Oily the Splot: Terrifying international Svengali


Alert Inkless commenter jwl notes that Barack Obama’s gas-pump political ads, eerily reminiscent of the Conservative Party of Canada’s Oily the Splot™ ads-that-never-ran a couple of months ago, will never run. This is because the U.S. gas-station advertising company, in an eerie repeat of events here in Canada, decided at the last moment that it didn’t want to run political ads, especially ads critical of oil companies. Also probably they realized the safety implications of putting gasoline in such close proximity to hot air. (Thank you! Thank you! Please tip your waiter. I love this town!)

As always, when Barack Obama and the Conservative Party of Canada seem to be colluding, I blame Austan Goolsbee. Mostly because it gives me an excuse to use that name again. Austan Gooooolsbee!


Oily the Splot: Terrifying international Svengali

  1. This is the Bizarro world of political advertising. I’m waiting for Parisella to tell us how brilliant and Rove-like it truely is:

    A political party puts together an ad that is to be seen by really just a small percentage of the population (regionally at some gas stations), it enters into a virtual contract with a hitherto relatively unknown company that sells advertising at gas pumps, the announcement is made through press release before a single ad is even run, the story gets picked up by the national media and the ad gets extensive coverage – far more than it would ever get at the pumps, and both the political party and the advertising company walk away as winners – the political party having never spent a dime paying for the ads to run, and the ad company getting lots of free advertising (expect their rates to go up)

    Oily – the splot that keeps on giving

  2. Obama takes lessons from Harper – I feel the shudders rippling through the Toronto Star editorial board from several blocks away.

  3. This is the Bizarro world of political advertising.

    Have you seen the Paris Hilton response to the McCain attack on Obama?

    That shouldn’t even be a question that makes grammatical sense! And yet, here it is.

  4. Mark D., I don’t think it will effect the Toronto Star one bit. I think a non-partisan view of the Conservative party and the Democrats show that they have more in common policy wise than the Democrats and Liberals do; but despite a lot of evidence, many in the media and many Canadians refuse to believe this.

  5. Yes, I was just grateful it wasn’t Britney on the lawn chair in a bikini.

    Good move for Paris, though, in terms of promoting her brand name.

  6. Even more fun, is somebody has already capitalized on the ad. Sadly, it wasn’t me, but you can already find a http://www.parisforprez.com site up.

    I wouldn’t put my email address in personally, looks like it may be a good way to get spammed.

  7. Are you warm, are you real, Austan Goolsbee? Or just a cold and lonely, lifeless work of art?

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