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‘Nylons and rum’


Bob Rae’s speech during this week’s debate on expanding the investigative powers of Elections Canada.


‘Nylons and rum’

  1. ‘Nylons and rum’….an excellent speech, which will likely become a classic…and I’m no fan of Bob Rae.

    • You say that about every false attack against the Harper government. Man.

      • The world is facing a debt crises like we’ve never seen before.  Multiple European countries may simultaineously go bankrupt – starting with Greece.  Canada may very well be directly affected by this.

        Iran, an avowed terrorist state, may be on the brink of gaining nuclear arms, changing the balance of power towards them resulting in incalulable harm to free societies.

        Canadians face an increasingly hostile (while at the same time more interconnected) world than perhaps at any time in our history.  Canadians have cable/internet/satellite.  They know these things and are concerned.  What is the Liberal party showing itself concerned about?  Increasing powers to Elections Canada – and more to the point – getting themselves in power.

        In the last election, amidst a worldwide economic downturn, egged on by the opposition and seized on by a compliant leftist media, plastered on every headline accross the country was this startling fact: two apparant Liberals were escorted out of a Conservative campaign rally.  THAT so said our intellectual leftist betters, was the most pressing issue for Canadians to know about.  A few days after that, Harper won a crushing majority.

        The left sees Harper as an affront to democracy.  Everyday Canadians see the left’s “Harper’s destroying our democracy” attacks, as petty partisan gamesmanship.  This is not a real issue affecting Canadians, only partisan leftists.  The opposition should stop taking direction from the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and CBC, and start listening to Canadians.  They should, but they won’t.  They just can’t help themselves.

        • “the sky is falling the sky is falling! only the CPC will save you!” SQUAWK!


          Your handle is a misnomer and the real affront

          • I like the flat statements of non-fact….Iran ‘an avowed terrorist state’ for example, when Iranians haven’t attacked anyone in centuries, and even the Pentagon has admitted they don’t have a bomb

            Countries have gone bankrupt before….even whole empires have crashed….but somehow Greece is the biggest problem in world history….

            And as you say, the sky is always falling for Cons…..

        • What are you suggesting our parliamentarians do?  Prop up Greece?  Send an invasion force to Iran?  

          When our electoral system is the object of fraudulent activities it’s our parliamentarians’ business to look into it.  What’s the problem with that? 

    •  I thought the speech was great too, and even enjoyed the Q&A that followed.  It showed everyone in the way they wanted to be seen, the NDP and Greens concerned about the implications of election fraud, internationally and in electoral results, and it showed the CPC wanting to score partisan points and avoiding the issue of the implications of electoral fraud. 

      • Such a nice change from the zoo of QP ! 

      • Rae has been saying consistently and repeatedly that the Liberals will provide all information to EC, and yet the CPC members are still parrotting the same question. Not only do they not answer questions directed at them, they are apparently incapable of recognizing an answer from someone else.

        And of course, at least one of them (LaVar Payne this time around) has to start in with cries of “Adscam! Adscam!” just for the hell of it.

        • Yes, parrots, although I think many parrots have a larger repertoire than the CPC questioners.  But the contrast between the NDP/Green and the CPC questioners was striking and, again, it struck me as how each party wants to be seen.

  2. Rae may want to revisit his History class.
    It was the Liberals up until the 1960`s who passed out the rum.

    • Source?

      • Still waiting i see. Probably difficult to round up a potted version of historical liberal duplicity on a weekend.

        • Yup….I love the way people make flat statements….and only on a fragment of what is said…and don’t source it.

        • They’re all at the Manning conference.  They should be really ginned up by Monday.

          • Well they’ll be mad at Andrew Coyne who told them they weren’t conservatives, and mad at the Opposition who are apparently ‘attacking’ them instead of being quiet. So it should be a lively week!

          • And they kicked Stephen Maher out of a Manning party last night. The garrison is on Red Alert.

          • And Mr. Maher gave an appropriate response .. in good
            ol’ NS Gaelic .. on his twitter feed ( now removed ). He would
            like it all to go away. So be it. But he should lower his
            expectations on horning in on the I-team’s “sources”.

            .. This should be in response to JanBC ..

          • I watched a bit of the conference and it was encouraging that there are still people in the conservative movement with principles.  The Harperites have turned the whole thing into such a circus, the adults need to get it back. 

          • @JanBC:disqus 

            It’s like the Repub party being taken over by the Teabag nuts….sad to see, and dangerous for the country.

    • I managed to listen to 3 minutes of Rae`s speech and saw where he accused the Harper government of being direct decendants of people involved in some election shenanigans back in 1792. Rae has a considerable parliamentary budget to research sources but even he could not not do a link there.

      Why would the locals here question me about a source about a well known Liberal activity 40 years ago and not question the leader of their Party for making a connection between the questionable activity of Lord Simcoe and today`s Conservatives?

      • I knew you didn’t listen to the rest of it. That’s how you lose track of issues, Ellen.

        I was around 40 years ago….and there wasn’t any such ‘well-known’ activity by Libs, although I remember Mulroney bringing in busloads of street people to gain the leadership….and I was PC at the time.

      • Never was a “Lord Simcoe” – unless you mean the hotel…

  3. Boy those clowns are still chasing that mythical $40 million, didn’t any of them bother to read the Gomery report? Guess not!

    • Yes, how silly it is for anyone to inquire about what happened to all those missing millions of taxpayer dollars.

      • Not at all. But some evidence from a credible source would be nice. Not even Fraser was able to nail it down, and if there was any real evidence you can bet the Harper crowd would be chasing it down. Fact is this stuff is more valuable as a political goad to conservatives like you. 

        • After watching the rabid accusations flying off from you guys the past few weeks I wouldn`t have thought  ” evidence from a credible source”  would be a necessary component.

          • Take your pick.

          • Well, you’d know all about rabid accusations.

    • Cons have a stunning ability to ignore literacy.

      • Yes, among their zillions of evil traits, all Conservatives are illiterate.

        I’m not making this up.

        • Not only illiterate, but they have your chip on their shoulder.

          •  . .  which is even FURTHER proof that they’re evil.

            Their evil knows no bounds.

            No wonder Emily is on here, obsessively posting, 24/7.  She must save the world from this evil.

          • Again with the chip and the illiteracy….you never change.