No Trudeau


Justin Trudeau confirms he won’t seek the Liberal leadership in 2013.

“My kids are two and four years old and I barely see them enough as it is,” the eldest son of the late prime minister Pierre Trudeau told a group of about 50 students at Wilfrid Laurier University Wednesday. “I’m not going to run for the leadership this time around.”


No Trudeau

  1. Thank you Justin.  ‘Preciate it.

  2. Has Lib leadership race started? Are there any announced contenders yet? Is this race going to lead to coronation of Rae? 

    Read terrific Hebert column this morning and it was heartening to see how low Libs have fallen. 

    NDP = progressives, Cons = religious both groups want to control and improve humanity because we are inadequate, apparently. Surely there is space in Canadian politics for a party that thinks Canadians are good people and don’t need constant supervision. 

    I wonder if Lib party is just going to disappear or will it rediscover its roots – pre-Pearson/Trudeau – and be a proper liberal party.

  3. “I’ll wait until the last decrepit old power-brokers in the party that knew Dad get desperate enough that they unanimously beg me to accept the coronation, thanks.”

    • Wonder if a man can die of cynicism?

  4. Thank you, Justin.  I’m so very pleased to know you know your time has not come.

  5. That must have been a tough decision for him. I’d imagine a number of liberals will be disappointed, some might even be angry that he doesn’t push himself into more of a leadership role. I’m a little puzzled myself but ultimately the decision his his to make. This could well be his way of  deflating expectations of another saviour coming along for the libs; which i think he’s right to do. I know he’s of the view that it is going to take alot of hard work and easy options are best avoided. Good for him for drawing a line. I just wonder how much pressure he might eventually come under to change his mind? and events do occur. This is probably the best way to let the air out of those tires early.

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