Peter Van Loan in Vancouver today. Canada’s public safety minister is calling on the Opposition to stop preventing his government’s efforts to get tough on gang-related crime. “What we really need is for the people of British Columbia and Canadians to send a clear message to other parties that the time has come to rebalance our justice system and support our agenda on tackling violent crime,” Conservative MP Peter Van Loan told a news conference in Langley, B.C. “I’m not trying to cast blame, I’m trying to get everybody to work together,” he said.

Canadian Press, back in SeptemberWhen Prime Minister Stephen Harper rolled out his party’s criminal justice platform Monday, he repeated an assertion that has become an article of faith among hard-core Conservative partisans. The opposition, led by the Liberal party, obstructed and delayed every major piece of Conservative criminal justice reform over his first term in office, Harper claimed … But the Conservative version of events does not jibe with reality.



  1. And I seem to remember that the Conservatives were never that keen on the gun registry in Canada either…

  2. And did they? Did anyone from the media call Peter Van Loan on it today?

    To be fair, I wouldn’t expect that anyone to be from the National Post. Was this story carried elsewhere, and did THAT journalist shout out a question, like, “When did the opposition ever obstruct these bills?”

    Yes, I realize it must be frustrating for the journalist, since he/she knows she/he’s not going to get an answer, but giving up is not the answer.

  3. The CP article you linked to raises a number of unanswered questions:

    As early as November that year, the Liberals offered to fast-track three Tory crime bills. No go.
    In March 2007 they offered to speed four Conservative bills through the Commons in a single day.

    What was the Tories’ reason for rejecting the generous offer that the Liberals claim they made?

    When Parliament returned, Harper repackaged all the bills with a fifth more contentious item that legal experts believe will eventually be ruled unconstitutional and declared the whole omnibus package a matter of confidence. The manoeuvre slowed down several of the measures becoming law by many months.

    What was the fifth “more contentious” item?

    • I believe the 5th item was to change the burden of proof for repeat offenders to something considerably less than “beyond reasonable doubt”. Since the Tackling Violent Crime Act did not have justification for such a shift in due process many felt it would not stand up to a challenge against the Charter of Rights.

  4. Ah. So they don’t actually want to pass the legislation, as that will lose them a talking point and some red meat to throw to the true believers. They want to be obstructed, and have been trying to induce it by upping the ante.

  5. Hey, get in line. We peoples are still waiting for all those new police they promised in their first successful campaign… Maybe they can be ushered in, carrying ‘infrastructure lucre’ to the denizens of only the cherziest CON ridings…

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