No red lines on Iran

A government official says Canada won’t be drawing red lines on Iran.

A senior Canadian government official said Friday, “Canada will not be publicly setting red lines. That is for others to do. We will continue to work with our allies to find a peaceful resolution on Iran.”

John Baird declined earlier this week to speculate about anything beyond diplomacy.

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No red lines on Iran

  1. Yes, we will insult them, interfere with them, publically denounce them, walk out on them, and shut down our embassy…but no red lines.

    What a hopeless goof Harper is.

    • You are an effing idiot

      • Sorry, you’ve mistaken me for Harper.

      • Dearest nokohe,
        You are quite mistaken.
        Although I agree the fair EmilyOne is an ‘effing’ something, she/he is definitely not an ‘effing’ idiot. An Idiot is defined as one who would score between 0 and 50 on a Standard IQ Test; an Imbecile – 50 to 70; a Moron – 70 to 90. Accordingly, and thankfully, an Idiot cannot be taught to read and write. An Imbecile can; albeit barely. EmilyOne, by virtue of her/his above comment, must be, by necessity, considered at least an Imbecile. The content of his dross would further make one determine that she/he is, at least at a minimum, a high-functioning Imbecile.
        I hope this helps.

  2. No red lines, just white hats and black hats, like in the old movies.

  3. It’s a funny way to use diplomacy when you walk out at the UN when Iran’s president starts speaking.

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