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On second thought


Having recently lost the Liberal nomination in Vaughan, Tony Genco now endorses the Conservative candidate he was defeated by in November’s byelection.

After much thoughtful reflection and deliberation, I am pleased to announce that I will be supporting Julian Fantino as our Member of Parliament for Vaughan and the Conservative Party of Canada in this important general election. I have arrived at this decision after careful consideration and deliberation, recognizing that given my history and background, this will come as a surprise to many.

Presumably, Mr. Genco has gotten over his concerns about the Conservative government’s fiscal management and Mr. Fantino’s regard for democracy. And presumably the Conservative side no longer thinks Mr. Genco has something to hide.


On second thought

  1. Sore losers everywhere today.

  2. It's stunning that the handpicked Liberal candidate who ran against Fantino in the much-ballyhooed Vaughan byelection has now repudiated the Liberal party.

    Why? In his own words:

    "The Liberal Party I joined over 20 years ago in university has disappeared. The ideas that I tried to represent of balance, diversity and nation-building no longer exist in this version of the Liberal Party. It's clear the Liberal Party policies do not resonate with the majority of Canadians.”

  3. Is he channeling David Emerson?

    This is getting weird.

  4. Stunning may be too strong a word — annoying, possibly even disconcerting. He's a sore loser who doesn't want anyone else to play if he cannot. Immature kid stuff.

    I suggest one take his words with a grain of salt, CR.

  5. Lot of wrestling going on in Liberal consciences – not just Tony's. What IS the lesser of two evils? Re-electing Harper – even with a possible majority – or elect a Michael Ignatieff team – to get Harper out – and making Iggy prime minister thereby extending his tenure! It's not Ignatieff personally – it's the gang pulling his strings that I suspect pushed Genco to this unsavoury conclusion.

  6. But if a Conservative were to change like this, you'd treat it as if it were prophetic, right?

  7. Yet, in a long, rambling letter he doesn't list ONE of the policies that supposedly bother him.

  8. Can anyone make sense of Genco's letter? It's very long but doesn't seem to say anything. he doesn't mention one action or policy from the Liberals that bothers him or one action or policy from the Tories that he likes.

  9. Well that wasn't smart of Genco, he just blew his future career as Anonymous Liberal Insider #4,549!

  10. Which explains why he didn't get the Lib nomination. LOL

    However this election is getting stranger by the minute!

  11. it would have more weight if, say, he hadn't just been dumped as the Liberal candidate…what a non-story.

  12. Maurizio Bevilacqua, come on down.

  13. I would hope but I'm not a stupid person. You?

  14. For a moment, when I first read the story, I thought he was the actual Liberal candidate like right now, and that was kind of yikesy.

  15. You would hope to treat is as prophetic, but you're not stupid? Maybe I am stupid, because I don't understand what the heck you're trying to say.

  16. Geez, Wherry, what's the point?

    I'm sure you could find, if you tried, some juicy quotes from Scott Brison & Belinda Stronach before they became Liberals, or David Emerson before he became a Conservative.

    This "faux outrage" that permeates our national discourse is one of the most irritating aspect of our brain-dead politics. The next most annoying feature is the endless capacity of our media to hype these stories with urgent breathlessness.

  17. And to think I actually spent several full days doorknocking for this guy! Geez Tony, thanks for pointing out your hypocrisy now. I coulda saved these frostbitten toes for another candidate!

    /Not really outraged. Wouldn't be surprised to see a bureaucratic appointment in his future if the Cons stay on the government side of the house.

  18. or being jobless?

  19. Nothing to see here, folks! It's only the Liberal candidate who almost won that hotly contested byelection four months ago… you know, the one that was at the centre of national attention.

    So what if he has repudiated the Liberal party and now supports his former Conservative opponent? It's just sour grapes. Total non-story!

  20. LPC wouldn't match the rate he was quoted via Craiglist.

  21. "The ideas that I tried to represent of balance, diversity and nation-building no longer exist in this version of the Liberal Party." seems like a good enough reason to me.

  22. The implications in the riding itself will be huge. But I'm sure some swing voters in neighbouring ridings will be getting the message loud and clear as well. And this is in the GTA, a so-called Liberal strong-hold. Very interesting.

  23. So the Liberals tried to persuade Fantino to run as their candidate in the byelection for the Liberal stronghold of Vaughan. Fantino rejected Ignatieff's personal appeal and ran for the Conservatives instead. The Liberals then tried to demonize Fantino and asked Genco to run against Fantino as the Liberal candidate.

    Genco narrowly lost the byelection. The Liberals told him not to bother running again. Genco then repudiated the Liberal party on "fundamental principles" and supported his former Conservative opponent.

    Now the Liberals will try to demonize Genco while touting Ferri. If the pattern holds, Ferri should probably watch his back. Hell hath no fury like a lover party scorned…

  24. Tommy Douglas' little tale about the white cats and the black cats comes to mind.

  25. Well, it is possible that the Liberal party that he joined 20 years ago no longer exists, but the current Liberal party is pretty much identical to the one he ran for those 4 long months ago.

