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On the applicability of Tony Blair analogies


At the outset of his campaign, Thomas Mulcair brushed aside a comparison to Tony Blair and instead invoked Gary Doer and Lorne Calvert. One of his supporters, NDP MP Dan Harris, explicitly refuted the comparison to Britain’s Labour party.

Thomas Mulcair, who has officially joined the NDP leadership race, wants to transform the party to appeal to more Canadians, but he’s not moving rightward like Tony Blair, the former British Labour leader who famously sought a “Third Way,” his supporters say.

“The Third Way would be a compromising of our values and principles just to open the door” to more people, said Dan Harris, a first-time MP from Scarborough-Southwest who was in Montreal Thursday backing Mulcair’s candidacy. Blair embraced privatization and hiked tuition fees, Harris said. Mulcair, on the other hand, “is trying to talk about the economy and to be fiscally responsible and (say) that we are going to live within our means. I don’t think Tom is going to compromise our values.”


On the applicability of Tony Blair analogies

  1. Shouldn’t that be rebut rather than refute AW?

    As a lib i find this all pretty comical. Mulcair is going to transform the party and attract more voters,[ presumably from the right of the party] yet he isn’t going to touch untouchable NDP values and principles.

    Just what is going to attract them with – cheese?

    • cheese is orange :)

      • Ever seen a wheel of real Edam – it’s red:) 

    • And a fine chianti…

      • Don’t know if that’s strictly speaking  Liberal, but i like it.

        • Just got my little red card – it is on!