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Olivia Chow: ‘Toronto is much more than Rob Ford’

The NDP MP and possible mayoral candidate comments


NDP MP Olivia Chow’s statement to reporters after Question Period this afternoon on the matter of Rob Ford.

I also want to comment on the Rob Ford situation. I just came back from China as part of the parliamentary delegation to promote trade in China, and I also had a mission to push to have Toronto designated as a trading hub for yuan, which is the Chinese currency. But everywhere I go, the Chinese are talking about Rob Ford. You see it in the front page of the China Daily News. Even on Saturday, I saw it in the Shanghai Daily News. It’s on CNN. And I’m really frustrated that because of Rob Ford’s scandal, we are embarrassed because of his lies and that a great deal of important work such as dealing with the gridlock, providing affordable housing and child care and creating green jobs, youth employment issues are being sidelined because of Ford’s scandal.

But Toronto is much more than Rob Ford. We deserve a lot better. Toronto has passionate citizens that very inspiring in their cultural and musical or artistic talents. Toronto has beautiful parks and amazing neighbourhoods. It is a financial centre. It is the second largest financial service centre in North America. And we really deserve a lot better. And I’m very glad that Toronto City Council is taking corrective action so that they could soon go back to the issues that matter to ordinary Torontonians and Canadians.

Ms. Chow is considering a run for mayor of Toronto. Asked about the possibility of running, she said October 2014 was “very far away” and that she would make a decision “later on.”


Olivia Chow: ‘Toronto is much more than Rob Ford’

  1. Yes, the image you present to the world does make a difference.

    I’d move to Toronto to vote for Olivia Chow, and I’m not NDP.

    • Please, for the love of carp, stay where you are.

      • I take it you are from Toronto?

    • Yes you aren’t Liberal or NDP and you hate the CONS. Are you voting Green Em or do you destroy your ballot?

      • You’ve been on here long enough to know my political history. I vote for whoever seems best for Canada’s future.

    • God Please no, it’s politicians like Chow that made Ford look attractive in the first place!

      • I don’t see how….Toronto has the same top credit rating now as it did years ago. In spite of what you’ve been told….Toronto is doing fine and doesn’t need Ford’s bozo eruption.

  2. She forgot to mention Jack’s favorite thing about Toronto: the Rub n’ Tugs!

    • And Laureen’s favourite thing about the Mounties?

      • Got any proof?
        Of course not.
        On the other hand Jack’s little party is on a police report, and the media knew about it, but it didn’t fit the narrative so they sat on the story….

        • Layton wasn’t charged, the massage business was licensed, and the cops were mad at Layton’s revelations at the time…….nuff said.

          • Another rub and tug denier!
            Jack admitted he was there, and anyone going to a massage joint called The Velvet Touch, that had been charged 300 times, wasn’t there for a back rub…

          • It was licensed, and Jack wasn’t charged. Not even by a police force that was trying to nail him at the time.

            Vicious lying is one reason why people don’t like Cons.

          • Not to mention the place hadn’t previously been charged(300 times?!), nor was the masseuse underage.
            Impressive how many lies ViolentChristian can pack into so few words!

          • Yes, it’s never about policy….it’s always sleezy lies.

          • Rub and tugs aren’t sleazy?

          • It’s a licensed massage business.
            You are OTT

          • Better check your facts, you might want to rethink that.

    • Sleeze really is your stock in trade, isn’t it, Ricky?

      • Jack was the one caught with the underage hooker in the rub and tug…so who is sleazy?

        • Anyone who, when the guy is no longer even alive to refute the allegation, brings it up to his widow, who had nothing to do with it. That’s more than sleazy. It’s slimy, gutless, and classless.

          • He didn’t refute it when he was alive, he admitted it.
            Are you in denial?
            Rub and tug denier!

          • Irrelevant and completely beside the point. You creeps are taunting his widow with it. She had nothing to do with it.

            Grow up and and get some couth.

          • “…claiming that lily-white, innocent Jack was just getting a regular therapeutic massage”

            Do you have evidence to prove otherwise?

          • Oh, I dunno, how about this?

            “Mr. Layton, ostensibly there for a shiatsu massage (which traditionally doesn’t require the removal of any clothing, let alone all of it) was lying naked on a bed; the female “therapist” dumped wet Kleenex into a garbage can upon the arrival of the police, and when Mr. Layton was asked if he’d received a sexual service and replied that he was there for shiatsu and one of the officers asked why, then, he had all his clothes off, he had no reply.

            While it’s presumably possible to wander by mistake into a seedy little joint with a blaring red sign looking for a normal massage, it seems unlikely, especially for a sophisticated urban-dweller like Mr. Layton.”

          • I’m sorry, but I was asking for evidence – not a Christie Blatchford column.

            If the evidence was really so clear, I wonder why she needs to embellish it with nonsense like the massage he was getting “doesn’t require the removal of any clothing
            “, when clothing removal is a normal part most massage (and of course a “tug” doesn’t require removal of all clothing either.)
            But if there’s any doubt about Blatchford’s credibility, it’s gone – along with the credibility – when you get to the part of the piece where she repeats the lie that Layton’s housing was subsidized.
            But hey, you know that. That’s why you used her words without attribution.

