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Oh, and just in case there was even a shadow of a doubt in anyone’s mind …


Of course I’ll be covering the Ethics committee this week — both days, gavel to gavel; from10am til 6pm – not including the two hour break for lunch and however many hours of Conservative-driven procedural shenanigans Paul Szabo can take before he starts cuts off government members’ microphones.

That, of course, could take up most of the morning — particularly if, as reported by La Presse, the Conservatives are planning to table a motion to broaden the inquiry to include the Bloc Quebecois as well — a gambit that will sound eerily familiar to anyone who has suffered through the last eleven months of filibustering.

The motion will fail, of course; the only question is how much time the chair will allow for debate before that happens. (ITQ’s guess: No more than two hours — in other words, until the lunch break, but no later.) Pierre Poilievre will once again attempt to convince his colleagues that the Bloc Quebecois invented the in and out scheme — not, he will note, that there’s anything wrong with that — as opposition MPs stare meaningfully at the clock, until finally, the chair holds the vote, the motion is resoundingly defeated and Russ Hiebert calls Szabo a fascist.  It’ll be just like old times, really – how could I miss out on that?

For a preview of what to expect, check out the ITQ Ethics committee liveblogging archives,  and I’ll meet you back here at 10am sharp.

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Oh, and just in case there was even a shadow of a doubt in anyone’s mind …

  1. This gentleman Farouk has no reason to be paranoid, because all India doing is paying back in same coin, for Pakistan’s decades old policy of “bleeding India with thousand cuts”.

    If Pakistan wants peace with India, it must punish the killers of Mumbai carnage, or be prepared for appropriate response !

    • India is and was always a peaceful country. Pakistan has been supporting militancy in India while ignoring the gross discrimination it does at home. The inhumane treatmeant to Balochs, Sindhi’s and Seraikis has them up in arms. Balochistan was invaded and forcibly made a part of Pakistan. In Sindh the pakistani army is seen as an army of occupation. Pakistani Punjabi’s have now settled in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, a part of which has been gifted to China. In Indian Kashmir, no outsider has been allowed to settle in the province, there is plenty of central aid and free and fair elections take place. Most of the Pakistani sponsored secessionist leaders are now contesting elections. Meanwhile Pakistan is being taken over by Taliban and NWFP is now under their sway. The bangladeshi Genocide for which the Pakistani Army is solely responsible saw the genocide of over 1 million muslims by a Muslim Pakistan Army. As Indira Gandhi said “The two nation theory lies drowned in the Bay of Bengal”. A resolution for the Pakistani situation lies in giving freedom to Balochistan and Sindh and aligning NWFP into a greater Pakhtoonistan.

      • Interesting ideas, Jake. Given that our soldiers are getting shot at in Pashtunistan, Canada’s government should be paying attention to this sort of thinking. We ought to be asking to what extent the erasure of the awful Durand Line, and the emergence of a sovereign Pashtun state comprising lands on both sides of the Durand Line, might make the whole conflict in the region more manageable – and extricate the remaining Afghans from the troubling Pashtun cultural propensity toward fanaticism and violence. Pakistan is either a failed or a failing state, and more or less always has been. Perhaps a few smaller states defined along ethnic lines, joined in a regional free trade zone and equipped with a federative consultative body, would better serve the citizenry there – and less prone to playing games of destabilization and violence in the region.

        In the interim, we face a scenario in which Islamabad is about to be taken over by Deobandi-inspired Islamists. I hope military planners in the US and India are giving very careful thought to how the damned nukes can be secured and defused before the mujahideen overrun Islamabad. Nukes in those hands would be like having a psychotic teenager keep a stash of loaded AK47s in his bedroom. Pakistan must be relieved of its burden of nukes as soon as possible.

      • India is or was always a peaceful country?????? where do u get your facts from?????? all you like many other westerners know is about Islamic Terrorism, Taliban and Al-Qaeda……. For your kind info SEARCH on GUJRAT RIOTS…….youtube: indian terrorism or indian extremism you’ll get some fine living examples…….

        INDIA is the only country which has roughly 700000 to control Jammu & Kashmirs????????? why ??are militants so powerful that almost 50 years down the wire and they havnt been able to bring even one UN monitored elections even though UN passed the resolution many times…….. and don’t give me look what TALIBAN r doing in Pakistan and rest of the world…….becoz THE WEST weaponized them and when it was time to give them education they abonded afghanistan and left it for the Pakistanis to handle hundreds and thousands of refugees……

        FOR Western Readers’ info it was the TALIBAN when in power in Afghanistan who stopped all the poppy seed business but what happens when AMERICAN/INDIAN backed KARZAI comes into power Afghanistan becomes the biggest producer of poppy crops

        Fact of the matter is Most Analysts even in the Western World are questioning if Afghanistan is going to be Obama’s Veitnam but now to claim a victory they have involved Pakistan into this filthy game.

        oh and YOUR SO called 1 million Bangladeshi Genocide is even denied by common Bengalis that I have talked to…… No independent media has proved that…….

        YOUR comments and proofs are as FAKE AS YOUR NAME

        • Please go on Youtube and you will see hundreds or real life video clips of the Bangladeshi Massacres. The Bangladeshi’s estimate that close to 3 million muslim people were massacred in Bangladesh because West Pakistan was not willing to accomodate them. The Punabi Pakistani’s lost the elections and enforced Urdu on Bengali’s, perpetuating the crises. Read about the Dhaka University Massacre which is worse than what Nazi’s did to Jews.

