AG is “no longer needed,” or how this news story constitutes a “suddenly” changed position by the Tories. But, hey, why should this blog let facts get in its way, right?

  3. Wherry – Big news! The sky is falling again!
    Yup, and will be falling again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after….
    Do you think all the feigned panic on your threads is part of the reason you get so much of the lunatic left posting here?

    • Apparently a few idiots on the rabid right are posting here too. Balanced response all ’round for Mr. Wherry’s blog.

  4. “But the Conservatives have changed some of the rules around the committee. Under the last majority Liberal government, questions were rotated through each party one by one – eight minutes per MP per party to begin, and then five minutes afterward for each party”

    Ah “reform” is in the air i see. I also noticed something in there about the AG reporting to Parliament not the Gotd…some traditions were just not meant to last i guess.

  5. Indian Affairs ignored AG reports, is that the way they want all Ministries to run? 

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