Now back to the serious business of Canada


Roy MacGregor in today’s Globe

Linda Duncan has already produced one political miracle — winning the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona for the NDP in the federal election last October — and now she’s taking aim at another one. On Monday, Duncan will table a private member’s bill in the House of Commons to have the third Friday officially declared National Hockey Day. She plans to announce her intentions today at Vimy Ridge Academy, an Edmonton school with a hockey team that has both boy and girl players.

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Now back to the serious business of Canada

  1. Because, seized with a shooting war and an economic crisis, this is just the sort of thing a semi-major economic and middling military power should be addressing.

  2. You know how Coyne thinks we’re pathetic because of all the Obama love we were giving yesterday? Well, for me this whole how-much-we-love-hockey-as-proof-of-how-patriotic-we-are is pathetic.

    It’s already the Official Winter Sport of the country so why do we now need to proclaim National Hockey Day?

    The conflation between hockey and love of country is worse than the healthcare=Canada meme. Do we not have other passions, interests and abilities beyond lacing up our skates and chasing around a frozen rubber disc?

    I love hockey. I drink beer. But there are so many other things for Canadians to celebrate.

    Enough already.

    • I second CAPS call for a National Beer Day! What MP will have the courage to step forward? My guess is Del Mastro. Man looks like he knows how to party.

      • Man looks like he knows how to party.

        The guy who whined in committee that due to his Catholic upbring, he would not put up with Pat Martin’s potty mouth?

        Yeah…lock up your daughters when Del Mastro’s on the loose.

  3. Ms. Duncan seems like a wonderful person, but I fear that her career as a MP will be a short one. She may as well enjoy it while she can.

    • The full power of the Alberta branch of the CPC is poised to fall upon Edmonton-Strathcona in the next election. If they can’t beat one underfunded NDP candidate with all their resources, I predict a NDP sweep of the West.

      I doubt the CPC will handicap themselves by rerunning Rahim Jaffer.

  4. Every February, Roy MacGregor writes a few columns about getting a much needed national holiday for this month. This is just his latest angle. Next yr – Anniversary of Obama visit Day.

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