          • So because Blatchford wrote a column about it, it’s absolutely not true. Never mind that other journalists wrote about it too. You know, it really kills me that lefties like you react to the “Jack at the Rub & Tug” story with all the sputtering, foaming-at-the-mouth fury of Muslim fundamentalists presented with cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed. You just look ridiculous. Any reasonably objective, non-partisan observer can see the obvious: Jack was found in flagrante delicto at an obvious Asian Rub & Tug. End of story. Save your laughable, eyeroll-inducing denials for some gullible 4-year old NDP supporter.

          • “So because Blatchford wrote a column about it, it’s absolutely not true.”

            You seem to be suffering from the same reading comprehension problems that plague FakeRick.

            Or maybe you’ve invented a strawman postition that I haven’t taken. But, like Blatchford, why would you need to to that if you’ve got such a solid case? Is lying just reflexive with you folk?

            And yes indeed, there were actual news stories. But you apparently though Blatchford’s flights of fancy were necessary to make your case.

            Now, you’re left to just really, really assert that you’re right.

          • Tell your wife you have a sore back, it’s late in the evening, and you are heading down to some joint called the Velvet Touch for a massage.
            Oh, and you’re the city councilor for that region and the cat house has had over 300 charges laid at it.

            Lemme know how that works out for ya.
            I predict flying frying pans….

          • Can’t not lie, can you?

            It hadn’t had any charges when he went there.

          • Yes it did.
            Look it up.

          • You’re full of sh$t.

            “The massage parlour at 787 Dundas St. W., which ceased operations shortly after the police came calling, opened in 1994 and was among 26 suspected bawdy houses Toronto Police cracked down on with more than 300 charges.”

            “I’ve asked recently if anyone at City Hall had complained in 1996 and there were no complaints that came out of councillors, but police had their eye on it and at the end of the day, shut it down,” Mammoliti said.”

          • Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

          • A police report is generally considered to be evidence….

  3. She aint exactly ruling the intellectual heavyweight division….

    • Toronto is mostly known for voting for either stupid or corrupt. It says a lot about the average Torontonian that Rob Ford is the most successful mayor that city has had in decades.

      • Toronto had great mayors before amalgamation – Barbara Hall, David Crombie, and Art Eggleton all did their job well. And Mel Lastman, while a bad mayor of Toronto, did a good job in North York (he was mayor for 25 years, so presumably citizens liked the job he was doing).

        It’s much easier to govern a smaller political unit with more homogenous preferences. Amalgamation produced gridlock, and a ping-pong pattern where we swerve from right to left, each new mayor undoing the achievements of the last. Olivia Chow is but the next pong.

        • Then reorganize …properly. Everyone else can manage this….why does Toronto blame it on one man?

          • Easier said than done.

            Toronto is a smorgasbord of political cultures among its self-absorbed, far-flung exurbs, its disparate suburbs, and its downtown. Moreover, it’s a corporate creature of the province. No provincial party has the political capital or the gonads to try to unravel that mess.

          • Lots of amalgamated munis had to deal with uniting rural and urban…..which was really tough. Counties, townships, towns, villages, hamlets, farms, hunting and fishing….plus a city.

            At least in Toronto everyone is ‘city’….no matter what they call themselves. There may be rich and poor areas…..but it’s all city life. Malls, apartment buildings, paved streets…..and while there may be exhaust fumes and so on….there aren’t any cow barns.

            But they seem to be managing….why can’t Toronto?

            All munis are creatures of the province…..but the munis are on their own for sorting these things out. Surely the biggest city in the country has the expertise to do so.

        • Barbara Hall?
          As for Eggleton, better look up the scandals with his name on them, the ones BEFORE Chretien sent him to the senate.

    • No worries in that department…the bar is really low in Toronto right now.

  4. Toronto is no more defined by Rob Ford than San Diego is by Bob Filner.

  5. Olivia, if you headed the NDP, you might become Prime Minister

    • Of what?

    • Mulclair is on fire in the house. If he can’t get the NDP into top spot, Ms. Chow doesn’t have a prayer. I am afraid you must face facts.

  6. Asked about the possibility of running, she said October 2014 was “very far away” and that she would make a decision “later on.”

    I think it is pretty obvious she has made her decision.

  7. Yeah..it’s also Jack Layton with his pants around his ankles…gettin’ some ‘luvin’ long time’ from Asian sex slave workers.

  8. The rub and tug deniers are out in full force today….

    • Only in response to the usual purveyors of sleaze and slime, who seem to expect a free pass when spewing their irrelevant drivel.

      • Rub and tugs aren’t sleazy?

        • OK, so let me see if I’ve got this straight: you’re OK with doing crack, driving drunk, turning up for work unpredictably, physically threatening one’s staff, and consorting with petty felons and thugs. But you’re all sqeamish and self-righteous about sexual activities between consenting adults (encounters about which many of your fellow-travelers among libertarian right-wingers are quite unconcerned)? Right?

          Odd little lop-sided moral universe you’re inhabiting there.

          • Consenting adults?
            You sure about that?
            Better check with Victor Malarek on that one, and maybe then you will understand why Jack was publicly opposed to sexual slavery.

          • My, my…you do seem to be preoccupied with the alleged sexual proclivities of a dead man, even to the point of flaunting your obsession in the face of his widow, where it’s of no relevance.

            I hope you are equally concerned with the alleged criminal conduct of the living, breathing icon of Con values who currently clings obstinately to the title of Mayor of Toronto.

            Now, run along. I have much more topical, and current concerns.

  9. Olivia has the mature judgement and gravitas that is so much needed to get Toronto back on the rails.
    Problem is she would also make a great cabinet minister in the 2015 Mulcair government!