Omnibus toughness


The government has announced details of its omnibus crime bill: The Safe Streets and Communities Act, which will bundle together nine separate bills.

A quick scan of the backgrounder shows no mention of “lawful access,” nor any mention of the two anti-terrorism provisions the Prime Minister has vowed to reinstate.


Omnibus toughness

  1. The phrase ‘out-of-control youth’ pretty much sums it up.

    Cons are still fighting hippies.

    • And they’re going to highlight.  We need more highlighting in our justice system.

      • LOL I was reading this am that the Americans make a drug arrest every 19 seconds.

        Harp is probably aiming for this figure….it’ll fill up those prisons in no time.

  2. Oh, gee, more American-style politicking of the legislative process.  Specifically, bundling a bunch of really good legislation (ie, higher sentences on crimes that target children) with a bunch of legislation the NDP and Liberals will vote against (higher sentences for young offenders.)  That way, in the future, you can smear your opponents by saying they voted against the good legislation.  This kind of made sense with a minority government, when the opposition could actually stop these bills.  Note to Harper:  YOU WON.

    And disallowing work visas on the basis that they might be victimized by criminals?  You mean we currently give work visas for prostitution?

    My favourite is: “support the Government of Canada’s fight against terrorism and hold perpetrators and supporters of terrorism accountable for their actions;”  I thought we just put them on a list and shipped them to another country.

    If this is how they are going to “govern”, we might as shut down CPAC and show Parliamentary footage on the Comedy Channel.

    • They could probably do a straight exchange with “Just for Laughs: Gags” and nobody’d notice.

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