          In Gujrat there were riots and about 1200 people of all communities died. Many believe that ISI was involved in these riots. However since then there have been no riots in Gujrat. In comparison the number of deaths in Pakistan just last year in bomb blasts and terrorist activities was more than 6500 dead. In the last 10 years, this number is more than 100,000.
          Pakistan has been openly supporting an armed Jihad in Kashmir and routinely send terrorists of Internationally banned terrorist organizations to kill innocent people in Kashmir, Indians will defend their territory to any extent if China and its junior partner Pakistan threaten the country. However Pakistan should look to mind Balochistan, where its acts of supression have led to an open rebellion.
          Taliban was and is a creation of the Pakistani ISI, which is why the Pakistani Army refuses to fight it unless kicked in the backside by the Americans. ISI used the Taliban to terrorize the Afghans and tried turning Afghanistan into a subservient state until ISI’s role in 9/11 was discovered.
          India has played a very constructive role in Afghanistan. Inshallah it will soon play that role in Pakistan as well.

          • Wow…….ISI caused Gujrat Riots where 1200 Muslims were killed….. either your brain is incapable of analysing true information or it is programmed to just accept biased information

            Mr. Bengali: INDIAN HIGH COMMISSIONs have acknowledged the fact it were hindus in some cases even HINDU neighbors killed their Muslim neighbours……Indian Media is reporting this…… I don’t know whether you are paid for this propoganda of yours or you are just to much of an lightweight intellect..

            Wow…..ISI involved in 9/11…. where do you even come up with this stuff man it is really hilarious….. you know why it is funny but absurd at the same time becouse its like that Indian mentality a girl gets pregnant in India and TRUTH comes later……..Secondly it is absurd and beyond anybody is imagination that some child like you can even write something like that without any proof….

            If ISI was involved in 9/11, US would have attacked Pakistan not Afghanistan……. GET ON THE GAME CHILD

            3 Million Bengalis killed by Pakistani Soldiers????? I even asked the other guy to provide independent proofs……..like perhaps a report from UN…..BBC…..Human Rights Watch etc…….

            Don’t just write baseless crap on these forums provide proofs…..My Child

  2. I am simply astonished at this article. Are we to believe that the Indian intelligence is so sophisticated that it has brought Pakistan to the brink of collapse while not leaving behind any trace that Pakistan could hold up in public and say “This is proof of India’s involvement?”

    The author seems interested in giving Pakistan’s paranoias more credit than they are worth. He claims that the eventual victory of Bengali nationalism was credited to RAW. This is pure revisionism. While it is quite likely that the RAW was active in East Pakistan, are we to believe that nearly 10 million refugees came to India just because RAW agents invited them? This is the wierd fantasy that is spun by Pakistanis who are looking to deflect questions of bengali discontent, of the brutality of the Pakistani army, and of its real defeat and surrender to the Indian Army.

    It is not unlikely that RAW has made mischief in Pakistan. The question is whether the scale and sophistication of the RAW’s involvement is so great as to have brought Pakistan to its knees, or if Pakistan has brought itself to collapse by obsessing about Kashmir, backing uncontrollable islamist militias, encouraging religious radicalism, while failing to establish social, political, and economic reform.

    Even at death’s door, Pakistanis remain obsessed about India and about the RAW. Every ill they face is a result of “hindu zionists”. It seems to have become a convenient delusion. As long as everything can be blamed on Indian subversion, Pakistanis have to do no introspection of their society, their national ambitions, their own lack of effort to build a future for their country.

    And this author comes along with a seemingly balanced piece that in reality is only seeking to give wider voice and legitimacy to Pakistani paranoias about India.

    Mr Khan, if RAW is in a global axis of evil with Mossad, CIA, and MI6 to destroy Pakistan, there should be atleast as much public evidence of it as there is of Pakistani backing for the terrorists it has sent to Kashmir. There isn’t any.

    If Pakistanis don’t wake up, they are going to walk their country right off the cliff while muttering about RAW’s villainy.

    • As per my internet search, India has 5 consulates in Afghanistan.
      Pakistan also has 5 consulates, exactly in the same cities.

      * Indian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan
      * Indian Consulate in Herat, Afghanistan
      * Indian Consulate in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
      * Indian Consulate in Kandhar, Afghanistan
      * Indian Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

      * Pakistani Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan
      * Pakistani Consulate in Herat, Afghanistan
      * Pakistani Consulate in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
      * Pakistani Consulate in Kandhar, Afghanistan
      * Pakistani Consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

      Now would US in control of Afghanistan, nothing would be allowed for India to use Afghanistan to hurt Pakistan.

      Pakistan is the main ally for US and USA will not let pakistan be hurt.

      Pakistani leaders are in denial mode and just thinking the blame game is good enough for their gullible people.

      Taliban had a FM radio station, which is broadcasting on fixed frequencies at fixed times.
      It was broadcasting threats against govt and other people.
      Pakistan Army did not shut that station for 6 (SIX) years.
      Does Taliban have tanks, missiles, airccraft, …..

      Howcome the mighty Pak army is not able to find this station for ever ?

      Everyone thinks this is a master plan by Pak army/authorities to let Taliban take control of the key areas where supplies are sent to Afghanistan.

      Show this as a big takeover and get money from USA and rest of the world, using that fear.

    • Pakistan is not obsessed with India or RAW, and surely Pakistani will deal the situation in an appropriate manner. You don’t need the knowledge of rocket science to observe- what kind of saboteure activities are being framed and planned in Afghanistan by these agents. There is consistent pattern of Indian Consulates fueling the growth of such actvities in Pakistan. What kind of the developmental activities Indian Consulates are involved in Afghanistan? Should we say they are helping to control poppy seeds in Afghanistan? Obviously not.

