O Romeo, Romeo


Contrary to yesterday’s reports that he’d be throwing his support to Brian Topp, Romeo Saganash has announced today that he’ll be seeking leadership of the NDP. The Crees of Eeyou Istchee, Megan Leslie and Mr. Topp send their regards.

Alec Castonguay reports Mr. Saganash may have been persuaded by some of his fellow MPs to make a bid.


O Romeo, Romeo

  1. This is getting more and more interesting.   From the Grand Council of Crees:

     “Now in 1995, although we live in a modern and democratic state, protected by the Canadian Constitution with its Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our people and our territory may once again be transferred from sovereign to sovereign, this time from Canada to what may become the newly independent state of Québec. And although there is now a United Nations, with a Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a vast array of international human rights instruments that should protect us, a process has been set in motion that would forcibly remove the Crees from Canada, and incorporate us and our lands in this new state.”

  2. Why was the media reporting Romeo Saganash was going with Brian Topp if it wasn’t true? Isn’t the media supposed to attempt to verify a story before it broadcasts it? Or is Canada’s corporate media supporting Brian Topp?

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