No! Not the dreaded Operation Hey, Pull My Finger!


Secret Conservative memo somehow finds its way into reporters’ hands blah blah blahzzzzzsssnarf…

“The letter promptly leaked, and accounts of it appeared in newspapers across the country on the last day of the year. Which was the point. The Conservatives had learned early that if they sent something to every one of their riding organizations, it would leak. … The…letter was designed to be read by ordinary voters, not by its nominal insider audience. Putting it out this way was just cheaper than buying ads.”

— Right Side Up, p. 207


No! Not the dreaded Operation Hey, Pull My Finger!

  1. “to ensure that we retain a strongman at the Cabinet table”

    That’s taking it a bit far, no?

  2. Madame May starting to worry Peter M?

  3. No, “strongman” about captures what Mackay is going on about these days.

    Le ciel, c’est bleu.

  4. Politics in Atlantic Canada is fascinating. It makes the Roman Republic look bipartisan.

  5. Outside looking in? What, like Vancouver-Kingsway? Oh yeah, we got Emerson all right. And the benefit was?

    It would please me to no end to see Peter MacKay, destroyer of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, wearer of the leadership race mantle “I am not the merger candidate” and other assorted untruths, fall in electoral battle.

    ABC, or to use another acronym apropos to these interesting financial times, how about ABCP.

    Anyone But Conservative Peter.

  6. Sure are a lot of misplaced spaces in there. Maybe to give it that good old behind-the-scenes feeling.

    Elizabeth May is making a good splash there, it sounds like, so far – I guess this is supposed to make people excited about voting NDP?

    Anyway, it seems like no media cares, which is a nice change.

  7. Just another attempt to frame and confuse voters on where they should put their votes in terms of getting rid of these corrosive CONs. Anyone notice the media coverage of the leaders as reported on cpac tonight? Jack’s jumped into second place, getting the 2nd most coverage, to Harper. That’s Canwest working its magic, hoping to help Harper from a personal meltdown. It may be too early to say the CON house of cards is falling, but it is on shaky ground. And Jack’s not threatening Harper for the top spot.

  8. Would’ve been way cooler if it said “Top Secret” or “For your eyes only” at the top.

  9. Most boring secret memo EVAR

  10. Layton’s been getting second spot coverage for a while. And while May boosted her presence nationally, it’s not entirely surprising (though still interesting) that the Tories are finding the NDP more concerning than May in Central Nova. It would be quite the upset to beat both Mackay and May (largely thanks to an absent Liberal)

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