      Sure, there are problems in Pakistan like India has tens of separatest movements- and Indian society has million other problems i.e. AIDS and poverty. Pakistani Society is also transitioning towards more mature and civic society and is in the process of solving these internal problems one by one and definitely it can handle monsters like this with persistence and strength and it did. Recent lawyer movement is the reflection of that.

      Many who are not aware the history, should review Mrs. Clinton’s statement . I am quoting her statement for refreshing your memories to create a balanced and unbiased approach

      “In an appearance before a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday, Mrs Clinton explained how the militancy in Pakistan was linked to the US-backed proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

      ‘We can point fingers at the Pakistanis. I did some yesterday frankly. And it’s merited because we are wondering why they just don’t go out there and deal with these people,’ said Mrs Clinton while referring to an earlier hearing in which she said that Pakistan posed a ‘mortal threat’ to the world.

      ‘But the problems we face now to some extent we have to take responsibility for, having contributed to it. We also have a history of kind of moving in and out of Pakistan,’ she said.

      ‘Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago… and we did it because we were locked in a struggle with the Soviet Union.’

      ‘They invaded Afghanistan… and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we went to work… and it was President Reagan in partnership with Congress led by Democrats who said you know what it sounds like a pretty good idea… let’s deal with the ISI and the Pakistan military and let’s go recruit these mujahideen.’

      ‘And great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union.’

      ‘And guess what … they (Soviets) retreated … they lost billions of dollars and it led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.’

      ‘So there is a very strong argument which is… it wasn’t a bad investment in terms of Soviet Union but let’s be careful with what we sow… because we will harvest.’

      ‘So we then left Pakistan … We said okay fine you deal with the Stingers that we left all over your country… you deal with the mines that are along the border and… by the way we don’t want to have anything to do with you… in fact we’re sanctioning you… So we stopped dealing with the Pakistani military and with ISI and we now are making up for a lot of lost time.’

      It was question from Congressman Adam Shciff, a California Democrat that spurred Secretary Clinton to delve into history and come out with an answer that other US politicians have avoided in the past.”

      Does that open you eyes?

      You should remember that Pakistan faced lethal threats in Afghanistan during Russian Invasion and handled fiftty million plus Afghan Refugees-when US and other countries were not having problems like this.

      We saw Russian trained Afghans involved in those saboteure actvities across whole country in 1980. If Pakistan handled that, rest assured the country will emerge even stronger from these internal and external threats that is being imposed by energy hungry economies – preying on the natural resources of Baluchistan.

      I request the audience if you cannot help -please stop criticising the courageous authors like Adnan Khan- who is showing the mirror to the so called intellectuals with actual picture.

      Regarding Bangladesh – there is tonnes of literature available on Mukti Bahni and indian agents raping innocent Bangla Deshi women and putting the blame on Pakistan. Just review the statement of Indira Ghandi on this subject, We should not fool around with this subject like American did in Iraq.

      Pakistani are quite aware of the proxy wars being fought on its soil.

      • Why the long lecture on soviets and afghanistan? What does it have to do with India? India had nothing to do with the soviet invasion, nothing to do with the American involvement, Nothing to do with the Saudi’s exporting their brand of intolerant islam to south asia,. Pakistan may have legitimate external causes for some of its problems, but they have nothing to do with India. India did not get involved in that until Pakistan backed the Taliban madmen to gain power in Afghanistan.

        Even if India is assisting the Baloch separatists, what does it have to do with the taleban in Buner and Swat? What does it have to do with attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team? What does it have to do with Benazir Bhutto’s killing?

        oh wait, maybe its all India’s doing. Maybe its all India’s doing as part of a zionist and american conspiracy to destroy Pakistan. Maybe the Indians and the jews and the americans are playing a great game in which they pretend to drive the Taleban from Afghanistan to Pakistan, but in truth have actually sent them with a mission, which is to trigger the collapse of the pakistani state!

        And what is the proof of this? nothing except that India has consulates in Afghanistan and that surely all these people would not turn against Pakistan except at the instigation of its enemy, so if they are doing this, it must be because India is behind it!

        It is not unlikely that the Indian government, through RAW, has made mischief for Pakistan. the Question is what percentage of Pakistan’s troubles are caused by India. Pakistanis would have us believe that India, America and Israel are responsible for all of the troubles!

        The delusions Pakistanis come up with to nurture and sustain their hatred for India have completely blinded them to the realities they are faced with.

        • PS. I am wondering when India is going to get blamed for having caused Pakistan to go broke and desperately begging for aid.

      • What was the ISI doing in Afghanistan after the Russians left? They were hoping to create a colony they could control. Unfortunately there is a huge difference between ambition and capability! The reality is for all to see. Pakistan has become a failed state which has to depend on Western bailouts and has all kinds of Taliban eating its maggot ridden body.

        Regarding Bangladesh, West Pakistan did not accept their loss in the elections and the massacres started long before there was a single guerrila. You can read Bangladeshi history or watch the ABC News videos from that period on Youtube. The West ignored the poor Bangladeshis and despite of world pressure Indira Gandhi was able to save Bengali honour. Pakistan is doing this again in Balochistan and Sindh. The Pakhtun’s are already rebelling. Soon Seraiki people will also join them. The Taliban are all funded by rich Arabs who will turn Pakistan into small sultanates.
        A place which is populated by a bigoted population and is the home for all the peverse and revanchist ideologies of the world deserves to crumble.

