Norman Bethune: Canadian icon or communist villain (or merely something to talk about this week)?


Conservative MP Rob Anders is displeased with the Harper government’s decision to provide funding for the Bethune Memorial House.

In celebrating Norman Bethune, Tony Clement at least has company in the likes of Chuck Strahl, Michael Chong, Lawrence Cannon and Gary Goodyear. Last year, the Canadian Mint released a commemorative coin to mark the 75th anniversary of Dr. Bethune’s invention of the blood transfusion vehicle. In 2007, the Harper government created the Norman Bethune Health Research Scholarships Program that allows for Chinese students to pursue PhDs in Canada.


Norman Bethune: Canadian icon or communist villain (or merely something to talk about this week)?

  1. It’s official….our entire govt has lost it’s mind….and here I thought it was only Harper

    First that loon Ezra Levant attacks Stephen Wicary, a former G&M editor who is moving to Cuba to be with his wife while she works for CARE international…..then Clement also attacks Wicary right while opening the Norman Bethune Memorial!!!

    Now they’re bringing in that noted humanitarian Rob Anders [who is still anti-Nelson Mandela] who has no clue the Cold War is over and thinks he’s McCarthy….. over a man dead, lo these many years.

  2. What with the wicary stuff and the wind turbines review, it’s been a bad week for Conservatives who like to think their party isn’t made of idiots.

  3. Let me be the first to give kudos to Mr. Anders where deserved. Although he looked a little sleepy half way through he did manage to stay awake through the entire interview.

  4. All right which one of you woke Rob up? All you had to do was keep it down to a dull roar, but noooooo, you had to run around the yard yelling “Communist!”

  5. Oh god…oh oh…..oh……..this is a target so ripe, I um, …..oh heavens I don’t know where to start……

    Frig! What year is it?

    It’s 2012 right?

    At times like these I wonder what in the name of the baby jebus the fine folks in Calgary West think about when they go to the ballot box. Who was running against Rob Anders in the last, what, 6 elections? Darth Vader? A zombie? Hitl…um ignore that…..some raging alcoholic who showed up drunk and belligerent at the all-candidates meeting? A used-car salesman? How does he manage to get elected?

    Mind you, I’m from Peterborough and we did manage to send the used car salesman to Ottawa (then again, his brother’s employees in another city may have played a large part in that).

    • But I must vote for Rob Anders and never the liberals because of what my grandfather supposedly lived through under the National Energy Program!!!!!!!!

      (that doesn’t explain the NDP or other parties, though).

      • The NDP not being can be explained away by the fact that they want to re-institute the National Energy Program.

        Oh yeah, and they have actual people who believe in collectivization of private property in their party rank and file, which are far scarier than any protestant evangelical fundamentalist could ever be.

    • It’s my tribute to Bethune, who wasn’t particularly political, as far as that goes.

  6. Go back to sleep Rob “Van Winkle” Anders, your whole career has been a bad dream.