Trudeau says it's not up to male MPs to take away the right to abortion

Not up to male MPs to take away women’s abortion rights: Trudeau

Liberal leader says religious leaders have no hope of persuading him to change his position on abortion


OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau says he trusts doctors to deal with the practice of gender selective abortion that is thought to be common among some ethnic communities.

But the Liberal leader says the issue doesn’t change his position that women, in consultation with their doctors, should have the right to decide for themselves whether to have an abortion.

He says it’s not up to primarily male legislators to take that freedom of choice away from women.

Trudeau has been assailed by the Roman Catholic Church and anti-abortion advocates for his announcement last month that anyone who wants to run for the Liberal party in the next election must agree to support women’s right to choose abortion in any vote on the issue.

The Ottawa archdiocese has said Trudeau should meet Archbishop Terrence Prendergast to discuss his views on abortion and determine whether, as a practising Catholic, the Liberal leader should continue receiving communion.

Trudeau says his office has told the archdiocese he’d be happy to meet Prendergast but nothing has been set up as yet.

“I look forward to sitting down with any and all faith leaders to talk about issues that are important to them,” Trudeau told a news conference Wednesday.

But he made it clear religious leaders have no hope of persuading him to change his position on abortion.

“The Liberal party is unequivocal. We stand up for women’s rights.”

Trudeau was asked at one point if he’s in favour of letting women in some ethnic communities abort female fetuses.

“I don’t know that there is anyone in this country that is in favour of abortions,” he said.

“But what I am very much in favour of is a woman’s right to make that determination on her own, in consultation with the medical community, in consultation with whomever she chooses to consult.

“It is not for a room full of predominantly male legislators to take away those rights from women.”

Trudeau noted that the Canadian Medical Association has denounced the practice of gender selective abortions and added: “I trust them to continue to oversee the medical practices that surround it.”


Not up to male MPs to take away women’s abortion rights: Trudeau

  1. Bravo Trudeau. He ‘gets it’.

    • He certainly “gets” how to use the abortion issue to keep his name in the headlines. No mainstream political party in this country is going to attempt to legislate on this issue – so it has become pretty clear that the only reason he keeps raising it is because it gets him headlines.

      • Did he raise it here? I thought he was asked a question while introducing the Transparency Act.

  2. The abortion issue aside — MPs are MPs. They represent all Canadians. We should never divide the house by gender, race, age, or other factors on an issue-by-issue basis. Male MPs, ethnic MPs, paraplegic MPs, elderly MPs, rich MPs… it’s unfair when we start fractioning the House of Commons and determining who has the right to debate any particular bill.

    • That’s the whole point of parties and party policy in the first place. They aren’t all voting individually, and never have.

  3. I always found it creepy to see male MPs make decisions about womens rights and choices(I am a male). I think we are starting to evolved from that bad history in this country. Real Canadians are a very open minded society, its just sometimes these church and religious groups muddy the waters with their ideology. Thank Cod, we have a choice in 2015 to vote this regressive government(cons)out of power, and hopefully Ontario stays on the road to keeping a progressive government in power as well.

  4. He should have announced this latest deep thought on Father’s Day

    • Reporters asked him questions….he answered. Same thing as he’s said before, but when it’s Justin everybody makes a fuss.

      • Irony utterly escapes you, doesn’t it?

        It’s actually high time the notion that “fatherhood” is to be celebrated is dispelled anyway. It’s an unneeded role in modern times and an unwanted distraction to those faced with the immutable choice. Perhaps an intermediate step is changing the commemoration to “Women Who Allow Men to Become Fathers Day”.

        • Well…sanity escapes you, so…..