‘Not all 15-year-olds are ruddy-cheeked cherubs’


Despite a joint scolding from Bob Rae and Paul Dewar, that was the closest Peter Kent came to addressing the child soldier issue on Question Period today.


‘Not all 15-year-olds are ruddy-cheeked cherubs’

  1. It sounds like he’s already made up his mind about Khadr’s guilt. So much for innocent until proven guilty. To make matters worse the proof the American’s have seems to get shakier every day. It looks like Khadr may not have been the one to throw the grenade. So why exactly are they so quick to judge him? Sins of the father eh…

    Our governments a disgrace.

    • it does… and it is.

      Kent’s comments make clear that there are two sets of rules and SH and his henchmen will determine which are applied to who.

      • It’s much worse than that. SH’s not stupid. He knows that Khadr may well be innocent, but doesn’t care. Its all politics with this guy. PLay to the base and only enforce the rules for every one when you absolutely have no other option politically.

  2. Kinda brings back memories of their ‘Arar’s a terrorist’ leap/cheerleading they did on behalf of the Americans, don’t it?
    When the CONs are the last holdouts wanting Gitmo to remain in the waterboarding business, there’s little doubt we’ve shifted away from Geneva to Tehran’s thinking…

  3. Was he a child soldier 4 years ago?

    • Thats an irrelevant question. The ‘crime’ was committed when he was 15.

      At 15, yes he was a child soldier.

    • Excuse my ignorance, but what happened 4 years ago?

    • Oh wait, sorry. That’s the “The Liberals used to do it so it’s fine” argument. I should have understood that.

      Got it.

      I got so caught up in being convinced by the Tories that everything the Liberals ever did was bad, that I forgot that the new Conservative talking point is “everything the Liberals ever did was good”.