  3. The description of Pakistan’s break up in 1971 ignores some key facts. Western Pakistani army and politicians refused to honor the results of an election that was won by a politician from East Pakistan. Instead, they launched a genocidal campaign that killed more than 3,000,000 and raped hundreds of thousands of women. According to the United Nations more than 10,000,000 refugees were forced into India. If you consider that this brutality was unleashed over the space of less than 2 years you can understand the magnitude of the killing fields. In one famous incident, as the Pakistani army was about to surrender, prominent faculty and students from Dhaka University were lined up and mowed down by the hundreds. The sheer intensity of the killings make it the biggest genocide outside of the

    It is instructive to examine the Pakistani response. Most Pakistani journalists had no interest in reporting the truth. The few who reported on the brutality was killed or forced out of the country. The text books were rewritten where India was blamed for the split. The elections weren’t mentioned, There was no mention of the brutality and the killings.

    By buying into Pakistan’s bogeyman, India, you are buying into a patent falsehood. Today’s bigotry in Pakistan is in no small measure a result of the fact that the lies of Bangladesh went unchallenged within Pakistan. Today, these “soldiers of god” have no ability reflect, no empathy for others (especially non-Muslims).

  4. By the way, the author’s quoting Chossudovsky does massive damage to his credibility.

    Chossudovsky is a crackpot on a vendetta against the US establishment, and he repeatedly apologizes for anybody and anything that the US raises its eyebrows at.

    His writings on India and Pakistan reveal absolutely no first hand or inside knowledge on his part, only a hair brained admixture of second hand pakistani grievances and his own anti-western bitterness.

    If people like Adnan Khan are having to resort to quoting irrelevant nut jobs like Chossudovsky, it only demonstrates just how little they have to go on.

    But of course those who rely on the likes of Chossudovsky regard them as honest iconoclasts, cast out of their own societies for speaking truth to power.

    Anything to hold onto their own delusions.

  5. Dear Adnan,

    The whole world is witness to Pakistani’s unique strategy of ‘bargaining by pointing a gun to their own temple’, not surprised at all. This National trait/”extortion racket” has always been actively encouraged by the West through history, and now it has become an addiction.

    By the way Indians are not bothered about Pakistans “invented paranoia”, blaming Hindus, Jews and Crusaders for all the ills while Pakistani Punjabi/ISI/Feudal Army continues to takes the country for a ride. “Both are Nuclear Armed Rivals” drivel ( or should I say subtle “Nuclear Blackmail”) peddled by Pakistani origin authors, has been played before. India has a no first use doctrine and will stick to it. Thanks but no thanks.

  6. Why does India need a Consulate in Kandahar?, asks the writer. One brief conversation I had in a New Delhi hospital with an Afghan national in 2003 may just enlighten the author about this most obvious answer, if he is willing to peer beyond his paranoia.

    This person had come to New Delhi with his family all the way from Herat so that his wife could have a surgery at a relatively affordable cost. His main complaint was that the Indian embassy in Kabul (there was Indian Consulate in Herat that time ) was overburdened with visa applications (primarily of people looking to travel to India for medical treatment) and could not process those applications expeditiously. Thus, people had to wait endlessly before they could visit India for treatment. It was particularly difficult for people outside Kabul as they could not regularly travel to Kabul because of safety and security situations. He in fact told me that it would be better if Indian Govt. establishes consulates or large hospitals in other cities of Afghanistan. There are thousands of Afghans who welcome Indian aid and assistance for purely humanitarian reason and are happy with more consulates. who are Pakistanis to object?

    India supplies high-protein biscuits to 2 million Afghan children who go to schools. The World Food Programme has noted the impact it has on school attendance.

    India has built a hydro-electric project, constructed a road facilitating trade between Afghanistan and Iran, set up schools and is sponsoring the medical training of 1000 doctors (half of those women) every year in Indian medical colleges.

    There is a world beyond spies, jehadis and military dictators, Mr. Khan! If Pakistan had invested in humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan instead of supporting these barbaric loonies, it would not have been in the position they are right now.

    In any case, why does India need to waste its resources in destabilizing Pakistan through covert operations when your ‘freedom fighters’ and Hamid Gul and Co. are doing such an exceptional job of tearing apart the country.

  7. The Pakistanis believe Afghanistan is there property or something like that. They ruined it for years, and today when India’s there, they want to drive it out of there. Is Afghanistan Pakistan’s wife or something ? With the Pakistanis outta Afghanistan, its a lot better. Afghanistan isnt Pakistan’s backyard. It’s a nation with a people who deserve to make their own decisions, The Pakistanis meanwhile have a habit of interefering and indulging in others’ areas and matters, be it India (Kashmir), Bangladesh, or Afghanistan. Now, the time has come for them to pay the price. They deserve this, they deserve what’s happening to them

    • Pakistan did not invite Russian to Afghanistan in 80’s. Pakistan never invited fifty Afghan population to come and live in Afghan Muhajireen Camps. It was Afghansitan -remained under the influence of Russian. This problem was there even the birth of Pakistan-and would be there in future . Pakistan was feeding five million Afghanis and still does. By the way, what about Afghan Transit Trade- a land lock nation gets all benefits and then start bleeding the same hand who is helping them to survive. If Punajb Floor Mills alone stop supplying flour, you will see the difference.

      At least thank for the hospitality of Pakistani nation and by the way, get all those people out of Peshawar and Quetta- there will be peace in country. Pakistan can easily deal with Indian spies and its agents.

      • If Punjab flour mills stop supplying flour, they will lose business. Pakistan has always tried to use Afghanistan as a colony. Now that Afghanistan has road links with Iran, it does not need Pakistan.
        Pakistan was looking to benefit from the vulnerability of Afghanistan, now it has to worry about itself.

