Not safe for work


Maybe this is why Dave MacKenzie’s not feeling very hopeful.

Oxford MP Dave MacKenzie’s former website has been taken over by an adult entertainment site. It turns out ‘s domain-name registration had expired and before someone from the MP’s camp could renew the name, it was picked up by passion dot com. MacKenzie says people have been working to get his domain name back for a few weeks. For now, MacKenzie has adopted as his new domain name. 

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Not safe for work

  1. I went to and it’s nothing but random gobbledy-gook. So how is that different from the usual Conservative web site?

    • Clear your cookies ….

      • Somehow that doesn’t sound good in the current context. Although I’m rather used to chucking my cookies on the usual Conservative web site. They all have pictures of Uncle Stephen.

  2. It’s not a porn site by any stretch – it’s just filled with computer generated gibberish of the kind that is used in spam e-mails.

    I doubt it was an intentional prank against Dave. I doubt it. Once ’s domain-name registration expired, it was probably registered automatically by a bot.

    This phenomenon is known as “domain name squatting”. It happens often enough that it’s not particularly newsworthy .