Oh, and Jack Layton?


Apparently not needed anymore.


Oh, and Jack Layton?

  1. I think it’s awesome – yes, aweseom – that Uncle Steve is taking credit for this.

    I’m sure Nixon, Clark etc. along with their Cheif Risk Officers are thanking the Lord that Steve pre-emptively saved them….


    I forgot how fun elections can be.

  2. Those would be Cheifs not Chiefs.

    Where’s my copy editor!?

  3. Say is Stephen Harper’s blue sweater on the top of the linked page photoshopped in to give it the proper Cons Blue? Looks like it to me.

    Geez if you can’t even count on his new sweater not being a fake…

  4. Ahhh, the old photo switcheroo. My fake blue sweater at the podium pic has been replaced.

  5. Hmmm . . . looks like the entirety of Harper himself is photoshopped into that picture. Suspicious.

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