  8. Very rarely one woulds ee pakistani Army saying anything against terrorists unless prodded by pressure fom Hirachi in U.S.
    It is well known secret that pakistan is still run be proxy by the army.The democratic front is only fascade .
    There wont be long before anothr coup is announced soon.They are already beginning to gag the media by pemra threats. Ok the chief justice has been frrd but is he saying anything against the establishment policies.I dont know what is with pakistan.Once they get the power the colour of the skin automatically changes.
    They are all out into brainwashing public about Indian involvement in baluchistan

  9. Below is an editorial from one of Pakistan’s leading English-language dailies, The Daily Times, essentially rejecting the claim that India or any other third party is behind the seccessionist movements fermenting in Pakistan. The editorial notes that the terror attacks on India were planned and executed from Pakistan and that Pakistan will not likely take any action to punish those involved or prevent similar future attackes. In light of acknowledgements from Pakistan civil society that Pakistan is the primary source of terrorism on other countries and that it’s own failures have lead to the advance of the Taliban, the writer’s blame-India spin rings completely hollow.

    EDITORIAL: External red herrings and state abdication

    The Interior Adviser, Mr Rehman Malik, repeated himself at the Senate Wednesday when he claimed that India was involved in fomenting trouble in Balochistan with the help of the Kabul government, but his addition of “some hostile agencies” along with India might mean others like Uzbekistan, Iran and the CIA. Far away in Washington, speaking at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the US Secretary of State, Ms Hilary Clinton, bemoaned the abdication of Pakistan in the face of a dangerously expanding hold of the Taliban over Pakistani territory.

    As expected, many TV channel hosts were greatly offended Thursday morning at Ms Clinton’s use of the word “abdication” and stressed that this was “blatant interference” in the internal affairs of Pakistan. But this sounded a little incongruous when some other channels reported the presence of “foreigners” in Buner, the district that the Taliban have taken over and have no intention of giving up. But in the National Assembly, the JUIF chief, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, said something even more incongruous: “You talk about Swat and Buner, but according to my information, the Taliban have reached Kala Dhaka and Tarbela. And if they continue advancing, there will be only the Margalla Hills between them and the federal capital”.

    Right next to Islamabad, in Rawalpindi, our army chief General Ashfaq Kayani was (reportedly) telling the visiting US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, that the CIA drones must be stopped and that the two sides must develop trust to be on the same page about the Taliban. Unfortunately, the truth is that trust is lost not only with the US but with the entire world including the crucial regional neighbours who are now gearing up to secure themselves if Pakistan goes to pieces. In the middle of all this arrives the scandalous report that a retired major — who began activity when he was still in service — was kidnapping for ransom to finance a warlord in South Waziristan.

    Everybody knows what is happening, but everyone has a different solution to the problem. Regrettably, however, the bigger consensus is for a solution that will probably harm Pakistan even more. Maulana Fazlur Rehman apparently made an anti-Taliban statement when he said they were about to enter Islamabad, but his solution was: “get out of the war on terror and the Taliban will automatically go away”. Imran Khan wrote a special article on Thursday asking Pakistan to leave the war on terror to solve the problem. The two say the same thing but cannot convince us of the halcyon days they think will descend on Pakistan after their solution is applied.

    Ajmal Kasab has deposed — hopefully, falsely — before a Mumbai court that his gang of terrorists was trained by Lashkar-e Tayba at Sarai Alamgir in Punjab under the supervision of an army brigadier. India will not talk because it is certain that Pakistan will not punish its “non-state actors” now under trial. Again, rather unfortunately, the world goes with India because it doesn’t equate India’s unprovable “funded” interference in Balochistan with Pakistan’s proven practice of sending in non-state actors who get caught. Accusations of external interference therefore sound like a colossal red herring. In fact, this is not the time for isolating Pakistan in the world but for being “introverted” on our domestic terrorism with whatever help we can get from the international community. *

    • Absolutely true, its time for the Pakistani establishment to stop misleading its people.

  10. Utter Rubbish. The writer gets almost everything wrong. It simply feeds the Pakistani paranoia about India, conveniently ignoring the the cancer in their own midst.

    First : India has no interest in weakening or even worse breaking up Pakistan. The threat to India comes from a weak and unstable Pakistan, not from one that is prosperous and stable.

    Second : EVEN IF India wished to weaken and destabilize Pakistan it could not do a better job than the Taliban are already managing. Indeed the best route towards such a goal would be exactly what Adnan is attempting, distract the attention of Pakistani establishment towards the non-existent threat from India, while the Taliban/Jihadi cancer destroys the country from within. ( Is Adnan a RAW agent now ? )

    Third : The Baluchis, whomever may be allegedly supporting them ( India, Iran, US, UK, Israel etc etc, as variously claimed by the Pakistani establishment ), have been fighting for decades, and are no closer to the the heart of the Paksitani state. But the Taliban have got there in a few short year’s. It is the Taliban who are murdering Pakistani schoolchildren for the “sin” of obtaining an education. Even the most xenophbic among the Pakistanis do not claim that Taliban are Indian agents.

    Fourth : The RAW is nowhere near as efficient and omnipotent as the article implies. The mastermind of the 1993 Bombay attacks Dawood Ibrahin lived openly in Dubai and Pakistan, and RAW was unable to do anything about it. It would have been a simple matter for any competent intelligence service to arrange for a single operative with a telescopic rifle to assasinate him.

    Finally : Adnan gets the facts wrong even for his backhanded compliment to India with his ” Near Developed World ” comment. India is surely not there yet, even with the present impressive growth rates it will be a generation before this comment will become true.

