On the arrival of our future king

Meanwhile, in Ireland…


It’s a boy. The Governor General and Prime Minister send their regards. And because our official system of governance still formally recognizes fairy tales, one day new citizens will pledge allegiance to him.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, President Michael D. Higgins will spend this Thursday appointing a couple of judges, watching some soccer, having tea with some senior citizens, receiving the mayor of Dublin and attending a reception of the Irish Jewish Gathering. President Higgins exercises powers similar to our governor general, but he was democratically elected and he is not a representative of the Queen because Ireland became a republic in 1948.


On the arrival of our future king

  1. Monarchy is a barbarous relic.

    • Constitutional monarchy tends to be the most enlightened and democratic form of government currently in existence.

      • Bollocks…

  2. Did this drama involve a puff of white smoke ?
    Sorry I missed it.

  3. walter bagehot – The best reason why Monarchy is a strong government is, that it is an intelligible government. The mass of mankind understand it, and they hardly anywhere in the world understand any other.

    God save our gracious King!
    Long live our noble King!
    God save the King!

    Send him victorious,
    Happy and glorious,
    Long to reign over us:
    God save The King!

    • In America conservatives are called Republicans. They got that part right, at least.

    • So you’re saying most people are too stupid to understand anything but a ‘big chief’…..the tribal form of govt……

    • Who made him king? I didn’t vote for him.

  4. Shame on you Aaron, I am no longer a fan. Shame on you.

  5. Yes but then Ireland is a real country, not a colony like Canada.

    • I can think of worse setups than a constitutional monarchy.

      • And I can think of better ones

        • I used to be able to before I got old and cynical.

          • LOL yer probably younger than me, and I was born cynical

            The members of the Order of Canada would quietly choose a GG to serve for 5 years.

            The GG would then represent the sovereignty of Canada….not the sovereign of the UK

        • I guess that would not include Ireland since it is has a bicameral national parliament.

          • And no monarch.

    • “Yes but then Ireland is a real country …. ”

      “Loss of sovereignty may be an abstract notion, but this week Irish people were
      confronted with what it means in reality. Revelations that draft proposals for the Irish December budget had been circulated in a German parliamentary committee were met with horror in Ireland.”


      • Well we don’t have any sovereignty to worry about, but I see you’re busy tugging your forelock

        • It’s funny how you are worried about sovereignty from Britain when Canada is already a colony of the United States. Talk about misplaced anger.

          • The US has invaded Canada 5X. We’ve sent them home with their arses kicked 5X.

            We prefer the UK to the US….but it’s long past time to stand on our own feet

          • We’re still a province of the American Empire the same way Germania or Brittania were provinces of the Roman Empire. To say otherwise is to be quite naive.

          • No, fraid not….but you can salute them anytime you want.

    • Ireland is a real country, a unitary state, with a bicameral legislature.

      • It’s also a republic with an elected head of state.

        • Yeah, cause that works out so well in most of the countries that have tried it. I sure want to have the same type of government as the Philippines, Mexico or America.

          • A lot more monarchies have died than republics over the centuries.

          • I doubt the veracity of that statement. Maybe it’s true if you assume republics to always be democratic or a modern invention.

  6. So you prefer President Baird?

    • He’d have to get elected first… It’s absurd having a figurehead of state and all of its powers defaulting to an indirectly-elected prime minister who almost always represents a minority of voters (literal opposite of democracy.)

      • If you have three credible candidates, it’s not the opposite of democracy if one of them wins a plurality. Unless you think democracy consists soley in runoff voting like in France, an eccentric view.

        Why would Baird be unelectable? Because he’s a completely unhinged ultra-partisan a**hole? Take a look at the House of Commons.

        • The members of the Order of Canada would choose a GG to serve for 5 years.

          The GG would represent the sovereignty of Canada….not the sovereign of the UK

          • The members of the Order of Canada have no claim whatsoever to sovereignty. I don’t respect them. Generally they’re the kind of people who never gave up reformatting their CV’s after they graduated from high school. If it were up to them we’d have David Suzuki as Head of State.

            The whole point to having a head of state is to have it be an irrational institution. As soon as there’s jockeying for the position, it’s political and all bets are off. GG Baird or GG Suzuki, take your pick. It would be the final nail in the coffin of Canadian governance.

          • Um, no one said they did. They are, however, a diverse and select group of Canadians who have received the Order of Canada.

            No one cares if you don’t like them. That’s just jealousy.

            No, being a ‘head of state’ is not an irrational institution….and I specifically ruled out any ‘jockeying’

            Canadians don’t have any governance….they have an English Queen.

          • “Just jealousy,” LOL. You really spend your twilight years doing nothing but comment on politics and you think jealousy can be dismissed? The essence of politics is jealousy. It’s the other side of the coin to pathological self-promotion, aka meritocratic democracy.

            Very funny that you resent a distant monarch but are happy to flatter a “select group” closer to home. The more distant and foreign our Head of State, the better. I’d prefer the King of Sweden, but we’re stuck with what we’ve got.