    The most damming thing about this is that he apparently believes Fantino & the Conservatives will be re-elected, and if you are a political type who counts on connections for your next job you want to side with the victor.

  26. Not long ago, Mr Genco tweeted this:

    RT @TonyGenco Ppl of Vaughn, let Chief Fantino know that we don't want more prisons. Fantino's ways tried and failed in USA #cdnpoli #elxn41

    I'd like to hear how he reconciles that now.

  27. "It's not Ignatieff personally – it's the gang pulling his strings … "

    Of course it is Iggy personally. Blaming puppeteers is excuse!

    I bet many left wing Liberals don't like Iggy because he does not seem to be particularly Liberal. I think Iggy should have joined Cons way back, not Libs, because he does not seem good fit with many in his party.

  28. It is said that we hate to lose twice as much as we love to win.

    And Genco knows whoever opposed Fantino was going to lose.
    So he jumped ship—-not the first to do it and won`t be the last. sourstud makes a good point—-there may be neighbouring ridings where there is an exodus from the Liberals if it looks hopeless.

    I see Harper was back in Brampton today—–whole neighbourhoods are rethinking their voting patterns there.

  29. So, what Liberal policies have changed from Sunday (when he lost the nomination) until today when he did a 180?

  30. Backing a winning horse may be cynical.

    But there's no doubt about his motivations.

    The Blue Wave has hit the GTA, the Globe and Mail and TO Stars active campaigning against it notwithstanding.

  31. It's the new Conservastive thing: nobody is responsible for what they said, thought or did before the previous Monday as long as they are a Conservative. Maybe instead of building all those prisons we could just advise all criminals to take out a Conservative party membership and start living a life of purity.

  32. Bingo!

  33. Two way street my friend, two way street. But I agree.

  34. That Tommy Douglas sure thinks we voters are stupid! ;)

  35. Umm… he DID seek the nomination, and failed. He didn't jump ship because he knew he was going to lose (if he thought that, why did he take a stab at the nomination?). Maybe he was a rat trying to jump off a sinking ship, but if that were the case, you'd think he'd take a pass at going for the nomination, wouldn't you?

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. I don't blame him for being bitter… he came pretty close to clipping Fantino, and he probably thought with a few tweaks he might have beat him. Then his riding association ditches him… I'd be a little bitter, too.

  36. I made this point above, but I'll make it again. I'm not disagreeing there isn't a 'blue wave', but I'm not sure this is proof. If he thought he was going to get steamrolled, why did he seek the nomination? And, it's not like he got smoked in the by-election, it was close. I think the circumstances fit 'sour grapes' rather than 'blue wave'.

  37. Blue wave? Is that like Blue Cheer?

  38. You may be right about the sour grapes thing as opposed to the hate to lose thing.
    And this whole nomination thing might have been a mess—-who would want to run in another election a few months after the recent by-election ?—-might have had second thoughts and got pressured into it.

  39. A clear case of Stockholm Syndrome.

  40. Blue Angel??

    (Macleans gets a little racy after 10:00 ;)

  41. Chet
    Like Rob Ford the Conservatives should thank the Star, particularly Mallick. OH year – the Gulp and Fail too. They are making it easy for the folks to vote for the Conservatives.

  42. Yes. Suddenly, in the last 5 days or so, the party he was running for (in November) and fundraising for (2 weeks ago) and trying to run for again (up until 5 days ago) has suddenly morphed into something he claimed it wasn't such a short time ago.

  43. Or that he lost a battle he should have won, reports on his campaigning ability were abysmal and, oh yes, there is that corruption investigation.

  44. Not really.

  45. Actually…several!

    Education funding?
    Textbook tax credit elimination (to pay for said education funding)?
    Pension funding?
    Corporate Tax hike?
    Coalition participation, or lack thereof?

  46. I am beginning to think Fantino winning in Vaughan wasn't such an awesome upset after all….

  47. Nobody believes CR meant what he typed.

  48. In other news, David Orchard had less than nice things to say about the Conservative Party of Canada.

  49. your all losers up there. i hope you get your 'majority' so we can get the oil and water flowing south. were getting cold and thirsty, hahahaha

  50. YOur not taking the idea seriously that this is anything but personal pettiness for losing the nomination?

  51. No, this isn't cozying up to the CPC. This is very personally lashing out when you think you've been denied something that was rightly yours.

    I don't think even the CPC would be all that interested in having him around after pulling a stunt like this.

  52. Almost as if it were written thoughtlessly in anger, you mean. As if he felt suddenly wronged and wanted to strike out blindly….

  53. I'm pretty sure he felt his political career came to end on losing the nomination.

  54. Obviously, people were anxious to line up against Fantino or the guy who ran last time would have cakewalked in.

  55. The one that mattered to Genco, however, was who the candidate in Vaughan would be.

  56. If you live in SK, you are faced with that tale all the time: our local political journo scabs off it constantly.