    • What you said makes sense to me. India is making progress, but is a long, long ways from developed.

      • Inshallah India will get there.

      • India has to work hard and earn its money. Pakistan just has to hold a gun to its own forehead and blackmail the world !

  11. Very well written article, which plays with the words in the right way only to project Pakistan’s and in particular ISI’s point of view. I am sure every RAW agent would be proud of the work that they are being credited with here. In reality the so called RAW agents are nothing but the ISI agents, that’s why they donot have any info on RAW!!
    ISI has been using Jehadis to bleed India (Pakistan’s only aim and reason to live) and using the same to get aid from US and West. US and West are eventually paying for the ISI’s guns as well as the Talibans. Pakistan is using this game so well that hats of to them. Its now practically blackmailing the US to give Billions of dollars or else we donot know what these Taliban will do next!!

    • India has 20% Muslims. It has many famous muslim actors. But ask pakistan how many Hindus and Christrians can even speak out.
      This country is based on radical islam. It is going to try cunning way to kill non muslims even though it has to beg from world money every decade.
      All it care for is Islamization of world. No use of TV, Internet, etc.
      Taliban is that creation of hate and now it will not stand even moderate pakistanis muslims.
      Rightly said so as you sow and so shall you reap.

  12. This is another article which explores the paranoia of Pakistan.
    There is a saying, “What you sow, so shall you reap”. It’s time Pakistan gets the taste of it’s own medicine as it used terrorism as a tool against India for about 50 years.

    Now, India is no Angel here, it too certainly caused some trouble in Pakistan, but certainly, not with the Taliban. As we all know, the second Taliban gets the nukes, India and Israel are going to be the first targets…
    And after the Mumbai attacks, it is clear that India’s spy agency is damn weak.
    Pakistanis claims that RAW is so strong that it is bringing Pakistan to a brink of a collapse, on the very other hand, the Mumbai attacks which happened, from the same people Pakistan claims to be being funded and trained by the Taliban. Now, I think Indians are not stupid enough to help the guys which might kill 200 people from their own country.

    Coming to Afghanistan, Afghanistan is an independent country. Pakistan cannot blame India because of its Influence in Afghanistan. Even if India wants to militarily help Afghanistan, then Pakistan has no say in it. The people and the Government of Afghanistan should decide what they want to do with their country.
    And who is Pakistan to say anything anyways? It was Pakistan and the ISI who funded and helped the Taliban which disintegrated Afghanistan. The same old tool which Pakistan used against it’s neighbors is biting them back again…

  13. The summary of comments reveals a lack of basic facts on history of region, invasion of Afghanistan and Iran revolution.

    Fact 1: The probelms stem from the complexity of the situation. Pakistan and India have a perptual enemity starting with – India not accepting the plebescite under UN resolution that could have solved this problem once for all.India blames Pakistan for supporting separatist movement in Kashmir but forgets that the Kashmir -under the principle agreed in 1947 was to join Pakistan. India holds election under the gun and calls it a subsititute of Plebscite. The Indian Army repoted to have killed thousands Kashmiries -depriving their right to choose under UN resolution.
    The moment this basic problem is addressed. It solves one flash point. Pakistan acquired atomic capability after India’s Pokhran experiment.

    Fact 2: US interests in central asian states and access to the energy resources -bringing to Arabian sea and domination of these energy resources complicates the situation.

    Fact 3: Gawadar Port : China’s investment in Gawadar Port, Baluchistan and US & India’s paranoid over this – it further complicates the matter in Baluchistan. It is very logical that India and US will be meddling in the affairs of Baluchistan.

    Fact 4: Talban problem ix mixed with Pashtun nationalism. By the very defination, Pashtun never accepted the foreign domination. This region is known as GRAVEYARD OF SUPER POWER. Any student of history can connect the missing link.

    Sureprising enough PakistanIndia make the best use of opportunities to bleed each other.

    • Thats right friend, keep confusing the issue with conspiracy theories and blaming external forces, while the Taliban continue to expand their reach. As I have mentioned above, no better way to cause a Pakistani implosion, then to encourage them to fixate on external threats, while the Taliban cancer destroys their country internally. Unfortunately and despite what you may think, such a weakening or destruction of the Pakistani state is a nightmare, not any boon for India.

      PS : Could you please use spellcheck.

    • Firstly the Kashmiri’s struggle for freedom was supported by Gandhi and Nehru who threw their weight behind Sheikh Abdullah to overthrow the Maharaja’s rule and this was the reason that Sheikh Abdullah chose to join India. His decision left Pakistan fuming and Pakistan sent in armed raiders who were resisted by the Kashmiri people for four days till the Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession to India and the Indian Army forced the Pakistani Army and militants to move back. Secondly Pakistan changed the territory of Pakistan held Kashmir and merged parts of it with Northern Territories and FATA and pushed in Punjabis into the area. Pakistani Kashmir is now without Kashmiri’s. Pakistan also gifted 20% of Kashmir to China. Thirdly Pakistan was supposed to send its army to the barracks for the Security council resolutions to be implemented. The Army never ment back. Since then Pakistan does not have a leg to stand on and in 1972 as per the Shimla Agreement it moved away from the Security Council Resolution agenda and now even the Secy. General of UN has said that the Security Council Resolutions are obsolete. Pakistan’s military rulers have carried out Genocide in Bangladesh, Balochistan, NWFP and Sindh. Its time to have mercy on the people of these provinces and the world should take notice.