          • a) I’m not in my twilight years….get real

            b) I comment on here when I’m on work breaks

            c) Jealousy is your problem…not mine, Not politics either.

            d) Better Canadians choose a GG than having a foreign monarch.

            e) You drinking, or what? Just talking rubbish for free?

          • a) I’ll accept since you’re indefatigable, b) is not statistically possible, c) is comical, d) is wrongheaded.

            Re: d), do you seriously want a politicised head of state? A politicised Order of Canada, stacked with Harper loyalists? You’ll get them in short order if you get rid of the neutral, distant, foreign monarchy, and then we’ll have our own little miniature USA North, minus the pizzaz.

            I agree it would be better to have a Canadian monarch, but we have no nobility in Canada. We can’t get Canadians to agree on how to blow their noses, much less choose a Head of State. Jealousy is one of our defining characteristics.

          • Typing a few lines on here isn’t either hard work or statistically impossible

            The Order of Canada has been around since 1967 and has nothing to do with Harper

            Yeah we have nobility in Canada

            Go be jealous by yourself. I’d rather celebrate merit and success.

          • God you’re dense.

          • And either you’re not Canadian, or you know nothing about Canada.

          • a) There is no such thing as an “English Queen,” England hasn’t had a queen since 1801.

            b) In Canada, the Queen is the Queen of Canada, not the “Queen of England,” or the “Queen of the United Kingdom” or anything else.

            c) Canada has democratic governance. All political power in Canada is wielded by elected representatives, as it is in every democracy. The Queen reigns, she does not rule. Ruling is left to those who are elected by the people to do so.

            Why are you so ignorant of how our government works?

          • Ahhh all your little legal fictions. Well, enjoy them. They won’t be around for much longer.

          • So because you don’t understand how our government works that mean it’s a “legal fiction?”

          • Halfway across the Atlantic…..ZAP….the UK Queen becomes the Queen of Canada….bursts out in maple leaves or somethin’ LOL….but suddenly she’s Canadian

            That, Red, is a ‘legal fiction’

          • The Governors General already represent the sovereignty of Canada.

          • No, the GG represents the Queen

          • And the Queen is the state of Canada (as well as British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, etc. etc.)

            Why do you think we call it “crown land,” “crown corporations,” etc. Because it is held by the crown, or the state.

          • Jeebus, what are you on about?

  7. And, amazingly, no other news happened on the day he was born…or so it seems.

  8. Fairy tale? Lost me with that. At any point while we moved from colony to independent country we could have severed ties with the Monarchy, or could have at least changed our oath of citizenship. That we didn’t, and still haven’t, for whatever reason you prefer, fondness for the historical ties to the Crown, institutional inertia, lack of support, lack of interest, lack of acceptable alternatives, etc, speaks to the modern monarchy’s symbolism and appeal. If it’s so bothersome that we retain a hereditary constitutional monarchy, get to work on abolishing it. May as well knock out the Senate while you’re at it, and call it a good day’s work.

    I’m no monarchist (passive indifference with a strong dislike for trying to tinker with that which isn’t broken), so I’ll just note the particularly good news of a young couple welcoming their first child. Meanwhile, and I suspect this aspect encompasses much of a person’s interactions with the Crown in Canada nowadays, I will look forward to someday seeing his picture on our future $20 bills.

    • You never will…the monarchy will be long gone by then

      And so will $20 bills

      • Perhaps, but likely not. This Monarchy has proven resilient, and I see no significant and sustained push to end the monarchy. What I do see is modernisation of the Crown with changes to primogeniture, etc, and for every dedicated republican there’s surely a monarchist with just as much fervour and passion. I suspect a large number of people are either mildly disinterested or utterly indifferent, with some being completely willing to support abolishing the monarchy but perfectly unwilling to do anything to advance the cause. I’m confident the monarchy will continue for the rest of my lifetime at least. You obviously don’t agree, so looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

      • God save the Queen, because you are very wrong there. As hard as you would work to abolish the monarchy, I would work just as hard to retain and strengthen it (and maybe get us a Canadian-born and bred monarch one day.)

        What I really don’t get about republicans is that they think only their opinions matter, as if all the monarchists out there should be ignored and their opinion discounted. Hint: this is the opposite as to what you want for your ideas of republic.

        • I don’t work to abolish the monarchy at all. I don’t care about it.

          Time will take care of it.

    • The fairy tale is ‘explained’ in full in the following exchange between King Arthur and Dennis the Constitutional Peasant:


  9. Meanwhile, in Canada, Aaron Wherry continues his slide from aspiring journalist to supercilious twit.

    • Tsk…attacking the messenger? For shame.

  10. ‘Royalty’ is obsolete…she isn’t my queen. Having so many ethnic nations migrating around the world – she isn’t theirs either. They are just obscenely rich people who have flunky’s to put toothpaste on their toothbrushes, parade themselves around, and then complain of media intrusion, when nobody really knows what they do from one day to the next. They can afford the highest security in the world.

  11. I love reading comments around the web, the conservative sensates vs change oriented intuitives. lol
    It’s metamodernism in action, and the socialist revolution isn’t too far away. Wealth needs to be distributed, it’s not ok for European nations to go broke, and it will get worse.