‘Nobody can claim the moral high ground’


Glen Pearson blogs about recent committee hearings into the conflict in Sri Lanka.

Recently, we were visited by two expert witnesses. Bruce Matthews, is the Professor Emeritus for Acadia University and spent much of his life in Sri Lanka doing research. The other was David Cameron, Political Science Professor at the University of Toronto, and a fellow member of Bob Rae’s negotiation team for Sri Lanka. With sobering dialogue, both men determined that there was little that could be done by Canada to assist that war-ravaged island half a world away. This wasn’t what the committee wanted to hear, yet the witnesses stuck to their assessments. Every one of our questions was rebutted with seasoned answers showing that things were futile. It had been a difficult session, but we all walked out wiser.


‘Nobody can claim the moral high ground’

  1. Nobody can claim the moral high ground, but a mob can apparently claim a piece of downtown Ottawa infrastructure.

  2. It would be best to cut off all government aid to Sri Lanka. The availability of so much money presents an incentive to the local leaders to ruin the country so that more aid will be sent, which they can skim off for themselves and their friends and families. Likewise there is an incentive for the people handling the money at the Canadian end not to fix anything in Sri Lanka, but to prolong its difficulties in order to keep departmental budgets and headcounts nice and large, and keep renewing contracts with the for-profit companies who provide food, equipment, etc. to the aid programs.

    You will find that government aid projects have vastly (and selfishly) underestimated both the ability of the Sri Lankans to solve their problems if left alone, and the ability and willingness of ordinary Canadians to support and manage private charitable organizations.

    The same is true of other perpetual basket cases like Haiti, Africa, Newfoundland, native reserves … Ye olde poverty industry.

    • Intervention might work even if it is hypocritical.

    • The world has lead to believe an entirely different picture by the Tamil Diaspora who want to make the world (esp. Europe) see SL as a country hostile to Tamils in order to keep their Asylum Visas valid. Their massive propaganda machine includes buying out / sponsoring foreign intellectuals, politicians, etc, blogging and commenting what they want to believe. I'm a Tamil living in Colombo for my 34 year lifetime. I invite you to come here and see the situation for yourself.

      Btw, that 'poverty industry' statement – true, we are 3rd world countries. Your countries (1st world) will do every attempt to keep us 3rd world so that you can have the luxury. . What you've done and are doing it no secret to us. Sad, your children will have to pay for your sins.

      • Interesting comments. I've got to say the Tamils in Canada truly are a well-oiled propaganda machine, with the ability to turn out huge crowds of Tamils at any time, the ability to hoard the media's attention, and the ability to push the tolerance of the locals to the limit.

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