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On partisanship


As referenced earlier this week, here is Michael Ignatieff’s speech on enemies and adversaries.


On partisanship

  1. This is the same “politician” that enabled Stephen Harper 114 times while he was the leader of the opposition… As Liberal leader he sat on his hands in several debates in which he could have asked for more, worked harder for people and collaborated on policy that could have benefitted people.

    His entire speech is rhetoric.

    This is what being a Liberal is though… Do nothing, but talk a lot of game in circles that sound ok.

    • Exactly. Only the NDP are willing to go to bat for the average citizen and stand up for transparency, open process and democracy. If the Liberals have any hope of coming back in 2015, Prince Trudeau better start showing some backbone and substance in opposing the Harper autocracy and his legions of broken record repeaters who just regurgitate the message du jour.

  2. OMG… Michael Ignatieff, YOU had to work against your conscience, because your party stands for nothing.

  3. Amazing how Canada turns down highly qualified people that other countries would give their eyeteeth to have as leader.

    Instead we elect a former mailroom worker and lobbyist….and wonder why we have so many difficulties.