Oil politics


After a spill in Michigan draws a scathing review for Enbridge, Thomas Mulcair says plans for the Northern Gateway pipeline should be scrapped.

“Northern Gateway should be stopped and the plug should be pulled on it,” said Mulcair, after meeting with local community groups and business leaders. “Today’s conclusive report by the Americans, I think, should be the final nail in that coffin.”

British Columbia’s environment says “when you read about the culture at Enbridge, that’s worrisome,” but otherwise the B.C. Liberal government will continue to study the pipeline.

Meanwhile, Bob Rae visits Fort McMurray and attempts to assert a middle position between the Conservatives and New Democrats.


Oil politics

  1. “Meanwhile, Bob Rae visits Fort McMurray and attempts to assert a middle position between the Conservatives and New Democrats.”

    Revelation 3:15-16

    I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

  2. I wish our pols were capable of actual debate and they took Canada’s future more seriously than they do. Big changes are happening and you wouldn’t know it listening to our pols and bureaucrats. I wonder for how long NDP can be anti-oil and pro-windmills.

    Walter Russell Mead ~ The Energy Revolution:
    Over the past year, we’ve been watching a geopolitical revolution get underway. It’s much bigger and more consequential than the Arab Spring, though the legacy media are giving it much less play. It will rearrange the global chessboard, improving the position of some powers, weakening others. It is a powerful boost to American power, reducing America’s strategic and economic liabilities while adding considerably to its assets.

    A world energy revolution is underway and it will be shaping the realities of the 21st century when the Crash of 2008 and the Great Stagnation that followed only interest historians. A new age of abundance for fossil fuels is upon us. And the center of gravity of the global energy picture is shifting from the Middle East to… North America.

    The two biggest winners look to be Canada and the United States. Canada, with something like two trillion barrels worth of conventional oil in its tar sands, and the United States with about a trillion barrels of shale oil, are the planet’s new super giant energy powers. Throw in natural gas and coal, and the United States is better supplied with fossil fuels than any other country on earth. Canada and the United States are each richer in oil than Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia combined.

    • If this is the case maybe Alberta should just airlift out the bitumen to China. Burn it, baby,burn it!

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