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Obama on Iran: “We’ve got Israel’s back”


On the eve of a visit from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a North American head of government gives a detailed interview about his views on Israel and Iran. Guess which leader it was!

Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Obama should be required reading for everyone who plans to follow  Netanyahu’s visit to Ottawa today. Netanyahu’s host, Stephen Harper, may be even more congenial than Obama will be on Monday, but the United States still counts in Israel’s calculations in a way Canada won’t. In the interview, Obama takes pains to portray himself as an unconditional strategic ally of Israel; an opponent of Iran’s “unacceptable” nuclear ambitions; and as a tough guy. He even dusts off his “Vulcans never bluff” stance for the occasion. Do have a look.

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Obama on Iran: “We’ve got Israel’s back”

  1. But he IS bluffing, as is Netanyahu, as is S. Harper.  In the end iran will get its silly bomb and realize deep down (as Israel itself has done) that its a pretty useless bit of weaponry.

    • President Obama is bluffing but I don’t think Israelis are. Israel will bomb Iran this year between Apr-June, I will be amazed if Israel takes no military action against Iran if we are not being lied to and Iran is actually close to building nuclear bomb.  

    • Exactly….we know Iran doesn’t have a bomb, and we know neither the US nor Israel are able to take out the nuclear sites. Both intelligence and military people have said that.

      This is a lot of sabre-rattling and bluster….but maybe…maybe…they’ve finally learned something from Iraq.

      I agree….a bomb can’t be set off in the neighbourhood…and the ME is ALL neighbourhood….it will kill your own people.  Israel knows that, and Iran likely does too.

    • I love reading speculation about foreign affairs, defence strategy, and espionage. Because even more so than with other issues, none of us have any idea what is really going on. If any of us ends up being right, its because of a good guess.

  2. President Obama is bluffing and that’s why he’s so fixated on people not calling his bluff. Look at Obama’s actions and you will see he’s going out of his way to not bother mad mullahs too much while putting pressure on Israel. Obama is typical lefty, he thinks Israel is bigger problem than Iran. 

    AP ~ July 2011:

    “President Barack Obama bluntly told Republican congressional leaders Wednesday they must compromise quickly if the government is to avoid an unprecedented default, adding, “Don’t call my bluff” by passing a short-term debt limit increase he has threatened to veto. The presidential warning, directed at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va. …. ” 

    AP ~ Feb 29 2012:
    A congressional deadline for the Obama administration to begin enforcing new financial penalties on foreign firms that do business with Iran passed Wednesday with no fresh action from Washington.

  3. “The Israelis….. are probably more likely than almost any other country to actually use their nuclear weapons,” Henry Kissinger, who served as President Richard Nixon’s national security adviser, warned in a July 19, 1969 memorandum.

  4. I hate to bring this up & all, but let’s just say this all goes bad and, low and behold, the wrong team gets, well, let’s just leave it at things go profoundly wrong.  Is there going to be a culture of long term blame instituted because somebody said they had it covered, but it turns out that they really did not or could not cover things?  (I’m looking at an AIG cdo swap policy right now).  I mean, is everybody involved mature adults (no, seriously).  Cause we all know who the player’s are.  We all know what they are asking/itching for.  Everything is pretty much on record, and the record, when gets out of the news spin cycle, is pretty darn clear. (Edit: comment in poor taste removed)

    Therefore, Mr. N., will you acknowledge that you are the duly constituted leader of Israel, and that you accept responsibility for the actions you take on behalf of the Israeli state?  This time it’s state vs state and not the way it was back you know when, right?  Hey, I’m just saying.  You’re on the big stage now.  You might land a shot or two, but what you going to do after that?  This will be to-the-death.  I’d hate to be depending on “I got your back.”