No more meeting? -

No more meeting?


More chiefs are apparently refusing to take part in today’s meeting and Shawn Atleo could be facing a non-confidence vote if he decides to attend.

Nick Taylor-Vaisey has a rough guide to the Idle No More protests and the meeting that now seems unlikely.


No more meeting?

  1. The Chiefs want a tough guy right now, and Atleo just isn’t that person.

    • Maybe they should get you.
      You can change your name to Emily Tailfeathers

      I’ll send you a couple of buzzard feathers for your War Bonnet.

    • “The Chiefs” have no fracking clue what they want.

  2. Harper should invite #idlenomore for a meeting. Go on twitter and ask them to send representatives to a meeting. And there lay out plans for a national aboriginal run school board.

    I think the chiefs would then show up rather quickly.