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Bill Curry surveys how the retirement age has been handled elsewhere. Abacus Data finds 55% of respondents opposed to raising the eligibility age to 67 by 2017, 51% opposed to raising it by 2025.

Late last week, John Geddes talked to Scott Clark.

Why would a Prime Minister go to Davos and even think about saying what he said? If you’re thinking about all the issues of an aging demographic situation—which is what the Parliamentary Budget Officer has been talking about for years—then good policy would be to put out a document on it last fall with the economic update. Say, ‘Here are a lot of demographic issues that we have to deal with,’ and then everybody starts thinking intelligently.


OAS, here and there

  1. Globe/Mail ~ Dec 2011:

    For our purposes, let’s go with net debt. By this conservative measure, Canada’s public debt – provinces and territories included – reached a milestone in the past fiscal year. With $616.9-billion in federal debt and $434.9-billion in provincial debt, Canada has broken the trillion-dollar barrier with a combined federal-provincial debt of $1.05-trillion.

    The Atlantic ~ Be Nice To Countries That Lend You Money: 

    Think about the way we’ve been living the past 30 years. Thirty years ago, the leverage of the investment banks was like 4-to-1, 5-to-1. Today, it’s 30-to-1. This is not just a change of numbers. This is a change of fundamental thinking.

    People, especially Americans, started believing that they can live on other people’s money. And more and more so. First other people’s money in your own country. And then the savings rate comes down, and you start living on other people’s money from outside. At first it was the Japanese. Now the Chinese and the Middle Easterners.

    We—the Chinese, the Middle Easterners, the Japanese—we can see this too. Okay, we’d love to support you guys—if it’s sustainable. But if it’s not, why should we be doing this? After we are gone, you cannot just go to the moon to get more money. So, forget it. Let’s change the way of living.

    • Begging in the street is good.

  2. The question answers itself, really. We can’t just have “everybody start(Ing) to think intelligently” and “good policy” breaking out in the middle of the permanent campaign.

    If people start agreeing, then where are the contributions going to come from, silly?

  3. The CBC radio held a purely one sided debate on pensions on Cross Country on Sunday. It was by the 1%,  for the !%,  about the 1%. Poor  labourers and widows don’t exist in Rex’s world.

    • That’s not fair. I listened to some of that too. His principle guest was entirely fair and informed although Rex got a little testy at times; can’t say i blame him when some folks phone in and assume he must be for raising the retirement age simply because he’s a cbc fatcat – which he isn’t, he’s an independent on contract, presumably.
      Rex has his blindspots – he’s almost completely clueless over GW for instance, but otherwise he’s fair enough.  

      • I’ve long since ceased being a fan of Rex in any way, shape or form.  Won’t go into my many reasons here but I did find him to be usual reactionary self yesterday.

        • Are there any Senate seats for Newfoundland opening up in the near future?

          Mike Duffy was rewarded for services rendered.

        • I thought as a Newfoundlander he might understand or maybe know somebody who had worked hard on a trawler all their life, or on a smaller fish boat, or on the line in a fish plant, and whose back, and legs, and arms, and hands will start to wear out in your sixties and it gets hard to just keep going. 
          I don’t think a single actual worker appeared on the show or was represented by anybody. There was one and Rex just dumped all over her. 
          Not to speak of the problems widows in their 60’s still face when they are left alone without much in the way of resources. 
          So they talked of the 65 to 67 change as it was nothing. Numbers on a balance sheet.The CBC and everybody involved in that show should be ashamed of themselves.

        • Tough to give a reasoned reply to that one if you wont say why. He hits and misses a lot with me, when he’s on he’s good,occasionally great! when he doesn’t he’s invariably awful.

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