    • Jinnah funded the killing of Khudai Khidmadgars in NWFP and imprisoned Baccha Khan. Pakhtunistan is a reality and the Punjabi Pakistani military is refusing to see the light.

      Chinese generals have called Pakistan as China’s Israel and its high time the people realize how Pakistani’s have been sold out by their military.

      Kashmir was never supposed to be a part of Pakistan except in the dreams of Pakistani generals. The world did not condemn the jihadi groups when they were raising money outside mosques for Jihad in kashmir and now they Pakistani’s have woken up when the same Jihadi’s have become a threat to their own existence. Kashmir has cost Pakistani’s half their territory in Bangladesh. Now the foolish generals will cause the breakup of the remaining provinces and blame it on India.

  14. Adnan’s view completely ignores the fact that Pakistan has a history of genocide, totalitarianism and religious bigotry.
    Pakistani army competed with the Nazi’s when it came to the Genocide of Bengali’s in Bangladesh.
    It has been a military dictatorship formenting jihad all over the world, now every terrorist caught anywhere in the world is likely to be a Pakistani.
    It has mercilessly hounded minorities and their proportion in the population has been dropping steadily.
    Pakistan has turned muslims into International pariahs.

  15. The writer forgot to ask Basit what Pakistan’s end game in Afghanistan! The involvement of the Pakistani Army with the Taliban. A common refrain in Pakistan is ” Pakistan key do shaitaan, Fauj aur uskey Taliban”……..translated it means ……there are two devils in Pakistan; the army and its Taliban!

  16. I think it would be naive to believe that India doesn’t have hundreds, probably thousands, of low-level information suppliers (what the writer calls agents) in Pakistan. Is India trying to destabilize Pakistan — probably, but only to the extent that a stable Pakistan with a unified military and secret service will pose a threat to India in Kashmir, and to a lesser extent, in Punjab.

  17. Taliban target Islamabad, Lahore; talks on to disarm them in Swat
    Pakistan News.Net
    Sunday 26th April, 2009 (IANS)

    Around 300 terrorists, including suicide bombers, are believed to be headed towards the Pakistani capital Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi and Lahore cities to carry out major terror attacks as the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) government held talks with a religious group to disarm the Taliban militia.

    The News daily, quoting interior ministry sources, said the terror operations were planned by Al Qaeda linked Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud and the Taliban Himayat Tehrik (THT).

  18. The talk of the disintegration of Pakistan is overblown. The Army is ,was and in the forseeable future will be the dominant force in every aspect of Pakistani society. The ex servicemen control the economy,
    Keeping Pakistans feudal system intact is in the armys interest. Pakistan is broke now as some of u have mentioned holding a gun to ones head attracts attention and sympathy, which will give the army financial and arms aid from western powers.

    Pakistan has always equated itself with india as far as power projection is concerned. Its all weather ally China has encouraged this mindset, since an India equated with Pakistan can never be an India equated with China. This has put a huge financial burden on its exchequer to fund its milatary purchases. That is one of the reasons that it is running into trouble now. It is still trying to keep up with India which has an economy 4 to 5 times its size.

    Sadly the democratic system in Pakistan has never been allowed to flower and reach the potential that a vibrant society in Pakistan could allow it to attain.

    Pakistan very near financial ruin, is on a shopping spree for weapons, which are India centric.

    Pakistan is not going to implode like the world media would like us to think.

    The generals are keeping their powder dry. They are making the civilian goverment look like bafoons so when they take over which they will there will not be any major ripples nationally or internationally.

    Why are the Americans not sharing targeting info(for the drones) with the pakastani army? Because
    the info is reaching the targets before they could be targeted. Which basically says there is a fine line between the Pakistani army and its unofficial army which wage its proxy wars.

    India does not have to do anything to destabilise Pakistan. The short sightedness of its rulers is doing a better job than any external power with evil designs on the future of Pakistan, could ever hope to achieve.

    The Pakastani media has always been muzzled, The integrety of its journilists is not being questioned, Its just that when you and your family are targets of quazi militant organisations , it is difficult to be objective and rational.

    Pakistan will always be run by a tinpot dictator, the civilian goverment is just window dressing. That is sad, hope it were dirrerent but it is factual.

    Hoping and cheering for all secular minded Pakistani people, You have immense potential, It is not being harnessed by leaders of the 10% sort.

  19. Of course India and Pakistan have been trying to destabilize each other for decades – that is what enemies do to each other.

    Howvere, India does not have a vast Hindu population in Pakistan to recruit from neither does it have terrorist training camps operating openly on its territory ready to cross the border on the command of its intelligence agency. So whatever India is doing is futile and basically small potatoes compared to the hundreds of trained terrorists that Pakistan has produced which are ready to cross into Indian controlled territory as well as literally thousands of sympathetic muslim living inside India.

    The only problem is that many of the terrorists that Pakistan itself trained have now turned against its government and want to take it over. The blame for that does not fall on India in the least.

  20. How did a such a mass of unsubstantiated claims, inaccuracies and inuendo find itself published in Maclean’s?

    India should have hired Mr. Adnan Khan if they are serious about a propaganda war against Pakistan. Unfortunately, its too late now – Pakistan got him first.

  21. Finally glad to see some coverage of real issues in the Western Media. Some Facts:

    1. Indian Embassay was bombed in Kabul, Afghanistan and who got the blame: ISI, Pakistan, Pakistani Government and Military and also Pakistani Militants

    Some Time Later: Indian Chief of Army General Deepak Kapoor had an excellent answer to Pakistani Military Attache in New Delhi – Please search video “can ISI trip army chief of india”

    2. Samjhota Express Train Bombings: Now everybody remembers as usual whole indian media and most of the indian population blamed it on who? Obviously on ISI.

