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Old friends


Michael Ignatieff maintains his pitch.

My sense is that Canadians value moderate, evidence-based, pragmatic, fiscally-responsible government right down the center. That’s what they really want. They’re being told by every poll, every expert, every smart aleck in the country what they want, but I think actually what Canadians want is good, moderate, pragmatic government and I’m very convinced looking at every rally I’ve been to since the campaign began, that that yearning to get back to that, to get back to the Canada that that represents, is the true, authentic yearning of the Canadian people, and that’s what I’ve got to serve and fight for and defend.


Old friends

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • You're getting froth all over your screen.

      • Now that's one subject I could ask Aaron for advice on: after all, that's what happens to him every time he's left alone with a video of the latest Liberal leader.

    • hmmmmmmm…….I think Ezra Levant is a foaming at the mouth racist who has no moral centre and a really bad haircut…..however I just don't read his tripe…..perhaps life would be more comfortable for you if you stopped obsessing over Wherry……Just a suggestion…Bitterness really only harms the person who is bitter…

      • Perhaps it would be more comfortable, or perhaps it wouldn't made a difference. Either way, political journalism would be a lot healthier without hacks like Wherry and so exposing his hackery serves a public interest even if it involves some heroic sacrifices on my part.

        • Heroic?! My goodnes you do have a healthy ego don't you.

          • Indeed I do.

  2. Incidentally, I think that Iggy's description of what Canadians want is by-and-large accurate. He and the rest of his party just can't understand why Canadians don't trust the Liberal party to provide those things anymore. And living in the partisan echo chamber that Wherry and others have been providing for them over the past several years hasn't helped their ability to understand at all, which is why they're in the situation they are in now.

    • I am going to vote Liberal in this election, proudly and deliberately. I don't care who else votes the same way. I don't care if the party wins or not. I am voting Liberal because it's the right thing to do, and no hysterical, bitter shill from another party is going to tell me otherwise.

      There are many reasons to vote for a party. Sometimes there is the thrill of electoral conquest, but needless to say it is highly unlikely that one's chosen local candidate and national party win every election throughout one's lifetime. So there has to be something else that sustains you. In my case, it is simply this – there is no other group of people that I'd rather be voting with than Liberal voters. I like them, and I think their hearts and minds are in the right place. And, not to put too fine a point on it, there is another party whose voters, as represented by comments in this and other fora, fill me with complete revulsion.

      Let the votes fall where they may!

      • Me too

    • I'm weary of Cons hanging out here complaining about Wherry. It's obvious by the attention you give him you see his writing as a threat. By the way, I will be voting for Elizabeth May.

      • Really? You live in Saanich-Gulf Islands?

        • Yup. By all accounts she is the one to take out Lunn. Both the Libs and NDP have good candidates this time, which hasn't always been the case but she seems to be he contender.

          • I know I have caused some discomfort on this site with my statements since the election. I have also made people think about the controlling billionares that are trying to steal our country and control our wealth. I must say this; Our country is at a crossroads right now and our vote has never meant as much as it means today. We must rid ourselves of the Harper dictatorship once and for all and tomorrow we can do that as a united country. The Conservative party of today is not the conservative party of our fathers and grandfathers and it is Harper that is responsivble for that. He must go because we are Canadian and not american and we resent being treated as such. We are not Fox news north nor will we ever be. We live in a country with hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of natural resources and they belong to us, Canadians. Our economy will not suffer under an alternative government other than that of the controlling tories. Vote to save Canada on May 2. Vote ABC. God bless Canada!!!

          • In other words, you can't answer the very question that you raised and, instead, decided to engage in this socialist rant. Fascinating.

          • Hopefully tonight's result will finally silence the nutters like yourself. You simply are not reasonable, and your rationality is also questionable. See you in four years when Canada's economy is stronger than ever, and we are running surpluses again, and the Liberals will perhaps no longer feel entitled.

  3. I am very conflicted about this election. I really like Ignatieff. He is smart and approachable, and his plans like the Family Pack and the Learning Passport seem like solid ideas. But I think I generally agree more with the NDP on social issues in particular. And, it seems like they are the viable opposition in this race (who would’ve thought?)

    I am not going to know for sure what party to vote for until I am looking at the ballot I suppose.

    • If I may, vote for the best candidate. Vote for the one best placed to make sure a Conservateive doesn't win. Vote for the one you really feel confortable with.

      I am a liberal and most of the time a Liberal as well. Persoanlly I will be voting Liberal this time as well. I believe that onlu the Liberals have been able to bring together social justice and financial responsability.

      Good luck with your decision tomorrow.

  4. You're right Iggy! That's exactly what I want. Too bad none of the parties are offering that…

  5. Velvet Touch – A Community Clinic – Who Knew???
    Olivia Chow was quick to release a written statement, that husband Jack Layton indeed did attend a "registered massage clinic" and she was well aware of it and he "needed a massage" late in the evening.
    Jack Layton, later at a rally in Burnaby, was quick to point out and clarify Olivia's comment, that in fact it was a "community clinic" (Velvet Touch) where he obtained his services. In trying to protect his political career, and in tune with the NDP philosophy, he felt it very important to stress it was a "community clinic" not to be confused with a private clinic. It was essential in the middle of this election, to inform Canadians, in order to solicit their support, he wouldn't be caught dead at a private clinic, where illegal, underage, Asian sex workers, would be employed by rip off artists, in the Canadian health care field – it would have to be a community clinic he patronizes – there should be no confusion. A good leader leads by example.
    I wonder if Canadians becoming more aware of the fine details of the NDP health care platform and of Layton's expansion of health care services to include these "community clinics", help explain the surge in support for the NDP in this current election. Does anybody in the main street media have a better explanation for the NDP surge and why are they reluctant to discuss this NDP expansion of Canada's health services?
    Why and how could the Toronto city police confuse a community clinic with a bawdy house?

    • Toronto police confused – did you miss their performance at the G20?

  6. Iggy once promised to put an end to the Liberal practice of living in a bubble and not giving opponents credit, yet here he is, in the Liberal bubble, completely oblivious to what's actually happening around him. A party that never ceased to be arrogant continues to be so under its latest installment of a leader. And the band played on.

    • Now puppet you know Micheal did say Jack has a nice mustache. Speaking of bubbles, where's Steve and Jack today? Neither of them is taking any questions now.

      • Who's a puppet again? Proper grammar might make your posts more legible and less angry. Just a suggestion.

        • Sorry puppet I really wasn't angry. I was just funning with you.

          • Again, "sorry puppet I really wasn't angry" is not a grammatically correct sentence. Either you're referring to a "sorry puppet", or you're angrily apologizing for calling me a puppet because I dare disagree with you.

    • How is this statement not equally applicable to the CPC?

      • I don't know. You tell me.

  7. Michael… Ignatieff? What an odd name… Doesn't ring a bell. Is he the guy in the 2000 flushes commercials? I'm a busy guy, you see, I can only keep track of two political parties at one time.

  8. Yes, let's move to the two-party system in the United States. That always brings good governance.

    P.S. Thanks for showing such class on the final day of the campaign.

    • The problem with the US isn't that it has a 2-party system. It is that it has primaries, in which only highly motivated ideologues vote. This pushes candidates out towards the extremes, away from where the voters are.

      Though I admit, I guess it is in bad taste to make cracks at Ignatieff during the wake of the Liberal party.

  9. No discomfort there PC – we all will enjoy watching you and Weary's dreams dashed.

  10. That's funny…you really do think that Harper is all of a sudden going to become conservative.