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Oh, there he is

Mike Duffy would prefer you not attempt to contact him at home


While the Senate’s internal economy committee was discussing his expenses, Mike Duffy was at his house in Kanata.


Oh, there he is

  1. Who is advising Duffy anyway…..they need to be fired!

    • PMO

      • Hah!…..Then I’m even more in favour of firing!

  2. Funny how Harper was very quick to put Helena Geurgis under the RCMP microscope (for which she was fully exonerated), but does nothing about Duffy?
    This stinks to high heaven

    • Yes agreed, but since when are the RCMP supposed to take orders from PMO? Isn’t that also a frightening prospect? Isn’t the national police force supposed to investigate crime on its own, without direction? If they take their orders from PMO or the Senators, we are in a great deal of trouble.