    Recently Hemant Karkare of Anti Terrorism Squad arrested Col. Purohit and other serving Indian Officers and members of political parties linked to the blast

    3. Mumbai Attacks: Now an innocent being killed anywhere should be condemned so it is… Interpol has asked for evidence but Indian officials havnt provided it. Pakistanis have asked for evidence and what they have received is A DOSSIER which apparently shows a picture of a 3 mm gun but caption describes it as 9 mm… lol do they even not know the difference btween a 3 and 9 mm

    although some analysts have already refuted the Indian Dossier’s poor claims “brasstacks.pk”

    God willing one year later we will all have a proof that no Pakistani military or ISI official was involved and instead it was hatched in INDIA

    4. RAW supported Tigers in Lanka and started a separtist movmnt in sri lanka and Everybody knows it

    5. RAW supported the Mukti Bahini and hired from bajrangdal and shiv sina meanwhile ISI agents are hired from the military’s high ranks which means they have gone through much professional training and dicipline than bajrangdal

    6. KGB has a very good reason to work with the indian counter parts becoz Indians are their biggest customers when it comes to Arm Sales and Russians havnt forgotten their defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of ISI so they have a mighty reason to take sayyyy revenge

    7. MOSAD’s one purpose is to defend n protect Isreal so how can it ignore the fact what ISRAEL’S first president Ben Gurien said “Pakistan is the biggest threat to Israel’s existance” so it has an excellent reason to weaken Pakistan

    8. We all know how much impact Israel pro lobby has on the US policies so If Israel wants Pakistan to go down the wire they can definitly get some help from CIA ;)

    CONCLUSION: it is not only delhi’s end game it is in fact KGB, Mossad, and to some part CIA’s as well and I won’t be surprised by 2015 If Pakistan is divided into few states because the way the politicians are handeling things and MR. 10% is there to lead. However, I am surprised that What has held Pakistan together since the divide of 47 was so absurd.

    • Firstly everybody in this world including the Pakistani government has accepted that the Mumbai Attacks were executed by Pakistani citizens and were planned from Pakistan. Secondly if one police official dies, that does not mean that the system stops functioning. Atleast that does not happen in India, but it does happen in Pakistan.
      Thirdly India helped Mukti Bahini after West Pakistani’s had massacred more than 3 million Bengalis and there were 10 million Bengali refugees in India. All Pakistani Generals have acknowledge this fack Check the hamid-ur-Rehman commission report also you can watch the video of Gen. General Jamshed Gulzaar Kayani on youtube. He calls Tikka Khan a “debauch” and admits that excesses were commited.

      I perosnally feel that Pakistan is a good for nothing place with no contribution to the world except terrorism. The sooner its wrapped up, the better it is for humanity.

    • Look up “paranoid schizophrenia” on Google. India certainly considers Pakistan a problem, but just one more among many others including far greater issues such as disparity, childhood malnutrition, social issues. It is not obsessed with Pakistan, the way Pakistan is obsessed with India. A stable, normal Pakistani state is much more in India’s interest than the paranoid unstable fractious entity that it now is.

    • More Muslims have been killed in one year in Pakistan than in India in ten years. This was revealed by the Nation Newspaper in Pakistan. More than 6000 people died in bombings and violence in Pakistan last year according the The Nation.

  22. Pakistan suppressed Bengalis in erstwhile East Pakistan, killed millions – yes millions – and raped thousands. Dead bodies were strewn around the countryside and in cities like Dacca and Myemensingh, something I have seen with my own eyes. Millions of East Pakistanis fled across the border into India until India was overwhelmed and could accept no more refugees. That is when Indira Gandhi decided to send in the army and helped liberate Bangladesh. Despite the Nazi like war crimes, the routed Pakistani army was treated humanely and sent back to Pakistan. Yet it is RAW that is at fault! Adnan Khan should come and speak with the millions of Bangladeshi refugees who still live in India’s northeast provinces, and hear their stories.

  23. Farouk, Basit and his ilk… just don’t get the axiom “those who live by the sword die by it” Pakistan’s Bhutto promised his countrymen a thousand year war with India, never mind winning even one of the three fought so far. What baffles me is that Pakistan always tries to equate itself with India, to me this is oxymoron. There is no comparison whatsoever except probably in cricket and hockey. India is secular and huge while Pakistan is fundamentally Islamic and the size of one large indian province. While I do not beleive this RAW game, even if it were true why cry hoarse. Spying is the name of the game and you get your own dose of medicine. Face it if you can otherwise we all know the outcome – Balochistan, Sindhu Desh, Pashtunistan, Punjabistan etc.

    Grow up!

  24. The Genocide of the Bengalis is a well known fact.

  25. Pakistani Army was responsible for the worst Genocide of Muslims during 1969-71.

    They are also responsible for the murder of innocent Sindhis, Balochs, Seraikis and Pashtuns.

    Gen. Mahmud Ahmad of the ISI was responsible for funding Mohammad Atta the leader of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

  26. Adnan Khan has eroded his own credibility by siding with Pakistani propagandists.
    A journalist’s job is to write the truth and not become the conveyor of prejudices and misgivings of the corrupt Pakistani establishment.
    He did not even bother to inject a bit of objectivity into this article and became a mouthpiece for the ISI quoting a fictitious Basit, who like Pakistani credibility, may not even exist!!!

    I wish Maclean’s would allow me to write such articles which require zero research.

  27. Farouk and Adnan, I’d rather ask Macleans – do these guys really exist ?