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‘Not telling the truth’


NDP MP Irene Mathyssen responds to the letter three Conservative MPs sent to the London Free Press.

Unfortunately, London’s Conservative MPs are simply not telling the truth in their joint letter “NDP carbon tax a job killer”. Neither the NDP nor our leader have advocated for a Carbon tax – we have, in fact, opposed it whenever one has been suggested.

What we have proposed and Mr. Mulcair is still proposing is a cap-and-trade system. It is very similar to the one advocated by the Conservatives in their 2008 platform, something they have failed to deliver.

Here, again, are the reasons why the current Conservative position is farcical.


‘Not telling the truth’

  1. Lying is now apparently standard procedure for for this government.

    • “now”?

  2. Greenhouse gas emissions skyrocketed under the Liberal regime. IPCC figures show emissions are *down* 5% since 2005. Harper’s record on climate change is exceptionally good – neither carbon tax nor cap and trade are needed and besides, we already have a carbon tax here in BC, a rather stiff one at that. It doesn’t work very well.

    Truth is, there isn’t much the feds can do on climate change, much of the action required is at provincial level and even municipal level and both are on the ball.

    Your link to Harper’s “promise” doesn’t work. I researched it myself. Farcical this, bub: Harper promised to *pursue* continental cap and trade – not to implement it, since that can’t be done unless Obama plays ball. It’s stupid to portray this as an unkept promise.

    I studied environmental economics 20 years ago and cap and trade was the hotness then, but for smog, because we still cared about clean air back then. I don’t remember seeing you in my class Aaron. Anyhoo, Kent is right: cap & trade is, effectively, a carbon tax and it is certainly a job killer.

    1 more thing: you know better than anyone in Canada what a bilious harridan Mathysson is since you see and especially hear her shrill schoolmarm scolding regularly. She’s too horribly uncivil to be in public, let alone in the House. You really should mention that to readers for context.

    • I love that you’d call her a shrill schoolmarm and a “bilious harridan” while complaining that Mathysson is uncivil.

  3. Just want to say, thanks, Aaron, for one time when media, in the form of you, call them on it and don’t allow “if you say it often enough, if becomes true” to take hold. I complain enough when media let’s us down on this front, I should acknowledge when they don’t. So, thanks!